July 14, 2014


I like the idea of the Ampersand and Semi Colon symbols as representations of something more.  As in, your life is not over, there is no period at the end but an "&" or ";".  I love the tattoos of these but since I'm not that brave I was thinking that I would make a large one for my room and then bring it to my dorm.

I know I promised last year that I would do some dorm decorating posts but I never really liked the way my room was put together.  It was always half way there and haphazardly thrown together.  This year though I plan on getting my shit together and making my room fan-freaking-tastic!  I thought I would share with you all some awesome dorm decor ideas and DIY's.  

Starting off super easy is just painting some wooden letters from Michael's.  I got this "&" but you can definitely get letters for your name, or even better, your monogram!  Then I got this gold paint and one of the sponge brushes you would use in arts and crafts at summer camp.  I really didn't want to shell out too much money for a nice brush so this was like 65 cents I think!

After about 10 coats of paint (this stuff was super thin!), a few hours, and quite a few episodes of Orange is the New Black (review to come if interested) I was finally finished.  The bottle said to let the paint dry an hour in between each coat but after about 3 hours I learned that you can wait about 15 minutes so that spread the process up a bit!  I wish I got a bit lighter gold since this turned out a bit darker than I anticipated but I still love it.  This letter even has a hook in the back for hanging!  I think I am going to use those command strips though so I didn't even bother painting the back so that saved time too!

I think I might want to gold glitter half of it... or maybe do my monogram.  It was so much fun being all craftsy again (throwback to my childhood when I would lock myself in our guest room and craft from breakfast to dinner with The Parent Trap on loop in the background) that I am super excited to do more posts like this!  

Let me know if you guys end up making any awesome letters for your wall!  Also, do you have any awesome DIY decor ideas that I should try?



  1. This is such a great idea!


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