February 8, 2015

The Future?

This past week has been filled with questions about my future.  I have realized in my life that planning more than a week in advance stresses me out.  I don't let looking towards the future when the present is still happening.  I think it takes away from the time we have and always planning ahead is a waste.  Life is so unpredictable and that is part of the beauty of it!  Planning removes the mystery.  This is why when people ask me what I plan do this summer, or after college, etc, I panic and avoid answering.

The biggest question right now about my future that I have to keep answering is about study abroad.  I have to start planning for my study abroad trip Junior year.  Right now I am torn between whether or not I want to go abroad for a full year or just a semester.  I try to keep telling myself that this is a great problem to have because at least I get to go abroad and have this amazing opportunity.  However, that reassurance fails to solve my problem.  I have weighed the pros and cons endless numbers of times and have consulted everyone I know.  The one good thing is that I know where I am going: The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  I am beyond excited because Edinburgh is a beautiful city so that is also helping.

     Photo Courtesy of IECRE

I wanted to write down the reasons because sometimes that gives an extra sense of clarity.  Also, I would really appreciate any suggestions from you all if you had study abroad experience.  Did you enjoy going for a full year or did you want to go back to your home campus?  Was one semester the perfect amount or not enough?

ONE SEMESTER || This is what the majority of students do.  I would only have to be away from my school for a few months.  It still gives me a good amount of time to travel and enjoy my host country.  I would still be considered for leadership opportunities in some of my favorite clubs which I not only really want to do but they would look amazing on a resume.  I would not miss hockey season (aka my favorite!).  I would be able to see my family and friends more.

FULL YEAR || I could travel to even more locations and get a better immersion experience.  I would be away from my school for a full year and that would mean I would miss my friends and a ton of wonderful opportunities.  I would be away from my family for a whole year too.  I would have to say goodbye to a bunch of my friends who are juniors this year because I would not be able to say goodbye later because I would be abroad.  I would not be able to get leadership opportunities.  I would learn so much more about myself and it would be a true test of character. 

I could go on listing pros and cons forever but somehow I think making endless lists isn't only going to fuel my confusion.  I would love to hear your input!


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