November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and take the time to enjoy time with your family.  Be grateful of all the wonderful food on your plate and for everything you positive you have in your life.  Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday because it doesn't need Hallmark greeting cards or presents to make it anything more than it already is.  It is a simple holiday devoted to taking a step back from our busy lives and appreciating what we have.  I mean who could ask for a better day?!  Plus, all the delicious food makes it 10x better!  Hello sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce :)

Going home last weekend was probably the best part of the long holiday week so far.  I actually skipped class Monday and Tuesday and took an early flight home to Chicago on Sunday morning.  Getting to see my brother and sister and just have a relaxing weekend to hang out with my family is exactly what I needed!  My sister and I pretended to be tourists and went into the city for the day, got facials, went to the art museum, and took cliche photos at the Bean.  All in all so far this holiday break is perfect.  I can't wait for food tomorrow and a crazy shopping experience on Black Friday!  I have never done Black Friday shopping before and have always wanted to do it so my sister and I decided this year we were going to go all out.

I hope you all enjoy time with your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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