June 18, 2014

A TV Confession: Pretty Little Liars {5x02}

I waited until after the second episode to do this review because I really didn't think the first episode was that great (sue me).  I mean there wasn't any big thing that happened that really believed.  It might be just because I am very hesitant to believe what the writers of PLL put in front of us because it is usually the opposite.  So the whole Shana is "A" reveal I don't believe.  Sure it kind of makes sense but there is no way Shana could have pulled off some of the things she did.  Also, she didn't even know the Liars for that long so how could she have known some of the secrets she supposedly knew.

I think with the build up from the second episode the season has definitely picked up in my opinion.  As viewers, we had knowledge that Mrs. D was murdered, but the Liars didn't.  So the whole episode while they were looking for her I was screaming she's dead!!  #sorrynotsorry she was a little b***h.  At the very end of the episode though when the dog (Pepe?) found her body it was a total OMG moment.  I think the dog might be a clue to something but I can't pinpoint it quite yet.  I mean it is not a coincidence that Mrs. D adopted the dog and then the dog found her dead body... right?

The rundown: Allison is finally able to come back to Rosewood after being dead/missing/on the run for two years.  The Liars all convince her to go to the police and tell her whole story because then they will be free from everything and can live their own lives.  Aria even tells her that its okay and she is willing to turn herself in too for killing Shana.  However, once Ali is in the police station she changes the story and says she was kidnapped and has been held captive for the past two years (worst cover story ever!).  Later we find out that the reason behind this was a suspicious text alerting Ali that if she confesses everything from New York will be told. 

The person behind this text: Mona.  What a shocker?! Apparently she was in New York..hmmm?  I am not quite sure why she was there but she was.  She still has her sights set on Ali and is determined to see her demise.  Canoodling (yes its a word) up with Aria's baby bro again I have my eyes set on Mona who is definitely up to something.  After the first episode this season we know she has a whole gang of people on her side that are willing to take down Ali.  One of them Lucas (he's back baby!), Paige, and Melissa.  Yup you read that right, Melissa is siding with Mona to hunt down the wicked witch.

Speaking of Melissa, we still don't know what her secret is.  However, in the second episode she and her dad have run off somewhere... maybe hiding the secret? Covering something up?  Who knows what but apparently it is a big one because the father was drowning his sorrows and wouldn't let Melissa tell a soul.  I think Holbrook might have been on to something when he question the Hastings family but I would like to know to thank you very much.

Also, I am loving that Jason is back!  He might be one of my favorite characters because while he is never blatantly obvious with his actions he does always mean well.  Sometimes it comes off creepy I don't think Jason ever means any harm.  While the Liars are trying to pin Allison's kidnapping and the whole debacle on Jason (he's being sketchy again) Jason is hiding some of his own secrets.  Like why was he in New York?  Did he always know Ali was alive because he doesn't seem to shocked when she returns?

No word on Ezra's condition.  But in good PLL fashion we know that our favorite leading man cannot be dead.  Maybe seriously injured or in a life-threatening coma but most certainly not dead (not yet...).  I can't wait for Ezra to make a full recovery and spill everything he found out!  What secrets is he holding?  Does he know who killed Mrs. D. (because it wasn't Shana -- she was in NY)?

As the suspense is building the questions just keep piling up.  I don't think the pile will ever dwindle because as soon as one gets taken off, a new one is added!  Do you guys have any interesting PLL theories?


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