October 22, 2014


I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging these past few weeks but it has been beyond busy here at school.  I think I can honestly say that last year was the most stressful week of college I have had thus far.  What teacher assigns 4 papers due in 2 days?  Somehow it always happens that everything gets piled on at the same time.  I'm never quite how things work out that way but I feel like they are just testing your stress levels.  Sometimes I think the worst part is that I get in my own head.  I never actually stress about the material but I stress over the fact that I am not stressed about the material or just the amount of work itself.  See, I psyche myself out.

I have a lot of awesome posts planned (especially since I have yet to do one about fall!!) so stick with me and I promise good things.  Hope your semesters are going wonderful and your fall time is filled with colorful leaves.


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