August 3, 2014

Photos of the week

Hope you all had an amazing week and weekend!  Mine was filled with tons of work and lots of shopping (haul to come).  I picked up some much needed purchases for school and just some basics.  I am also dog sitting my brother's dog while he is on a two week long vacation so I have been having tons of fun with two dogs running around.  Where one goes the other goes and if I pet one the other whines that I am not giving him enough attention.

Beachin it.  Just catching some rays down by the lake.  Even though it actually wasn't a very sunny day.  Sometimes those are the best days though because the sun doesn't get it your eyes and I feel like I lay out without getting baked.

Oh work.  Gotta love it.  Here I am just wearing maroon pants, a grey oversized shirt, and white converse.  In the LuluLemon bag is a pair of heels I wear around the office but I have about a 15 minute walk from the train to work so I like converse.  And then I am sporting a Starbucks Chai latte.

Lunch one day was a BBQ chicken salad which is my favorite salad.  I got it a place called Red Robin here in Chicago.

The dog on the left is my baby Riley.  He is a Cotton de Tulear.  And the dog on the right is my brother's dog Mitch who is a Corgie mix with we aren't quite sure.  Walking these two crazies is an adventure in and of itself because they have to pee on all the same things and they fight for being in front.

One night my friends and I all had a BBQ down by the beach and a thunderstorm came in and we watched it from under the building.  It was quite the site to see and it was gorgeous to watch the sky get so dark so quickly but the sun still tried to shine through.

And finally, its my Dad's birthday today so we took him out to eat and he got this wonderful ice cream sundae to celebrate the big day.  The best part, definitely the whipped cream and hot fudge.  I am not much of a vanilla ice cream person so I ate the toppings and left the rest for him.  


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