June 2, 2014


I have a confession.  I hate exercising.  Okay, so that's not that big of a confession considering a lot of people don't like to work out but I really don't.  I used to love it so I think that's what turned me off of it.  That may not make sense but its the justification I use.  All throughout high school I played a lot of sports and worked out all the time.  So when it was time to leave for college I vowed I didn't want to work out ever again.  Probably not the best thing to vow to not do but hey... we all have our moments.  

So I went a whole year without working out.  Yeah not good.  But I did it because at the time I was rebelling against the work out culture and just plain and simply didn't want to work out.  And while I still have that motto I have changed my point of view.  I now believe that you don't have to work out to gain weight or for it to be cool but simply because it is something very healthy for your body.  Exercising your heart and muscles is good for you and helps boost your mood, combat disease and health problems, boost energy, regulate your sleep, and many more.  So aside from the typical to help you lose weight, working out has many other great benefits!

In order to help me get back in the workout regime I downloaded an app I found called 5K Runner.  It basically takes you from no running experience to being able to run a 5K (about 3 miles) in 8 weeks.  I loved this because it really takes you slowly through the process so you don't hurt yourself (which I would totally do since I have no clue about running).  Anyways, I thought I would take you all along on my fitness journey as I am going to start doing some ab, leg, and arm workouts too.  

It shows you haw much time is left in your current walk/run cycle as well has how long you've been running, and how much longer until this run is done.  You can turn off your device while the app is still on and it still functions.  There is a speaker that tells you when to run, walk, slow down, etc.  The app still works if you are playing music from the iPod, Spotify, etc.  

Me running...its casual.  Sorry this picture is so blurry I was walking while taking it and the shadows are all weird but we are just going to ignore that okay? Okay.

The beautiful path I was running on for part of the run!  It was a rainy day today so the leaves were extra bright and green.  Don't you just love that?

Do you guys have any work out tips for me or apps or routines that you love? Please tell me because I am in the hunt for some awesome stuff!


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