September 1, 2014

Back to the grind

Its crazy to think that today is September 2nd and today is my first day of classes as a sophomore.  I cannot believe that a year ago I was a nervous baby freshmen who was terrified she wouldn't know a single person in any of her classes or would walk into the wrong class or would be late because she got lost.  I've been on campus for a weekend and it already feels like home again.   I knew exactly how to get everywhere and how the dining system worked.  It kind of feels as though summer never happened and I am back to the routine again.  I guarantee that once classes start it will feel like nothing has changed.  

College literally waits for no one.  Like I said, I moved in on Friday and today is Tuesday.  This weekend I have already had two meetings for clubs I am involved in.  This upcoming week I have 4 meetings planned.  Yeah, FOUR!  A week ago I was lying by the lake tanning and reading summer beach reads.  Now I have meetings and classes and textbook readings.  Its back to the grind already.  I'm sorry if my postings become a little less regular these next few weeks!  I will try to schedule some ahead of time but I know it is going to get crazy.

While the amount of stuff on my to-do list is already stressing me out, I cannot wait to jump back in.  I like having a schedule with a routine and being in the college swing.  I am not looking forward to the midterms and papers but there is something about going to class and having a system that I love.  I know I might regret saying that in a few months when I am way behind on my readings and I have three exams in one week but as of right I am excited to go back.

I hope you all have an amazing first day of class if you haven't started already!  If you have, keep up the amazing work and have a wonderful Tuesday.


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  1. Aww happy to back to school! Definitely agree with you that college is a train that doesn't stop for anyone! You just gotta jump on board and go with it!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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