August 12, 2014

Stay Gold

In middle school I read the book The Outsiders and fell in love.  Also the movie is pretty great too!  The best quote from the movie was "Stay Gold."  Johhny Cade said this to Ponyboy as he was dying.  True friends.  Basically the quote means that you should stay young and enjoy the world.  I think this is important to keep in mind before heading off to school or really any stage of your life.  You should take life seriously but never too seriously to not live and have fun.  Feel free to use this logo that I made as desktop wallpaper or for your phone or iPad.  You can also print it and frame for some more dorm decor!

Large Wallpaper || This one can be used for computer background or print and place in a nice frame.

iPhone Wallpaper (click here|| This is the perfect size to open on your iPhone or other phone.  I would recommend opening on your cell phone and then just saving it.

iPad Wallpaper (click here|| The perfect size for iPads!  

What are some of your favorite quotes?


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