July 31, 2014

July Favorites

Was it not just Fourth of July?  I swear I was watching Fireworks last night, not four weeks ago.  And while I am upset that July is over I cannot wait for August because it is going to be packed with many activities before I leave for school.  But onto some of my favorites for the month.  For most of summer I actually never dress up too much.  I usually wear just Nike shorts and a T-shirt everywhere I go unless I am getting together with a group of friends.  So everything this month has been very lo-key and simple.

1. Baseball Caps || I do not like to wash my hair too much in the summer and try to keep the products to a minimal so whenever I need to cover up a bad hair day I just throw on a cap.  Whenever I go to the beach or layout I wear a baseball cap.  If I ever just want to kind of hide when I run to the grocery store I wear a baseball cap.  Basically they are a summer essential.  Oh and uh go Blackhawks!!

2. Mascara || Like mentioned earlier, summer is all about the au natural when it comes to all things beauty.  So throw on a swipe of mascara with a little concealer and I am goo to go.  The Maybelline The Rocket is definitely my favorite at the moment.

3. Nike shorts || Every.  Single.  Day.  Without fail I wear a pair of these every day because they are just so comfortable and you really can't go wrong.  It is safe to say that I think I only wore jean shorts like twice this summer.

4. Kiehls Rare Earth Pore Refining Toner || This might be my new love product.  While buying a present for someone online I needed to go over a certain price to get all sorts of deals and free shipping so I figured I might as well buy a product instead of pay for shipping (logic right?).  So I browsed for a while and on a whim bought this bad boy.  So far it has done wonders for my skin and it is all I use in the mornings.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and not super tight like other toners.  I also think it is doing a good job and tightening my pores.

5.  Amazon Kindle || I take this with me everywhere because reading and summertime just go hand in hand.  I am not quite sure what I did before the invention of the E-Reader (oh wait I brought around bags of books with me everywhere... #nerd #noshame).  I think I have read over 15 books this summer purely because this little guy fits in every purse and is so light that whenever I have a bit of free time I choose reading over playing on my phone.

6.  Georgia Peach Peace Tea || Sometimes at Walgreens they sell these for 2 for $1 and I but like 10.  If that doesn't explain it then I don't know what will.

7. Adam Levine Lost Stars || I mentioned this is my weekly findings last week and I will mention it again because I cannot stop listening to this song and playing it and singing it and I am in LOVE.

8.  Essie Butler Please || Its like royal blue and neon blue had a child and this is it.  It screams summertime and looks amazing against tan skin.  

9.  Suave Dry Shampoo ||  Like I mentioned earlier I like to keep my hair as natural as possible in the summer so if I can go a few days without washing it I will.  That is where this friend comes in.  I swear this dry shampoo is amazing and it smells sooo good!  Plus it is so cheap.

10.  Divergent || And then an honorable mention favorite because I cannot believe I forgot to add this to the image above is the movie Divergent.  I shamefully admit that I had not seen Divergent until two days ago.  I absolutely fell in love with the books but just never got around to seeing the movie.  I saw it was out so I watched it and it was the best thing ever.  They did stay pretty true to the plot of the book except for the end but honestly it made me so happy and sad and I was jumping for joy with the Tris and Four love and yeah... just happiness right there.

What have some of your favorites been this past July?



  1. That's my favorite mascara right now as well!
    This is my first time finding you blog, but all of your posts are very interesting and well-thought out. I'm also a sophomore in college and am running a blog.


    1. Awesome thanks so much for stopping by!


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