July 29, 2014


I cannot believe I am saying this but I want to go back to school.  I think my 10 year old self would be hurting me right now because what person wants to go back to school.  Summer forever am I right?  Well now that college is my school I want to go back and I want to go back nooowww! (channeling my inner Veruca Salt).  I want to go see all my friends and return to my former state of independence.  I want to go back to living on campus and being around people so there is always something to do!

However... I still have 1 month of summer left.  I leave for school on August 29th.  To think that I have another whole month left is crazy because I feel like summer has already lasted like 4 months long.  I have read a crazy number of books, watched to much TV, worked like crazy, got tan, hung out with my friends, ate at more BBQs than I'm willing to admit, and slept like crazy.  I definitely feel as though I did my summer right.  And that is rare because I always feel as though I spend most of my summer laying in bed while everyone else was having the time of their lives (anyone else?)

This break made me realize just how much I love my school.  I don't think I ever really knew how much I like it until being away from it for so long.  I always kind of felt like it was a cool place and all but that was as far as my feeling towards my college felt.  There was no head over heals love for it.  But the fact that I am craving to go back to a place that gives me stress, and tests, and overbearing professors, and drama beyond anything else should tell me something.

Because while all those negative things are true, college is also the place where you make friends who will stay up talking and consoling you until 3 am, where you meet people from all over the world and have insightful conversations, where you pull all nighters for tests you probably won't even do well on, where you join clubs that make you smile so much your face hurts, where you walk in the freezing cold from the bus stop back to your dorm because you missed the last bus.  So while at times it may seem like hell, it is actually pretty fantastic and I cannot wait to go back to that miserable, perfect bubble.

Do you guys want school to start up again or this only me?


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