November 2, 2014


Confession time.  I don't like Halloween.  I never really have and probably never will.  The fact that there is an entire holiday devoted to dressing up and scaring people is scary in and of itself.  I don't like being scared because I have a very good memory and things will stick with me forever.  I thought I would share a few funny stories about times I've been scared that have scarred me (kidding...kind of!) and have forever made lasting impressions.  Many of these have to do with scary movies so let's just say never ask me to watch a scary movie with you because I will probably run for the hills.

1. For my friends birthday one year she thought it would be so much fun to watch a scary movie.  Turn off all the lights pile on the blankets and stuff our faces with popcorn.  I was not for this.  I protested as much as I could but with 6 other girls all wanting to watch it I was sadly outvoted.  The entire movie I sat with a blanket over my head with my eyes and ears closed.  The move was When a Stranger Calls and lets just say I couldn't babysit or take a shower for about two months afterwards.  I still get scared when I am home alone or I hear a noise while in the shower... it is like 7 years later.

2. For another friend's birthday party she too thought watching a scary movie would be a wonderful idea.  This time, I stuck my grounds and refused to watch the movie.  Being outvotes yet I again, I went upstairs and played cards with my friends parents. #truth

3. One time I made my mom take me to another movie in the theater because I got so scared by the one we were watching.  The rest of my family stayed in the theater and my mom and I went to see Cheaper by the Dozen 2 instead.

4.  My friends all thought it would be a wonderful idea to go to a haunted warehouse one Halloween and I told them there was no freaking way I would ever go inside it.  All of my friends went in except me and another girl.  We thought we would avoid the scariness being outside the warehouse but no sadly there were people dressed up outside too.  A man dressed up as a serial killer chased me around the parking lot with a fake chainsaw while I was crying.

Some people may call me a little dramatic but I don't like being scared.  And Halloween is the perfect opportunity for people to think it is okay to just scare anyone.  You never know who is behind the costume and that scares me.  However, I hope you all still had a wonderful Halloweekend and dressed up as wonderful (nice) things!

Do you like Halloween and scary movies?

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