January 13, 2015

Winter White

I often find that wearing white in the winter time can be very daunting.  Wearing white in general poses in own threats (dirt and food!) but there is something about the winter that makes it extra scary.  The slushieness from the snow and water can make white anything feel too see-through.  Also, there is the old saying of "Never wear white after Labor Day."  But in new years all rules of fashion have been tossed out the winter.  Wear whatever you want, when you want it.  And recently white in the winter is my favorite.  It just feels so much crisper and cleaner.  I still can't quite seem to manage white denim but let me know if you guys have any tricks for that.  I mainly just stick to white above the waste.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate white into your winter wardrobe:

I think white hats are the perfect accessory.  No matter what you are wearing there is no way they will clash.  Hats are something that you will wear every day in the winter time so you might as well get a versatile color.  White hats also look really cute in photos and the two ear-like pom-poms on this one are just a must!  You can find hats like this almost anywhere this time of year too.

This scarf from Urban is both knit and fur so its sure to guarantee warmth.  My all time favorite winter scarf is from Banana Republic and it is the biggest circle scarf ever.  Honestly in my opinion, you can never have a scarf too big.  I mean walks to class at night can be freezing cold and keeping your neck warm can make all the difference.  This is another perfect way to add the winter white into your wardrobe. (They no longer have the scarf in white but their are tons more beautiful white knit scarves on Urban's website and on Nordstrom's website as well!)

I used to reserve my light nail polish shades for spring and summer but recently I have been loving the lighter shades in the middle of winter.  First, the white nail polish makes your hands and arms look way tanner than you probably are (that works for all these white items too!).  And, the white nail polish is so classy, adding the perfect element of sophistication.

four || white sweater
Pair on top of a grey dress with black tights and black combat booties and you've got yourself the perfect outfit!  It's like you are a walking winter princess.  Add a crystal statement necklace and you can be your very own Elsa!  This exact sweater is sold out in white (I swear when I pulled all these pieces to make the image they were all in stock) but J.Crew as well as many other stores sell white chunky knit sweaters.

five || white peacoat
This is definitely a statement.  You have to be a brave soul to wear this particular jacket in the winter because almost no one else will be wearing light colors.  You will most likely only see black Northfaces and dark dark colors.  Why not break away from the crowd and wear white.  Plus you might even blend in with the snow #snowqueen.  I couldn't decide which coat to feature because I found two that I love and want.  So here is the second one I am absolutely lusting over from Vince Camuto and its on sale!!

Do you guys like to wear white in the winter and if so how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?


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