June 28, 2014

A 4th of July Treat

I am newly obsessed with Chobani.  Yes I am well aware that I am way behind the Greek yogurt trend but I used to hate it.  I tried it once and it left the worst taste in my mouth and refused to ever try it again.  However, while trying a cool recipe from The Beauty Department that required Chobani Greek Yogurt, I hesitantly bought some.  I refused to taste the yogurt but mixed it with the fruit puree.  I licked off the spoon and was surprised at how amazing it actually tasted.  I then proceeded to just try a spoonful of the Greek yogurt that didn't have strawberry puree in it and actually liked it; it was the Vanilla flavored one.  Now I am addicted and just bought like 10 more flavors.

I thought I would share what I have loved pairing my Greek yogurt with because I still think it tastes better with lots of fruity goodness :)  Basically it a simple fruit, yogurt, and granola mixture but I used red, white and blue, for the 4th of July and put it in a Mason Jar so it looked all pretty.  You could easily add whatever fruit you want and put it the most boring container ever and it will still taste just as delicious.

I think these would make the perfect 4th of July treats!  They are super easy to make before hand and just store in the fridge before dessert time. Another thing you could do is make like a little buffet so people could make there own!  You could have an assortment of different fruits so people and put in whatever they want.  You could also just make this for yourself (like I did!) because it makes the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack or even dessert.

For the ingredients you will need:
Fruit (I used strawberries and blueberries for the festive theme but you can use your favorites)
Granola (whatever kind you like best!)
Greek Yogurt (I am using the Vanilla flavored Chobani but once again, your preference)
A mason jar or any type of bowl for serving
Optional: Honey or Stevia for a little extra sweetness

Now you simply start layering.  I started with the granola on the bottom but you could to all the yogurt on the bottom or fruit.  I think that's the best part about using a mason jar, you can make the coolest designs based on how you decide to layer it!  I like to add honey to my granola so I just drizzled some on top.  You could also just mix some in with your yogurt.

After the granola came the first layer of Greek yogurt.  This was actually a lot harder than I expected because it didn't smooth out as easily as I hoped.  I also got yogurt all of the sides of the jar so be wary.  If you do decide to serve these then you might need to be extra cautious or be prepared for a little cleanup.  However because I was just making this for myself I didn't really care (I actually did but I tried not to overreact and let the OCD kick in! haha)

Then the strawberries and another layer of yogurt.  Once again, you might want to add more strawberries than you think so that you get the ultimate layering effects.  My strawberries just sunk into the first layer of yogurt but if I had had more then that would not have happened.

Then the blueberries and another layer of yogurt.  Once again, the more fruit you add the better the layers will turn out.  I learned the hard way but it benefits you so that's all that matters.  From here on out you can just keep adding more layer's until you think you are finished.  Because I'm using a rather large mason jar this was actually a lot of yummy goodness so I just stopped here.  

I garnished the top with some more granola, fruit, and a bit of drizzled honey:)

And the final product!  This is such an easy meal and it can serve so many purposes, plus it tastes amazing!  I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you decide to try it out.  Also, let me know what your favorite ways to eat Greek yogurt are.


June 27, 2014

A TV Confession: True Blood {Season 7 Premiere}

ITS BACK! Now I might be the only one who still watches True Blood but I love it. Like even though its kind of crazy and went down a bit in the middle there I am still and avid fan. Confession: once I start a TV series I have to finish it. I just need to know what happens to all the characters and how all of the plot lines finish. Cliffhangers are the enemy. So True Blood is in its 7th and final season and I think I might cry. Actually I am glad its ending because it deserves to have a solid conclusion so I'm glad its getting it...but at the same time it just needs to end. I mean its been on for 7 years (woah right!). I think its the whole thing that it only airs during the summer that always seems to throw me off.

We ended last season on a relatively high note. Everyone was freed from the Vampire Internment camps and God Bill saved everyone from the sun. It flashes forward a couple of months and everything seems to be going pretty well... except for the fact that there are Hep-V infested vampires running around but other than that all good right? Sam Merlotte is now Mayor (really? This seems a little random) and has made it a rule that every human needs a vampire. Sookie and Alcide are a thing (NO!). Eric is being burned by the sun in the middle of the arctic mountains (really NO!). They decide to throw a vampire-human mixer so that everyone can be friends/acquaintances/frenemies/food/protection...

**SPOILERS AHEAD** We start this season at that mixer when a group of Hep-V vamps arrives and starts attacking. We know how blood crazy and delirious Hep-V vamps are because of what happened to Eric's sister.  At the party, the vampires kill a lot of people including Tara. UHM DOUBLE NO!  I do not believe this for one second because it is the most anticlimactic death of all time for such a major character like Tara. Also, her mother is the one claiming she is dead and we all know she cannot and will not be trusted. The vamps also kidnapped Holly and Arlene so everyone is out searching for them.

As everyone is recovering from the event, Sookie is once again plagued by reading everyone's mind.  They all blame her for every bad thing that has ever happened to them, especially everything including vampires.  This brings us back to our familiar season 1 roots where we first learn of Sookie's ability and the show centers around how she hates the town.  Look at True Blood going all nostalgic on us. Tears.  Apparently, this season is going to be focusing primarily on all the main characters and returning to the relationships among them.  No more witches, faeries, and other mythical creatures getting in the way.

However, there are a few new interesting characters that appeared last season that have stuck around.  First we have Andy Bellefleur's daughter Adilyn.  Next, there is Violet, Jason's...uhm...friendllover/soul mate...I don't really know what to call her.  Then there is Willa, Eric's prodigy who is now all alone.  Nicole, Sam's wife (when did that happen?) who is also carrying Sam's child.  And finally, we have Jessica's boyfriend James (did anyone else notice the casting change?).  Somehow the writers have to work in these new characters while still tying up every lose end from our favorites.  Good luck is all I have to say.

On the other side of the world, Pam is searching for Eric because, well she is Pam and he is her maker.  No one has heard from Eric and for all we know he could be dead.  I mean the last we saw of him he was burning alive so yeah.  However, there is no way in hell Eric would die like that so I have faith Pam will find him.

Am I the only one hoping Eric and Pam end up together... no? Oh well.  While Eric and Sookie were epically amazing as a couple I will forever want her with Bill.  I mean they were made for each other.  And that means Alcide can go back to his wold pack because I am so over him all together.  Also, that would leave Eric for someone else (me?).   Personally I think none of them should end up with Sookie because she is super annoying and they are all too good for her.  But hey, what kind of ending would that be.  Who do you think Sookie ends up with?

Let me know your reactions to the premiere and if you have any crazy predictions of what will go down this season!


June 25, 2014

Summer Playlist 2014

I thought I would share with you guys some of my current music faves this summer!  I am addicted to all things country right now so I apologize if that is not quite your taste.  There are a few other genres in the playlist as well so yeah.  You can follow me on Spotify if you are interested my username is annibel190!

I honestly could add hundreds more to this playlist as I am a big fan of just Spotify radio and the premade Spotify playlists.  I love clicking random ones and finding new songs that I probably wouldn't have listened to otherwise.  Like some of the playlists Spotify has are so random yet utterly perfect (hello Rainy Day playlist you were perfect when I needed you! haha)

Anyways I hope you guys can enjoy some of this music and please let me know what you all have been listening too because I love hearing about new songs:)


June 23, 2014

A Movie Confession: 22 Jump Street

For Father's Day this Sunday my Dad and I went to go see 22 Jump Street.  I have got to say I laughed for a straight 2 hours.  I think the best part of the movie was the fact that they make fun of themselves in it.  They are well aware of the fact that it is a sequel to a comedic action movie and they poke fun at the stereotypes.  They know that you know you are watching a sequel.  It is hard to explain but once you watch it it makes sense.

If you aren't familiar with the first one, it follows two terrible cops, Jenko and Schmidt, as they go undercover in a high school looking for drug dealers.  Along the way they caught up with the social drama of high school, cliques, relationships, etc.  The second one follows the same duo as they go off to college (undercover) to look for a new drug dealer.

It follows the first one to an exact T and they make fun of themselves constantly for being so similar to the first one.  The movie starts off with a "Previously on 21 Jump Street..." just like many television shows do, paying homage to the fact that this series started off on the smaller screen.  There are many other hidden clues and jokes within the script reflecting other TV shows, celebrities, etc.  There are also Easter Eggs that relate back to the first 21 Jump Street which makes it 10 times funnier.

The characters in the film all point out the absurdity of the entire scenario on numerous occasions, making fun of them being old and looking like 30 year olds, referencing cops, etc.  This all ties into the fact that the movie is making fun of itself.  

While this sequel does have a similar structure and plot line there are a few twists here and there in the story.  The whole time in the back of your head you are trying to figure out who the drug dealer is.  And when you think you have figured it out they actually switch it up so you are wrong!  However, it was slightly predictable who the dealer was but I loved the suspense.

The ending credits were probably the best part because they, once again, make fun of the idea of sequels and how they go on forever.  They act as though there are going to be a 23 Jump Street, 24 Jump Street, etc all the way until like 39 Jump Street.  Each one has a different theme: Medical School, Magic School, Army School, etc.  They even have famous actors come in and pretend to play people and they make fun of contract renewing.  All in all I think this movie was hysterical and takes a really unique twist on a classic sequel.

Have you seen any awesome movies lately?


June 19, 2014

1 year

Wow!  One year ago today I took the plunge and started this blog.  It is something that I have been so proud of and have loved doing every single minute of it.  I honestly find so much happiness sitting down at my computer and typing out blog posts.  It is a place where I can talk about whatever is on my mind and share to the world my point of view.

I mean, where else can you share your obsession with television, shopping, school tips, etc.?  This past year has been one the best and craziest years of my life.  I graduated from high school, had my first year at college, moved away from my family, met some amazing people, and learned a lot about myself.  And through all the ups and downs I always felt as though sitting down to write a blog post would help destress me and take my mind of things or would get to share happy times with you all.  

So thank you very much!


June 18, 2014

A TV Confession: Pretty Little Liars {5x02}

I waited until after the second episode to do this review because I really didn't think the first episode was that great (sue me).  I mean there wasn't any big thing that happened that really believed.  It might be just because I am very hesitant to believe what the writers of PLL put in front of us because it is usually the opposite.  So the whole Shana is "A" reveal I don't believe.  Sure it kind of makes sense but there is no way Shana could have pulled off some of the things she did.  Also, she didn't even know the Liars for that long so how could she have known some of the secrets she supposedly knew.

I think with the build up from the second episode the season has definitely picked up in my opinion.  As viewers, we had knowledge that Mrs. D was murdered, but the Liars didn't.  So the whole episode while they were looking for her I was screaming she's dead!!  #sorrynotsorry she was a little b***h.  At the very end of the episode though when the dog (Pepe?) found her body it was a total OMG moment.  I think the dog might be a clue to something but I can't pinpoint it quite yet.  I mean it is not a coincidence that Mrs. D adopted the dog and then the dog found her dead body... right?

The rundown: Allison is finally able to come back to Rosewood after being dead/missing/on the run for two years.  The Liars all convince her to go to the police and tell her whole story because then they will be free from everything and can live their own lives.  Aria even tells her that its okay and she is willing to turn herself in too for killing Shana.  However, once Ali is in the police station she changes the story and says she was kidnapped and has been held captive for the past two years (worst cover story ever!).  Later we find out that the reason behind this was a suspicious text alerting Ali that if she confesses everything from New York will be told. 

The person behind this text: Mona.  What a shocker?! Apparently she was in New York..hmmm?  I am not quite sure why she was there but she was.  She still has her sights set on Ali and is determined to see her demise.  Canoodling (yes its a word) up with Aria's baby bro again I have my eyes set on Mona who is definitely up to something.  After the first episode this season we know she has a whole gang of people on her side that are willing to take down Ali.  One of them Lucas (he's back baby!), Paige, and Melissa.  Yup you read that right, Melissa is siding with Mona to hunt down the wicked witch.

Speaking of Melissa, we still don't know what her secret is.  However, in the second episode she and her dad have run off somewhere... maybe hiding the secret? Covering something up?  Who knows what but apparently it is a big one because the father was drowning his sorrows and wouldn't let Melissa tell a soul.  I think Holbrook might have been on to something when he question the Hastings family but I would like to know to thank you very much.

Also, I am loving that Jason is back!  He might be one of my favorite characters because while he is never blatantly obvious with his actions he does always mean well.  Sometimes it comes off creepy I don't think Jason ever means any harm.  While the Liars are trying to pin Allison's kidnapping and the whole debacle on Jason (he's being sketchy again) Jason is hiding some of his own secrets.  Like why was he in New York?  Did he always know Ali was alive because he doesn't seem to shocked when she returns?

No word on Ezra's condition.  But in good PLL fashion we know that our favorite leading man cannot be dead.  Maybe seriously injured or in a life-threatening coma but most certainly not dead (not yet...).  I can't wait for Ezra to make a full recovery and spill everything he found out!  What secrets is he holding?  Does he know who killed Mrs. D. (because it wasn't Shana -- she was in NY)?

As the suspense is building the questions just keep piling up.  I don't think the pile will ever dwindle because as soon as one gets taken off, a new one is added!  Do you guys have any interesting PLL theories?


June 17, 2014

How I edit my Instagram Photos

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with Instagram.  Now I don't know if its so much Instagram as it is with editing my photos.  I will sometimes just edit photos to edit them but never actually upload them anywhere.  They just get saved in my photo album and get lost.  I just think it is so much fun to edit the same photo like 5 times because each one will come out so differently.  So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite photo editing apps because I have gone through soooo many its a problem.  However, I have finally narrowed it down to my ultimate favorite ones because I had to get rid of so many when I ran out of storage space on my phone (I have too many photos!)

1.  Afterlight:  Honestly I think this might be the best photo editing app in the entire world.  I think it was $0.99 and it was worth all 99 pennies.  Once I bought this app, I deleted every other app I had and just use this one now because it has everything but other 7 had in one app!  It has contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, etc.  It also has tons of different filters that I love.  It has some awesome light leaks too!  You can also crop, rotate, etc and add many different borders.  It also has the feature to add overlays and do cool layouts.  I honestly don't have enough good things to say about this app so I highly highly recommend that everyone go get it.

2. Instasize:  This is the best app I found to make a photo fit into a square.  It allows you complete control in sizing and photo placement within the square.  I use this on every one of my photos because I have come to be an anti-Instagram-square person (is that a thing? Well I just made it one :p) 

3. PicFx:  This app used to be what I used for most of my pictures before the discovery of Afterlight.  However, I do still love this picture for the numerous of filters it has and the wonderful light leaks.  However, I haven't really been using too many filters lately, just adjusting contrast, and brightness and things like that.

4. PicFrame:  I use this to do collages.  It allows a lot of mobility within the collage that most do not.  You can adjust the different heights of frames and the size of the photo within the frame, etc.  I mean there are a ton of different collage apps (is it someone's Birthday?) so you really can't go wrong!

5. Over: The best app to add text for an image.  Really it is.  So many different font options, and you can use all of your own photos and play around with it a lot!  

6.  Studio: So I just recently discovered this app and it might be my newest addiction.  If you've ever seen people with awesome pictures of sunsets and then little quotes in triangles etc then they probably used this app!  They have tons of predesigned mantras and shapes, and graphics that you can add to your photos.  Most of it is pretty tacky but some of it is sooo awesome!  I have been playing around with it like crazy and am trying to find the best combinations of things.  I really like the arrows and some of the mantras.

What are some of your favorite apps for photo editing?


June 15, 2014

Father's Day

I apologize for not uploading a post about Father's Day presents.  If I am being honest, Father's Day is the worst because I hate buying my dad presents.  He loves buying himself things so anytime he wants something he will just buy it.  So when it comes around for Father's Day or his birthday or the holidays we never know what to get him because he already has anything he wants (le sigh).  So sadly we usually just stick to cards even though he loves getting presents... he just makes it so difficult.

However, I hope you all are enjoying your Father's Day no matter what the case is.  If you are a child tell your dad you love him, if you are a new Dad enjoy the years you have ahead with your children, if your Dad has passed remember the wonderful times you had with him.  Even if you never had a dad in the picture tell your Mom how much you love her for being both the best Mother and Father a child could ask for.  I think people forget that Mother and Father's Day aren't just about celebrating the Mom's and Dad's of the world but celebrating the people who raised you.

It is a time to be thankful for the role models you have in your life no matter who they are.  So tell someone you love them and spend the day with them.  I think we might just hang out and get breakfast (the classic in my family) and watch movies.  We don't do anything too fancy but that's the best part.  Have a wonderful day and happy Father's Day!

What are you doing for Father's Day this year?


June 10, 2014

Everyday Makeup {6/10/2014}

I have very oily skin so my biggest concern when it comes to makeup is trying to make my face look reasonably matte all day long.  I do have some red bumps along my forehead (there goes the oily skin again) and really bad under eye circles.  Apparently no matter how much sleep I get (or don't) the blue under my eyes shines.  I think I have found some good products, after a lot of searching, that can finally keep my oily skin at bay.  Most of these are drug store products because I honestly think when it comes to face makeup the drugstore does a pretty damn good job!  Also, some of these are sample sized items that I recently received but I think I am definitely going to be purchasing the full sized in all of them.  Hope those of you with oily skin find this somewhat helpful.

1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Absolutely love this stuff!! I really don't think I've found a better drugstore concealer than this one.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation: I just got this because Maybelline was doing a buy 1 get 1 half off sale when I needed a new concealer so I thought I would try it out.  I honestly am in love!  It gives about medium coverage and stays all day.  Like I cannot see a visible difference in my skin throughout the day...it stays matte all day!

3. Tarte Amazonia Clay Finishing Powder:  I think this product can also be contributed to helping keep my skin matte all day.  I lightly pat/dust this on my T-zone and helps absorb all the oil on ma face.  I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this product!

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara:  There is one product that I think drugstore always does just as good, if not better than high end: mascara.  I think this one does a great job of making my pretty stick straight lashes have volume and curl.  It stays all day and is actually a little hard to get off at the end of the day even though this isn't a waterproof formula.  

5. M.A.C Eyeshadow in Nylon:  I use this in my inner corner for a bright highlight!  I also use it a bit under my brow and an occasional dusting over the cheek bones.  This is probably one my favorite M.A.C eye shadows simply because it is so universal.  It also makes a great overall eye color.

6.  Maybelline Undereye Concealer:  Okay so I don't know the full name of this product because the label came off (if that doesn't show how much I love this product then I don't know what will!)  But I'm sure just by looking at it you know exactly what it is.  I use the brightning color but I think I want to try the light shade too.  I love this for waking up my terrible dark circles.

7. Urban Decay Primer Potion:  Does this need an explanation?  I have very oily eye lids so I need this to help keep all eye shadows stay.

8. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner:  I never really understood all the hype behind gel liners because they just seemed too complicated.  However I had heard that this gel liner was a great dupe for some of the more well known higher end ones (Bobbi Brown and M.A.C.).  So I figured I would start with this one before diving into higher priced ones.  Let's just say I think I am newly addicted and I don't know why I didn't try it sooner.  I love this for not only daily eyeliner, it super easy to wing and get precise application, but it is also amazing for tightlining.  If you are hesitant just go buy this and it will push you over the edge! haha 

9. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded: I wear this everyday as an all over base.  I usually just put this on but if I have time I might add an eye shadow overtop.  Love the natural champagne of this color!

10. Smashbox Photofinish Primer:  I never used primers before I got this one in a sample bag.  In fact I got multiples of this same tube so I have been going through sample for quite some time.  I think this has also helped combat my oily skin.  It adds an extra layer of protection between my skin and the makeup which I think helps a ton!  When I run out of samples of this I think I might want to try some of the other kinds and other primers because I am really liking them... Do you guys have any suggestions?

Let me know if you have any favorite staple make up products!


June 6, 2014

Current Readings #2 {The Program}

I love dystopian books. I'm not quite sure what it is about them but I think it comes from my vivid imagination as a child. I can delve into a completely different world which I now lack because my imagination disappeared somewhere along the way. However, books will satisfy me for now:)

My most recent dystopian novel obsession is called The Program and the sequel is The Treatment. And as far as I can tell there are only two of them. I know: what?! Unlike most novels now-a-days it is not a trilogy, which I love. Also, I don't mean to jump ahead but it actually has a good ending. Unlike every other dystopian series I can think of it I really enjoyed this ending and thought it summed up the series perfectly. **SPOILERS AHEAD**

Now to jump into what the book is about. Basically it jumps quite a few years into the future (duh). And of course there must be something wrong with humanity so their world changes something. Basically, they believe the fall of society is depression and the increasing number of suicides. In order to combat the Suicide Epidemic as they call it, the government created The Program. At any sign of depression, anyone under 18 can be sent to the program where who-knows-what happens to the teenagers. When they return the teens are much calmer and very "different." Eventually we learn that the patients memories are wiped clean and the only ones that return are happy ones.

The story follows the story of Sloane who after must effort to avoid The Program ends up being sent there. We learn what happens in The Program and more about the Suicide Epidemic. Sloane struggles to keep her memories of her brother's death, her loving boyfriend James, and her two best friends Lacey and Miller. While in The Program, Sloane becomes friends with Michael Realm although she continues to question whether or not he is someone she can trust.

I thought this book was amazing! It had to keep reading it to figure out what would happen to the main characters and learn the secrets of The Program. I would definitely recommend this if you liked Delirium, Divergent, etc. I think this one does a much better job focusing on the cause of the dystopian world and less on a relationship triangle. While of course this does exist, it is not the root of the plot. 

If you only wanted to hear about the first book STOP READING NOW because I am about to ruin what happens in it and move on to talk about the second book! In The Program, Sloane loses all of her memories but somehow she and James (who also lost all of his memories) find each other through clues she left behind, stories Realm told her, and pure love. However, because Sloane lost all of her memories about her time with James, she develops feelings for Realm which make her question her instincts. In the end, she realizes she isn't sure who she can trust but after she is released from The Program she and James go on the run. However, before Realm disappeared, he gave Sloane one thing that could either help or hurt her: The Treatment. An orange pill that would bring back all of her memories: both good and bad. 

This is where The Treatment picks up. I really liked how the next book didn't start like 6 months later (or something like that) like some book series do. So this second book picks up with James and Sloane fleeing their lives and being hunted down by both The Program and the Government. Sloane tells James about the pill and the two of them, together, decide that they don't want to take it and simple live in the now because they are happy. Two of Realm's friends, Dallas and Cas, pick them up and help then join the rebellion. Even though they aren't sure if they are trustworthy they follow because they have no other plans

The second book follows these four on the run and centers on The Program's rise in power and what to do about The Treatment they have. There are twists and turns in the Realm, James, and Sloane love triangle like every other teen book but it isn't as annoying as most because Sloane knows what she wants. I think I read this book in about a day and a half because I could not put it down. Without breaks for food, sleep, and work I probably could have finished it sooner. It took me a while to get into because it had been a while since I read The Program but once I remembered everything and got caught up like 20 pages in I was addicted. I highly highly highly (did I say highly?) recommend this book to everyone because it is just that amazing.

I don't want to reveal too much about what happens in The Treatment because I REALLY want you all to go out and read it. If I haven't enticed you enough yet just let me know and I am sure I can find a way to persuade you :p If you end up not liking it well, I'm very sorry but it is kind of awesome so there might be something wrong with you (just kidding...maybe...)!

Please let me know what are some of your favorite books because reading is the only thing I really do in the summer time! Also, if it is anything dystopian related I definitely want to know about it.


June 2, 2014


I have a confession.  I hate exercising.  Okay, so that's not that big of a confession considering a lot of people don't like to work out but I really don't.  I used to love it so I think that's what turned me off of it.  That may not make sense but its the justification I use.  All throughout high school I played a lot of sports and worked out all the time.  So when it was time to leave for college I vowed I didn't want to work out ever again.  Probably not the best thing to vow to not do but hey... we all have our moments.  

So I went a whole year without working out.  Yeah not good.  But I did it because at the time I was rebelling against the work out culture and just plain and simply didn't want to work out.  And while I still have that motto I have changed my point of view.  I now believe that you don't have to work out to gain weight or for it to be cool but simply because it is something very healthy for your body.  Exercising your heart and muscles is good for you and helps boost your mood, combat disease and health problems, boost energy, regulate your sleep, and many more.  So aside from the typical to help you lose weight, working out has many other great benefits!

In order to help me get back in the workout regime I downloaded an app I found called 5K Runner.  It basically takes you from no running experience to being able to run a 5K (about 3 miles) in 8 weeks.  I loved this because it really takes you slowly through the process so you don't hurt yourself (which I would totally do since I have no clue about running).  Anyways, I thought I would take you all along on my fitness journey as I am going to start doing some ab, leg, and arm workouts too.  

It shows you haw much time is left in your current walk/run cycle as well has how long you've been running, and how much longer until this run is done.  You can turn off your device while the app is still on and it still functions.  There is a speaker that tells you when to run, walk, slow down, etc.  The app still works if you are playing music from the iPod, Spotify, etc.  

Me running...its casual.  Sorry this picture is so blurry I was walking while taking it and the shadows are all weird but we are just going to ignore that okay? Okay.

The beautiful path I was running on for part of the run!  It was a rainy day today so the leaves were extra bright and green.  Don't you just love that?

Do you guys have any work out tips for me or apps or routines that you love? Please tell me because I am in the hunt for some awesome stuff!


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