August 25, 2014

True Blood Series Finale

I am going to try and make this post pretty short because honestly I didn't really like this finale.  I wasn't even going to do a post about it but its the end of television era so I thought it had to be done.  The fact that this show has been running for 7 years makes me feel so old.  I started watching it maybe 5 years ago and loved it.  It definitely had some ups and downs along the way but the fact that it is now over is so sad.

**Spoilers ahead** This final season didn't have any crazy plot line except maybe the Hep-V vamps but it mainly focused on the closing the story lines of all the major characters.  I liked the endings for almost everyone except Tara, Alcide, and Bill because they all DIED!!!  Yes, Tara and Bill both died.  The biggest character of the entire show dies in this finale at the hands of Sookie.  Technically Bill commits suicide because he believes his time as a vampire is over and the only way Sookie will ever have a normal life is if he is not it.  Why he couldn't just move to Europe I don't know.

We find in a time jump at the end of the episode that Sookie meets a new man and is pregnant.  I am glad she is finally able to end up happy and have a life but its still so sad she and Bill didn't up together.  I hate how we never actually see the face of the person she ends up with but I guess it adds to the mystery.  Everyone else ends up with who they were with at the end of the season.  

Hoyt came back (YES!!) and married Jessica.  This was honestly the best part about the final season.  Hoyt might have been one of my favorite characters back in the day so I am glad he got a happy ending too.  And even Jason is married with 3 children.  Eric and Pam are off making billions with New Blood and seem to very happy.

All in all it was an okay series finale, nothing too exciting to write home about, but they did conclude everyone's story which was nice.  I hate how some shows leave out people or forget things but they did an amazing job and going back all 6 years before and tying up every loose end.  I am sad that True Blood is over and if you have never watched it I definitely recommend it.  Also, True Blood (along with True Detective) goes down as having one of the best intro theme song/rolling credits ever.  Keep doing bad things.


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