July 9, 2014

Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode!

Holy OMG!  I thought Pretty Little Liars was lacking in the intensity a bit this season as I mentioned in my last PLL recap.  But this episode definitely lived up to my PLL standards of wow moments.  It being the 100th episode though, I would expect no less from the writers and Marlene King.  If you haven't watched the episode yet watch before you read this because I am about to spoiler some major things!  **SPOILERS AHEAD**

So many of our favorites are back in this episode and I was squealing with excitement!  We learned a couple of new things this episode but were still left with some burning questions.  I thought I would compile a list of some of the major things that happened and my reactions.

1. So Jenna is back!!  This is how we start the episode off, other than seeing Ali talk to someone mysterious in a car.  Ali, Aria, and Ezra all witness Jenna getting off a bus.  She then later calls Toby to have him pick her up.  Jenna claims she is back because Shana was murdered and she needs time to grieve.  But why can't she do that in New York?  Why come back to Rosewood?  And the fact that her house gets blown up...again... is not a coincidence.  Also, Jenna knows the new girl, Sydney, who is palling up with Emily and Paige.  Jenna and Mona are still BFF's and talking about trying to get all the Liars to side with them instead of Ali.  The "A" finger has always been pointed at Jenna but I still think that is just too obvious.

2.  Lucas is back!  So Lucas actually reappeared a few episodes ago.  He was supposedly being home-schooled for a little bit but now decides that wasn't for him and he wants to return to Rosewood High.  Hmmmm interesting...he's returning the same time Ali is returning (not another coincidence).  We have come to learn that there is no such thing as a coincidence in this small town.  Also, Lucas and Mona are besties plotting against Ali.  Lucas's party seemed like the perfect distraction for Hannah.  Does he really have a new girlfriend?

3.  Ali vs. Mona  This is what Rosewood High has resorted too.  Everyone on Mona's side vs Ali and the Liars.  Even though I'm not so sure that Ali even has the Liars on her side.  If she keeps lying like its her job she might just be fighting a one woman battle.  Mona confronts Ali in the church (sketchy much Mona?) and they get into a slapping fight.  Yes.  Slapping.  Oh girls.  Anyways, Mona documents the whole thing and has proof that Ali hasn't really changed, no matter how much she apologizes.

4.  Caleb is back!!!!!!!  Yes this required that many exclamation points because I was that excited when Hanna sees Caleb in the coffee shop.  This brings up way more questions though because Caleb looked pretty casual in the shop.  How long has he been home for?  Why did he come back (he never answers that no matter how many times Hanna asks)?  Then when Hannah drags Caleb back to Ali's house when they find out some news, Ali and Caleb seem to recognize each other.  Or Ali recognizes Caleb at least!  Definitely did not see that one coming.  Maybe it has something to do with the Ravenswood thing (never watched that show so maybe I'm missing something).

5.  Ali and Emily  Hell to the yeah this was fantastic.  Even though I don't quite like this duo it is still pretty epic.  Ali always has had a soft spot for good ol' Em and she really is a different person around her.  Seeing these two shed their tough shells and have a vulnerable moment together was beautiful.  I just hope Ali doesn't end up hurting Emily because she definitely does not need any more bad relationships.

6.  Aria and Ezra!!  This may or may not have been my favorite part of the episode (it was!).  This is my favorite couple in the entire show and have wanted them together since episode 1.  They just can't stay away from each other and their connection is unbreakable.  They finally realized that nothing can get between them and surrendered to their feelings.  And I was smiling and cheering the entire time :)

7.  Bethany Young  We officially know the identity of the dead girl in Ali's grave.  Apparently she was a 17 year old at Radley.  This girl must be connected to someone because nothing is random in Rosewood.  This was announced during a press conference where the officers also called Ali's kidnapping "alleged."  Finally!  The fact that she was at Radley gives her a connection to Mona, Spencer, and Toby's Mom (Does this have something to do with the bombing then?!).  However, she could be Ali's twin but have a different last name.  She could also be Sydney's friend because why else would this chick have magically appeared out of no where if she doesn't have some connection to Ali.  Do you guys have any ideas who she might be?

8.  The bombing at the Cavanaugh's  This could be so many things.  As I have mentioned above it could be because Jenna is back.   Is someone trying to hurt Jenna?  Is someone trying to cover up something in the house?  Does it have anything to do with Toby's mom's apparent suicide?  Why did it happen immediately after the announcement of Bethany Young?

9.  The Hastings separation  It took them long enough right?  Am I the only one who was like it is about time this happened?  The two people could not have fought and bickered more.  Their marriage definitely did not seem happy but who knows.  It sounds like it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Hastings and Melissa are keeping secrets of Mrs. Hastings and Spencer.  Did they play some role in Mrs. D's murder?  If not, then where were they the night she was killed if not at some diner?  We still don't know what secret Melissa is keeping...is it the same one?

10.  A IS BACK!  We knew she/he/them wouldn't be gone forever.  It was only a matter of time before the cell phones were ringing once again.  And it just so happens that A reappears right have the explosion.  Did she have something to do with it?  And in classic PLL fashion, the episode ends with the 5 Liars receiving text messages as the camera zooms out to show the entire scene.  We never actually see the text...till next time.

Please let me know what your guy's thoughts are on this intense episode!  Do you have any stellar theories about what is happening in the shadows of Rosewood?



(too soon?)

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