January 19, 2015

Study Sessions

Sometimes getting away from campus can make all the difference.  I absolutely love coffee shops as a form of escape.  You can usually find some quaint cafes within close walking distance around your school if you are lucky.  These offer a great relief from the confines of your library (plus great food!) 

I used to find working in coffee shops to be way too overwhelming because I would get so easily distracted by the people in them.  This might just be my minor case of ADD or my insane love of people watching but coffee shops are amazing distractions.  However, I have recently come to love the humming noise of people talking as quite a comfort.  Being surrounded by such cool people all living very different lives kind of puts things into perspective.  

I used to live in the Starbucks around my campus but I am trying to venture out of the mainstream coffee houses.  While I don't actually like coffee (hello chai lattes!) I just find the atmosphere so comforting.  It offers a new environment from my dorm room or study lounges.  I'm still not too adventurous to break away from Chai lattes and I kind of want to try different ones everywhere in Boston!  The spices are the perfect pick me up in these cold winter months.  Ironically though it is 50 degrees and humid outside in Boston today...

Where do you guys like to study?  Also, if any of you are in the Boston area what are some of your favorite coffee houses - who have amazing Chai lattes?



  1. i like going to coffee houses and libraries to get work done. :)

    Animated Confessions

  2. I'm not sure of any coffee places in Boston (I'm from near Philly), but I do LOVE chai lattes - they are my go to at Starbucks. Since I loveeee Starbucks/coffee, I drink it multiple times a day, but it's not very healthy, so I started drinking chai's with soy milk, even though I'm not lactose intolerant. I actually PREFER them with soy now, (nothing else though) and when one barista screwed up my order and made it with milk I was like WHAT IS THIS?! I drink milk from the glass, so this was quite a shock for me. It's so much healthier for you than a caramel macchiato though, so it's all I get these days. In the summer, I'm a big Cool Lime Refresher girl.

    - Sarah :)

  3. I have so much trouble getting my work done haha -Hanna Lei


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