June 17, 2014

How I edit my Instagram Photos

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with Instagram.  Now I don't know if its so much Instagram as it is with editing my photos.  I will sometimes just edit photos to edit them but never actually upload them anywhere.  They just get saved in my photo album and get lost.  I just think it is so much fun to edit the same photo like 5 times because each one will come out so differently.  So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite photo editing apps because I have gone through soooo many its a problem.  However, I have finally narrowed it down to my ultimate favorite ones because I had to get rid of so many when I ran out of storage space on my phone (I have too many photos!)

1.  Afterlight:  Honestly I think this might be the best photo editing app in the entire world.  I think it was $0.99 and it was worth all 99 pennies.  Once I bought this app, I deleted every other app I had and just use this one now because it has everything but other 7 had in one app!  It has contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, etc.  It also has tons of different filters that I love.  It has some awesome light leaks too!  You can also crop, rotate, etc and add many different borders.  It also has the feature to add overlays and do cool layouts.  I honestly don't have enough good things to say about this app so I highly highly recommend that everyone go get it.

2. Instasize:  This is the best app I found to make a photo fit into a square.  It allows you complete control in sizing and photo placement within the square.  I use this on every one of my photos because I have come to be an anti-Instagram-square person (is that a thing? Well I just made it one :p) 

3. PicFx:  This app used to be what I used for most of my pictures before the discovery of Afterlight.  However, I do still love this picture for the numerous of filters it has and the wonderful light leaks.  However, I haven't really been using too many filters lately, just adjusting contrast, and brightness and things like that.

4. PicFrame:  I use this to do collages.  It allows a lot of mobility within the collage that most do not.  You can adjust the different heights of frames and the size of the photo within the frame, etc.  I mean there are a ton of different collage apps (is it someone's Birthday?) so you really can't go wrong!

5. Over: The best app to add text for an image.  Really it is.  So many different font options, and you can use all of your own photos and play around with it a lot!  

6.  Studio: So I just recently discovered this app and it might be my newest addiction.  If you've ever seen people with awesome pictures of sunsets and then little quotes in triangles etc then they probably used this app!  They have tons of predesigned mantras and shapes, and graphics that you can add to your photos.  Most of it is pretty tacky but some of it is sooo awesome!  I have been playing around with it like crazy and am trying to find the best combinations of things.  I really like the arrows and some of the mantras.

What are some of your favorite apps for photo editing?



  1. I love Afterlight! It was my favorite, but then I started using Snapseed, by Google. I love it so much! I still use Afterlight, but my favorite thing about Snapseed is that it has selective brightness/contrast/saturation. It lets you select an area and adjust the brightness in just that spot - it's so convenient!

    1. Ooooo that sounds awesome!! I will definitely try that app :) Thanks so much for the suggestion!


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