July 7, 2014

A Book Review {Shatter Me Series}

I don't think I have ever been so in love with a book series!  I read this series (3 books and 2 novellas) in about 4 days.  I could not put the books down and once I finished one I immediately picked up the next one and started reading it.  I am so glad all the books were out when I started reading this series because I'm not sure what I would have done if I had to wait to read one.  They were that good!  I think I might have found the newest Divergent or Hunger games series.

First things fist, can we just all take a step back and admire the covers of this series.  There are beyond gorgeous and I love them so much!  I know you are never supposed to judge a book by its cover but the Shatter Me cover really drew me and I am so glad!  This series is yet another "The world is ending" novel.  The Reestablishment has taken power and is trying to create the world from new.  They are destroying every book, religion, language, animals, and more.  They are destroying the old and creating new forms to rule the world.

The protagonist is a 17 year old girl named Juliette.  However, Juliette cannot touch anyone because her touch is lethal.  When her skin touches another human's skin the air is taken out of them and they experience extreme pain until they die.  At the age of 14 Juliette's parents sent her to prisons and an asylum because they thought she was crazy.  

One day however, Juliette gets a new cell mate white at the asylum.  A boy about her age named Adam.  They develop a close friendship until one day Juliette is taken away from the asylum to one of the many Sectors the world was divided into.  There, she meets the commander of Sector 45, Warner who tells her he wants to her her gift as a weapon.  So that's basically the plot line and we follow these 3 characters through a lot of drama.  Fantastic drama!!  

I mean come on the love triangle is such too good.  And normally I can easily pick out which guy I like more but I honestly loved and hated both guys.  Adam was just the sweetest and has true emotions for Juliette from the first time they met.  But he is kind of baby and sometimes I just wanted to shake him.  And there is Warner who is kind of crazy and psychotic but he too has this raw emotion that is so unbelievable you can't not fall for him too.  I won't tell you which she ends up with but it was both amazing and kind of sad.  For those of you that have read this book, did anyone else hope she would end up with Kenji?!  Lol...no? haha!!

Any ways, if you guys love a good sci-fi then I think this book is right up your alley.  There is the perfect amount of love triangle drama mixed with awesome action and a great growth within all the characters.  And to top it off, the writing in this book is beyond amazing.  The plot itself is good but I think Tahereh Mafi's writing is SPECTACULAR!!!  Like I am in love with her writing.  Some of the metaphors and analogies are just so beautiful.  I highly recommend this book and cannot speak enough about it.

Are you guys loving any new books in particular?



  1. I'm about halfway through with reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt! so far pretty good


    1. Oh I heard that is really good! I will definitely add that to the list :)


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