August 7, 2014

Back to School Haul

The only good thing about going back to school is shopping for back to school.  Honestly it is the best excuse to spend days in store looking for bright new clothes to start the year off right.  You definitely need a new jacket or a new pair of shoes right?  Actually you probably don't but we all like to tell ourselves we need these new shiny things!  So I told myself I needed a new pair of jeans and some sweaters so I rushed over to the mall in search.  I came out with way more than I bargained for (that always happens) but I couldn't be happier.

First things first, I am sorry these photos are not the best quality, it was nighttime when I took them so I didn't get to use natural lighting.  Also, I am not quite sure why they are a bit blurry but whatever.

1. Ralph Lauren Oxford || I bought this shirt in two colors because I absolutely love it.  I already have it in the blue and white stripe, mint green, and white and needed more.  I am getting rid of the old white one because white shirts just need to be replaced after many (and I mean many) years of wear.  I highly recommend this shirt because the relaxed fit is tailored but is so comfy.

2. J Brand Maria Jeans in Supreme || I have talked about these before but I will say it again, I love these jeans.  Since discovering leggings jeans are very difficult to wear because they are too tight.  I get the best of both worlds with these bad boys though because they are amazingly stretchy but still maintain and tightness of jeans.  Also, they are high-waisted so they hide my stomach which I am a tad bit self conscious about.  I got these during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so they don't have the color (Supreme) anymore but the style you can find everywhere and these are a similar color!  I have worn these every day since getting them and its summer so that says something.

3. Lou & Grey Striped Top || I am beyond in love with this line from Loft.  All credit to my addiction goes to The College Prepster.  I want everything.  It is so soft and the sweatshirt/sweater feel to everything is beyond amazing.  If I could describe my style is would definitely encompass this.  Like comfiness with an edge.  Like a super comfy sweater, with leggings, and a statement necklace.  Yes please!  My first purchase is this shirt and I don't think I have taken it off since I got it.  

**Look at the pup trying to get in the shot.  I was very difficult to shoot this because he kept sitting on all my clothes!  I guess he loves the warm sweaters too.

4.  J. Crew White Sweater || This is the Drapey Beach Sweater but it is currently sold out online.  I got it in an XL so it is super big and oversized to perfection.  I cannot wait to wear this come fall with a red scarf and some riding boots!  Also, I just want to note that after all the sales that I applied to this beauty I ended up getting a $70 sweater for $16!  Yes, that's right.

5. Wilfred Grey Sweater || I love Wilfred.  You can find it in a store in Chicago called Aritzia but I don't know where else it can be found.  Let me just tell you though that everything is amazing and everything is extemely overpriced for what it is.  That doesn't mean I don't love to walk around the store for hours and lust at everything I want but can't have.  However, there was a sale going on recently and I decided to snatch up this sweater which I think I have been pining over for about 2 years.  I caved and finally bought it.  Worth every penny.  It is so think and warm I never want to take it off and think it will be perfect for Boston winters.  

6. Wilfred Free Grey Tshirt || Once again this shirt was purchased during a sale so I can justify spending the money on a simple tshirt.  But it is the softest tshirt I have ever felt so I know I needed it.  I have been loving paring it with printed pants, a blazer, and a statement necklace for work!  You can definitely pair it up or just with a pair of Nike shorts for a casual look too.  

What are some of your purchases for back to school?


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