June 27, 2014

A TV Confession: True Blood {Season 7 Premiere}

ITS BACK! Now I might be the only one who still watches True Blood but I love it. Like even though its kind of crazy and went down a bit in the middle there I am still and avid fan. Confession: once I start a TV series I have to finish it. I just need to know what happens to all the characters and how all of the plot lines finish. Cliffhangers are the enemy. So True Blood is in its 7th and final season and I think I might cry. Actually I am glad its ending because it deserves to have a solid conclusion so I'm glad its getting it...but at the same time it just needs to end. I mean its been on for 7 years (woah right!). I think its the whole thing that it only airs during the summer that always seems to throw me off.

We ended last season on a relatively high note. Everyone was freed from the Vampire Internment camps and God Bill saved everyone from the sun. It flashes forward a couple of months and everything seems to be going pretty well... except for the fact that there are Hep-V infested vampires running around but other than that all good right? Sam Merlotte is now Mayor (really? This seems a little random) and has made it a rule that every human needs a vampire. Sookie and Alcide are a thing (NO!). Eric is being burned by the sun in the middle of the arctic mountains (really NO!). They decide to throw a vampire-human mixer so that everyone can be friends/acquaintances/frenemies/food/protection...

**SPOILERS AHEAD** We start this season at that mixer when a group of Hep-V vamps arrives and starts attacking. We know how blood crazy and delirious Hep-V vamps are because of what happened to Eric's sister.  At the party, the vampires kill a lot of people including Tara. UHM DOUBLE NO!  I do not believe this for one second because it is the most anticlimactic death of all time for such a major character like Tara. Also, her mother is the one claiming she is dead and we all know she cannot and will not be trusted. The vamps also kidnapped Holly and Arlene so everyone is out searching for them.

As everyone is recovering from the event, Sookie is once again plagued by reading everyone's mind.  They all blame her for every bad thing that has ever happened to them, especially everything including vampires.  This brings us back to our familiar season 1 roots where we first learn of Sookie's ability and the show centers around how she hates the town.  Look at True Blood going all nostalgic on us. Tears.  Apparently, this season is going to be focusing primarily on all the main characters and returning to the relationships among them.  No more witches, faeries, and other mythical creatures getting in the way.

However, there are a few new interesting characters that appeared last season that have stuck around.  First we have Andy Bellefleur's daughter Adilyn.  Next, there is Violet, Jason's...uhm...friendllover/soul mate...I don't really know what to call her.  Then there is Willa, Eric's prodigy who is now all alone.  Nicole, Sam's wife (when did that happen?) who is also carrying Sam's child.  And finally, we have Jessica's boyfriend James (did anyone else notice the casting change?).  Somehow the writers have to work in these new characters while still tying up every lose end from our favorites.  Good luck is all I have to say.

On the other side of the world, Pam is searching for Eric because, well she is Pam and he is her maker.  No one has heard from Eric and for all we know he could be dead.  I mean the last we saw of him he was burning alive so yeah.  However, there is no way in hell Eric would die like that so I have faith Pam will find him.

Am I the only one hoping Eric and Pam end up together... no? Oh well.  While Eric and Sookie were epically amazing as a couple I will forever want her with Bill.  I mean they were made for each other.  And that means Alcide can go back to his wold pack because I am so over him all together.  Also, that would leave Eric for someone else (me?).   Personally I think none of them should end up with Sookie because she is super annoying and they are all too good for her.  But hey, what kind of ending would that be.  Who do you think Sookie ends up with?

Let me know your reactions to the premiere and if you have any crazy predictions of what will go down this season!


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