July 22, 2014

Black & White

This summer my favorite pairing have been black and white looks!  I love how easy it is to dress them up or down and to recreate the same outfit so many different ways just my using different accessories.  

Here are some of the black and white pieces I have been wearing non stop.  I just bought a similar black and white striped dress from Target and I absolutely love it.  Next I love wearing a black maxi with a simple white tank.  Maxi dresses are just the perfect transition piece because they go from spring to fall and day to night so perfectly.  And my final outfit is white denim, a loose white tank and a black leather jacket.  While I I don't have a black leather jacket (I often just wear a black sweater) I believe it is a staple all girls should have.

While these outfit looks fine just the way they are... with a little accessorizing you can completely transform them.  This is as easy as a adding a belt, a clutch, or even a statement necklace.  Sometimes I do however just love the simplicity of the black and white because it is so chic and effortless.  Black always looks like you tried way harder than you did.  Black and white makes a statement by itself.  However, accessories are always a wonderful addition and below are a few of my favorites!

You can literally apply any of these accessories to one of the above black and white outfits and it will still look fantastic.  You can even apply each one of these to the same outfit and then get way more outfits!  You can totally become an outfit repeater (sorry Kate)!  Think of black and white outfits as blank canvases for you to go crazy with accessories.  

Embrace the fact that it is summer time and go for those neon's in either belts, purses, or nail polish!  Also, don't be afraid of a little leopard.  I wear my leopard loafers with practically everything!  I also wear my J.Crew jean jacket way more than I should ever admit because it goes with everything (everything!).  I highly recommend buying one if you don't have one and watch your life change right before your eyes.  Denim and black and white are like a match made in heaven. 

What are some of your favorite ways to wear black and white?


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