November 21, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder

It took me a while to post about this show because for the longest time I have had very mixed feelings about it.  I kind of hated it and kind of loved it.  It confused me so much that I think that was what peaked my interest and curiosity.  I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  

The basic premise of the show is that a law professor, Annalise Keading, who hires five of her law students to help work cases at her law firm with her for the semester.  Each episode they work on a different case but there is one main case that is the thread of the show.  Who killed Lila Standgard and who killed Sam Keating?  Through a series of flashbacks and flashforwards and untrustworthy compilation of scenes it takes the entire nine episodes before we fully know the answer to these two questions.

This is show is extremely hard to summarize without giving too much away but I thought I would simply say that you must watch it!  There are tons of points where I watch the show and think "This is ridiculous", "No way would this happen in real life", "Don't they have to worry about their other classes, I mean they are in law school", "How have none of them been caught the illegal acts they have been comitting" and many more questions along the similar path.  And even though the show is sometimes questionable the pure plot line and acting makes it beyond superb.

Viola Davis is hands down amazing.  The way she plays a strong lawyer but self-conscious and weaker woman in her personal life is flawless.  Her ability to seem perfectly real and imaginary at the same time transcends acting.  Along with the rest of the Keating Five, I can honestly say they all play their parts perfectly.  Each has distinct characteristics and they play their roles wonderfully.  The end scenes where they all have their meltdowns are prime.

I really don't want to ruin too much of the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it but I am going to ask a few questions that I still have after watching the winter finale on Thursday.  So if you are not all the way caught up you may want to stop reading!  Will Michaela's missing ring ever turn up?  Is Connor really a drug addict?  This one I don't really believe but it would/could make a ton of sense actually... he did attack a dead body with a log.  When was Annalise's sad call to Sam made?  I think it was after she talked to Wes which means she is now part of the cover-up too.  And last but not least, who did kill Lila Stangard?  While people kept claiming it was Sam he continually denied it.  Yes, why would he confess to murder but still, even after his entire fight with Annalise where he admitted to not loving her anymore he still never said her killed Lila.  This makes me think that with the return of the show we will realize that Sam didn't kill Lila and we will have to figure out who really did.  Something tells me it was Bonnie...jealous rage maybe?  Maybe even Annalise herself?!

Let me know what you guys thought of the winter finale and if you have any interesting theories!


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