March 17, 2015

Dear Me

I don't know if you all saw these videos on YouTube the other week but I thought they were a really great idea and concept.  I've seen this done before but I thought I would add here as a document of this time in my life.  And maybe in ten years I will come back to this entry and write another one.  Basically the premise is to write to the you of ten years ago.  It can be about anything at all!  I strongly encourage you all to do this as well.

Dear me,

You are 10 years old and are probably in either 4th or 5th grade.  Honestly I wish you good luck.  I can guarantee that middle school is going to suck.  But don't sweat it.  Because middle school sucks for everyone.  Years from now you and your friends will be reminiscing about your middle school trials and everyone will laugh at it.  Those awkward times and moments may feel extremely monumental at the time but they will eventually become meaningless.  You will even get to the point where you don't remember most of it.  You will get into fights with friends and some of those friendships won't last.  This may be very hard but in the end it is these times that shaped you.  Don't have regrets.  I know you wish that you said yes when Caroline asked you to eat lunch with her because that might have made you popular years down the line.  But to be honest, that crowd is scary, and mean, and not the right fit for you.  Be proud of your choice to hang out with the friends you had.  Talk to your teachers more.  Some of them are truly amazing and you will want to hold onto the wisdom that they give you.  Write it down and keep it forever.  

Before you know it, middle school awkwardness flies by and the scary world of high school emerges.  You might even be able to say that high school is worse than middle school.  Kids are bigger and meaner and words hurt a hell of a lot more.  Be true to who you are.  You are going to want to spend tons of money to keep up with all the latest fashion trends and buy all the cool things.  And while this is great and it will start your love of fashion, know that it isn't necessary.  In the end, it isn't what you wear on your body or the labels you have but the friends you keep by your side.  It will take you four years to find your place in high school but I can tell you that senior year will be amazing.  Once again, rely on the teachers.  Some of the best people out there are the ones teaching your classes.  Don't be afraid to open up to them and just have wonderful conversations.  You will go through friends and every year will be a struggle, but know that the struggle makes you stronger.  You will learn resilience and perseverance and determination.

The struggle is never over.  And I know that sounds sad but please don't take that in a discouraging way.  I mean it in the best way possible.  Every day is worth fighting for.  And every day is tough and hard.  Nothing in life comes easily and you have to fight your way through to get it.  Can you imagine if you were handed happiness?  It might seem like the best thing in the world, because some people just seem to have their life together and were born with happiness in their veins.  But that's not true.  Everyone is battling and struggling and pushing through because that's what leads to happiness.  Stay strong because eventually it all leads to something better.

Good luck,

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