November 3, 2014

Long Weekends

The month of October was truly amazing.  It was probably the most stressful month I have had in a long time but the stresses were most definitely counterbalanced with wonderful memorable moments.   I actually went away for two long weekends in October which is something that you don't really get to do in college that often.  I dove at the opportunities to do so and they were amazing.  Often I feel trapped within the confides of the college campus.  While I do go to school fairly close to the city of Boston it still takes about 45 minutes on the subway to get there.  The college bubble can often feel suffocating and overwhelming.

In early October for Columbus Day, I  asked a relative if I could go visit her on Cape Cod.  It felt odd asking someone to go visit them because normally this happens the other way around, but I was very glad I did.  It ended up being one of the best weekends of the year and I am so much fun.  I didn't do any homework and I just got to relax before my very stressful midterms were about to happen.  We hiked along the beaches and ate some amazing meals.  We went shopping and just enjoyed the beautiful outside for what was probably the last beautiful New England weekend.

 I was very sad to leave but I felt refreshed heading back to school.  The next two weeks were hell.  That is not an exaggeration, they were miserable.  I pulled one too many late nighters, studied and wrote more papers than I can remember.  In the middle of this week I called home and was completely panic-y and beside myself.  I could not keep my emotions in check and spontaneously asked my dad if I could come home for a weekend.  Not really being serious when I asked, my dad started looking at potential flights and weekends and found an insanely cheap flight.  Giving me something to look forward to, I plowed through the next papers and exams.

 Going home for a long weekend was amazing.  I took Monday off from class and enjoyed spending time with my parents and brother.  I got to hang out with my niece who I miss every single day.  She is 2 and it at the age where she learns so much more every single day that not seeing her for a few months is crazy.  The weekend flew by but getting to see my family definitely rejuvenated me.  Luckily I had zero work to do because all of my midterms had just finished.  It nice to not have to worry about any school work at all and just got to hang out.  

My mom and I went for some nice walks with my dog and my dad and I went to a hockey game.  Side note, seeing my dog was probably the best part about the entire trip.  Also, I feel like the only thing I do when I am home is eat.  I mean, I have to stop by all my favorite restaurants.  I may or may not have gained at least ten pounds in one weekend alone. And even though the weekend felt way to short going back to campus felt a little bit better.  

I am now ready to push for the next big chunk before Thanksgiving break and then finals.  While we all get crazy stressed sometimes and find that nothing seems to be going right, sometimes we just need to pull away.  I know this isn't always possible, but when it is I highly recommend taking use of it.  Getting yourself out the stressful environment can be exactly what you need to keep going.

What do you guys do to help yourself destress?



  1. those boat photos are gorgeous! hope you have an amazing November too! :)


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