August 16, 2014

Photos of the Week

After this week I have two more weeks before I head back to school.  So this week my family and I all went up to Wisconsin for one last mini vacation where we hung out by the pool, relaxed, and ate a ton of delicious food!  This as definitely a much needed chill vacay before these next two crazy hectic weeks.  With so many last minute appointments and errands to run I don't want this vacation to end.  However, all good things come to an end and then that means school is starting back up again!  I cannot wait to head back to campus but still don't want summer to end because that means winter is coming.

One of my favorite things about Door County, Wisconsin are all the beautiful rock formations and bluffs.  They line the water shore and are absolutely stunning.

I mean just look at this beauty of a sunset... ahhh.  Perfect!

Peaches with yogurt and granola are honestly the perfect snack.  Any fruit will do but peaches have been my latest obsession and I have probably eaten 3 at least in the past few days!

Confession: I don't really like cake.  It just hasn't ever been something that I liked very much no matter what flavor.  Pie on the other... a completely different story!  Any type of fruit pie is my favorite thing in the entire world.  My favorite pie flavor though is definitely Key Lime pie!!  And this one had a delicious raspberry drizzle #noms

So I saw this cool hair flip done by The Beauty Department a long time ago and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  All you do is take a video of flipping your hair while in the water and then pause at the perfect spot and you get this awesome mermaid flip thing.  I love it!

Hope you all had an amazing week :)


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