September 16, 2014


I honestly cannot believe that today is my 20th birthday!  It feels so old.  Like how am I already two decades old?  Time sure flies.  I remember when I was a kid and my sister turned 20 and to think that is now me.  Sometimes the world just feels like one big dream that we aren't really living.  Its crazy to think of all that has happened within the last 20 years.  The person I am today is totally different than the person I was last year even.  How much of ourselves has evolved and all the life experiences we have endured.  Turning 20 may fly under the radar but its a very important year.  You are officially no longer a teenager and its the start of what what some people say is the best 10 years of your life.  I mean your 20's are supposed to be prime time.  I have made a list of 20 things I wish to do during my 20's!

1. Take a road trip
2. Travel
3. Get out my comfort zone
4. Take risks
5. Go skinny dipping
6. Be more forgiving
7. Learn who I am
8. Love who I am
9. Say "I love you"
10. Discover what I want to do
11. Take a photography class
12. Learn how to cook
13. Make mistakes
14. Get a tattoo
15. Move around the US
16. Have no fear
17. Have no shame
18. Dream big
19. Go for it
20. Have fun!

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