September 26, 2014

Chicago Fire {Season 3 Premiere}

There were tears, actual tears.  This is going to be a quick post because I feel like I just need to say something about the episode.  Please be wary as I am about to SPOIL the entire episode.  While what I am about to say is revealed within the first 5 minutes it still needs to be said.

Leslie Shay died.  OMG!  I about had a mental breakdown.  I kept it together pretty well actually right up until the end when Severide started crying and Dawson was feeling guilty and everyone was just falling apart.  I was definitely not expecting this at all.  I mean I figured someone but me hurt or in the hospital but not dead.  And definitely not Shay.  

You can't just kill of a main character at the start of the season.  How is this going to effect everyone?  I can't stand this!!  So here is my post to Shay.  She was one of the more relatable characters and even though she had her ups and downs she was always there for her friends.  I can't even hold back the tears while writing this post (they aren't real people Annie!).  I am looking forward to see how this effects all the characters even the show will most definitely not be the same without her!  I also don't know how I feel about the new girl looking almost exactly like Shay...  

What did you all think of the episode?


PS.  I just want to warn everyone that there might be quite a few TV show reviews coming up as its time for all the fall premiers and all of my favorite shows are coming back (OMG SCANDAL!).  Let me know if there is a specific show you want me to watch!

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