July 19, 2014


These past three days have been so jammed pack!  Super busy without much time to relax.  I have a love hate relationship with being busy.  Sometimes I just want to be a bear in a bee costume instead of the busy bee (movie anyone?!).

While on one end I really enjoy keeping busy because otherwise I go crazy when I'm bored.  I was one of those kids who always had to be doing something and just sitting there watching TV was not an option.  I had to do something while watching TV.  I was constantly running up to my mom and asking her what I could do.  And that is still somewhat true to this day.  While I have learned how to relax while watching an episode of TV I still like to keep busy.  Boredom and me do not mix well... I get antsy and talkative!  So giving me something to do just kind of helps me keep my mind focus.

On the other hand, being super busy has it's perks as well as downsides.  Like mentioned above, being super busy makes me feel amazing.  Like I really made use of my day and accomplished a lot!  However, when you don't really have time to just take a second and breathe it can be so exhausting.  At the end of the day I just collapse on my bed and pass out.  I have been going into downtown Chicago a lot lately and riding the train every day is really tiring because it is about an hour both ways.  I do get some amazing reading in though!

So this weekend my parents and I decided to go back up to Door County for a much needed break.  Nothing beats laying out by the pool and reading.  I am mentally preparing for the next few weeks as well because I know they are going to be just as busy.  With my final month of summer left approaching too quickly I have so many things I want to do!  Gots to cram everything in to complete the perfect summer :)

Do you guys like being busy or does it stress you out?  How do you handle it?



  1. Very true, being busy gives me a kind of buzz and it can keep your mind away from things you don't want to think about.

    1. Definitely the perfection distraction!

  2. Keeping busy vs being too busy is such a hard balance for me. I have tried to be more "easy going" lately but have realized that I thrive on being super busy (even if it is stressful sometimes).

    Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole, keepcalmandcocoon.com

    1. Sometimes you just need to sit back and read a book to get your mind of things and destress!! But I understand how you feel about needing to be busy.


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