August 11, 2014

Murder in the First {Season 1}

While making my tassel garland I needed a new show to watch.  Because nothing makes crafts better then mindless television in the background.  My parents and sister love the new show Murder in the First but I was very hesitant.  I definitely did not need a new show to add to my list.  But then it showed up in the iTunes free shows list and I figured it was a sign that I should start watching it.  It turned out being a great decision because the show is amazing!  Yet another detective show but still just as amazing.

Murder in the First centers around the detective duo of Hildy and Terry.  The entire first season focuses on two murders both with the same suspect: Eric Blunt.  Blunt just so happens to be the newest tech genius and is creating a new line of cell phones or something.  So throughout the season you, as a viewer, have to determine whether or not you think Blunt actually killed someone (his girlfriend) and/or whether or not the detectives can prove if he did so.

The show remind very much of a True Detective meets Castle type of show.  It's definitely not an HBO type of show with the raw-ness but you get the detective feel from Castle.  The type of plot line is also similar to that of True Detective.  They follow the same story line and case throughout the entire first season.  I think there were about 10 episodes (also similar to that of TD).  However, the relationship between the two main detectives remind me very much of Castle and Beckett's relationship (although less humorous).

Hildy and Terry are both amazing characters and each have a very unique background.  Terry's wife dies of cancer in I think the second episode so he is very torn up about that the entire season.  He finds that the best way he can cope is dive 100% into the Eric Blunt case.  Hildy on the other hand is divorced with a child.  being a single mother you see her battle her love of the law and her love of her daughter.  So each of these stories play a role in the season as well.

Eric Blunt is played by the Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy returns!!).  Honestly he just plays such an amazing villain its so hard to not like him.  The whole time he is some evil guy you just can't help but remember 12 year old Malfoy and it all disappears.  I can't picture him as ever playing a good guy.  Not complaining though... Felton is an amazing bad guy.

Now onto some of the interesting points of the show.  For of those of you who haven't watched this show yet I highly recommend starting it because it will definitely give you a good mystery for a good amount of time.  And if you have seen it, please keep reading and let me know what you think about some of the major events!  **SPOILERS AHEAD** 

I am mainly going to focus on the season finale because that was last night and it brought up a lot of mixed feelings for me.  We know that Blunt killed his girlfriend Cindy and we assume he also had is father killed.  After some fake wiretapping and maneuvering on the detectives part, they finally got Eric Blunt to confess to both murders.  However, he was already found not guilty for the murder of his girlfriend but not yet for the murder of his father.  After he got away with murder the first time I was practically screaming at the TV.  I always figured he did it but hearing him blatantly confess was a bit of shocker.  

Any who, my main problem with the season finale was the last few minutes.  Eric confesses to hiring someone to kill his father and then gets sent to prison.  There he finds out that every has left him.  He has no friends and no family left because they realize that he lied to everyone the entire time.  In the end, Eric hangs himself before his second trial can even begin.  While I get that they needed to show to end cleanly in 10 episodes I hate that he had to kill himself.  It just seems so not Eric Blunt that it actually annoys me.  He is such a cocky person that I think his ego would have prevented him from killing himself.

I think the second season will be focused on a completely new murder trial and investigation with a completely new suspect.  So I get why Blunt needed to be off the show but couldn't they do that with him just getting a life sentence in a high security prison where they would never hear from or see of him again?  Maybe this is just me but what do you guys think?  Did you think the ending was fitting for the show or just a cop-out from the writers?

Do you guys like this show?  Have any amazing shows I should watch, please let me know!


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