July 10, 2014

Summer Haul {7/11/14}

Remember when I said I wasn't going to be shopping a lot...ooops.  I couldn't resist buying a few cute new things this summer!   

Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion and overall life inspirations.  I am constantly motivated when I see all the new things she is continually accomplishing and how far she has come from her Laguna Beach days.  Even though I wish she still was LC and had her own reality show (why did MTV cancel her new one?!) I am awed by everything she has done.  And while I wish I could afford the luxurious items from her Paper Crown collection I sadly cannot.  However, her Kohls line is just as incredible.  I literally walked into Kohls and headed straight to the LC section (I know where it is by now), browsed through the clothes, bought the clothes, and then left the store.  I was on a mission.  Everything was 40% off I think so I got a great steal on most of the clothes.

Navy crochet cropped tank and shorts || LINK
Literally love these sooo much!  Cannot stop wearing them.  I really like them together but also splitting them apart.  I didn't think I would wear the crop top that much but I think I wear it more than the shorts because it literally goes with everything.  Also, I am in love with the cute crochet scalloped edges :)

Floral Shorts || LINK
In love with these bad boys!  I think my new favorite summer thing are lose patterned shorts.  These and a simple black tank are absolutely perfect.  It is the easiest pairing but you look super put together.  Also, I am not one for shorter skirts so shorts a perfect option!

White Pleated Maxi Skirt || LINK
So it was really hard to take a photo of this but check my Instagram for a better photo.  Basically this is a long pleated maxi skirt that is sheer with a shorter skirt underneath.  I didn't think I would wear this that much and was hesitant to buy it but I have worn it a ton!  I actually ended up wearing it for dinner the night of the 4th.  It goes with everything and be dressy or casual.

I also hauled some new jewels from BaubleBar.  I slightly regret not going out of my comfort zone and getting some of the more colorful pieces but every time I look at the crystal beauties I reaffirm that I made the right decision.  Plus, that means that next time I will just have to go with some of the neons (because there most certainly will be a next time!).  I also love Bauble Bar's simple, dainty jewelry so I picked up this two strand pave one.

1. Crystal Flamenco Collar || Sold out but similar HERE and HERE
2.  Ariel Collar in clear || LINK
My obsession for statement necklaces is only growing after the purchase of these two.  I really want to get some colorful ones but I feel like they just aren't as practical... I wear these with literally everything and all the time so they are definitely worth it!

3. Pave Angle Pendant || Sold out but similar HERE and HERE
Super dainty and simple and works well with everything.  I love how this is already two strands so that means I have to do less work thinking about what necklaces to layer and it gets less tangled.  I love this with a simple tank and jeans for the perfect casual outfit.

And finally, a new pair of sunglasses.  I broke my other ones that I got from Target about a year ago because I wasn't very gentle with them.  A lot of just tossing in bags and not putting in cases led to one of the arm-things (idk what its called) to break off.  However, it only fueled my excuse to buy a new pair.  I still am not brave enough to shell out the hundreds for my favorite blue Ray Bans so instead I opted for these black aviators from Free People which kind of look like Ray Bans but are way cooler if I do say so myself (actually my sister said so).

I can't find these anywhere on the website but I just bought them in stores this week so I would go check if you are interested!

Have you guys bought anything new lately?


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