August 19, 2014

College Fashion Essentials

I brought 5 suitcases to school with me my freshmen year.  Yes.  I repeat.  5 suitcases.  A bit of an overkill and I ended up not wearing a lot of it.  To save you the misery of bringing your entire closet like I did (and a lot of money while we're at it) I thought I would share some of the essentials and other tips that I learned.

1. Don't bring 30 tshirts || I can absolutely guarantee that you will get more than a few of those basic tshirts during your first semester and you won't need as many as you need.  Plus, don't bring shirts that have your high school all over it because you are in college now so you should move on.

2. A blazer || Perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans for a night out but also important for any business meetings or interviews.  You have a last minute job interview and can't find anything to wear... adding a blazer is the perfect finishing touch.  Along these lines it couldn't hurt to bring a pencil skirt just in case too.

3. Chunky sweaters || This is a must especially if you live in colder climates.  I had to take a bus to class and these bad boys kept me extra warm while waiting at the bus stop in the middle of a snow storm or at night after a late meeting.

4. Dark denim || I'm not one for lighter wash jeans because I don't like that they aren't versatile.  Dark denim on the other hand can easily be worn during the day with tshirts and at night with a cute tank top and a pair of heels.  I only own super dark wash jeans or black jeans and wear them all the time.  Black jeans look exactly like black leggings but you feel a little more put together when wearing them.  The perfect thing to throw on when you are late to class.

5. Little Black Dress (LBD) || Another given but still something thats important that I thought I should still mention.  This is another very good day to night piece that works for many occasions.  Perfect for nights out with the girls, formals, or pair with a blazer for a nicer look.

6. Button downs || Whether it a be a chambray or a white button down these are my favorite thing to wear!  I think I'm obsesses with pairing them with skinny jeans and chunky circle scarves (I'm aldready dreaming of fall fashion).

7. Don't pack too many summer clothes || Sometimes people think that the warm weather will last longer than we hope.  However fall comes at the end of September so you probably don't need your entire summer wardrobe.  I know your slinky camisoles and high waisted booty shorts are perfect for the beach but not so much for walking around campus.  It's time to part ways and leave them at home.  Also, I would only bring like one bathing suit because you probably won't need it but its a back up.

8. Pack lots of underwear || Laundry in college is the worst.  The machines are old and gross and the entire process takes over two hours because you can never get a dryer when you need one and its just terrible.  To help you avoid that get tons of underwear and socks.  It helped me extend the amount of time between laundry days like no other.  Sign up to get mail from Victoria's Secret and you can get your free underwear every couple of weeks to help grow your stash!

The most important thing I can stress is to bring clothes that serve multiple purposes.  Don't just bring tops that will be good for going out at night but tops that can be worn for going out and also paired with a blazer for a class presentation.  I wish you all luck in your packing endeavors and if you are already at school then i hope your first couple of days have been amazing!



  1. I brought way too much stuff every year---I always overestimated the amount of space I would have and how often I would dress up. But of course I would never pack enough underwear and end up having to purchase a ton when I'm there :P

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. I'm trying to pack less stuff this year but knowing me I will probably just over pack again #oops!

  2. Could not agree more on the dark denim and a blazer! Also spirit jerseys are a must have for me! xo

    1. Ah yes, the spirit jersey... a definite must for the cooler months!


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