February 3, 2015


I'm sitting this post in yet another coffee shop.  I've established I do my best procrastinating work here.  Somehow scrolling the internet and writing blog posts just feels so much more productive than if I did it in a library or at my desk.  I feel like then it is a way to not read through all my textbooks and not real work.  But whenever I write blogposts at a coffee shop or scroll through Pinterest at a coffee shop it feels like real work and my productivity immediately increases.

I've had the weirdest past few weeks being back at school.  I have had a very simple and stress free couple of weeks *Knock on wood*  So far very little work has come across my desk.  My planner has remained relatively empty with the exception writing too many "Nones" instead of real assignments.  Somehow I feel as though maybe I am doing something wrong because my fellow classmates have insane amounts of work that they are continually complaining about.  Where I on the other hand have remained quite content watching Netflix hours on end.  The fact that I am already on season 9 of Friends is both frightening and amazing.  

But then I remember that maybe I am doing something right.  I love the feeling of not being stressed out.  While it has been an extremely rare occurrence throughout college I am going to embrace it.  And why shouldn't I?  I think I get the most stress but realizing how I am actually not stress.  I think I should be more stress because I am in college and should have insane amounts of work and should be studying all the time.  And because this is not the case... I get stress.  The smallest little things stress me out to new extremes that are far from necessary. 

But, just because the people around me are stressed does not mean I have to be!  I know that often times I compare myself to what other people are doing and feeling and think that I if I'm not doing the same then I must be doing something wrong.  But what we often forget is that everyone handles things so very differently.  We can only focus on ourselves.  This is true in every aspect of yourself too.  Hopefully this will help me embrace my free days and not be stressed about watching too much Netflix.

Does this happen to any of you and if so how do you handle it?


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