January 15, 2015


This was my first official week back at school for the semester and it already feels like I have been here for a month.  I can so quickly get right back into the routine of things that I feel like I never even left.  And to think that a week ago I was home playing with my puppy is unreal.  Whoever said syllabus week was a thing and college was sadly mistaken.  I have already had pages of reading and tons of meetings.  Definitely jumping in with two feet.  But here are a few things that I have been loving this week!

one || Friends on Netflix

I have probably seen every episode of Friends but I have not seen them all in order.  It is something that you watch when its on TV or there is a marathon.  You never really need to know the background because each episode does function entirely on its own.  But watching them all in order adds a totally unique perspective to the show and I am loving it even more!

This music video is so amazing and I may or may not have been a little teary eyed by the end of it.  I give permission to Maroon 5 to crash my wedding any time... or any life event of mine for that matter!

While we all know what some of the major events of 2014 were its interesting to see them documented through photos.  Plus anything with photography always gets me!  These photos are breathtaking and shocking.

I honestly don't think I have seen a funnier interview.  There was not a second in these 9 minutes that I wasn't not hysterically laughing!  Honestly it was just too good.  Jimmy Fallon's face when he realized he could have dated Nicole Kidman was priceless.

five || Gold Globes

Do I need to say much more than (1) award show and (2) Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and (3) beautiful people wearing beautiful clothing?  I cannot wait to start watching some of the amazing movies that won and am beyond ecstatic that Matt Bomer won (even though his name was pronounced incorrectly) because he is purely amazing and I highly recommend watching The Normal Heart if you haven't seen it.  Also, the joke about George Clooney and his wife was hilarious!  What your all of your favorite parts?  And the fashion was on point this year too!

What were some of your highlights this week?


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