March 19, 2015


This was one of those weeks where Wednesday felt like Friday and everything else just went downhill from there.  But maybe downhill was uphill because it was an amazing week.  I went out to dinner with my roommates and one of their dad's which was tons of fun.  Plus, who doesn't like a a delicious and free meal.  Then, one of my best friends from home came Wednesday night at like midnight so I spent all day yesterday with her and she will be here all weekend.  All in all it actually wasn't a bad week and I didn't have too much work to do for like the first time in forever.  Here are a few of my favorite things from the week!

One || Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This Netflix original was created and directed by Tina Fey.  And if that doesn't sell you on it immediately then the plot line will.  Basically it centers around a 30 year old woman who was kidnapped when she was in 8th grade by a crazy pastor who believed the apocalypse was coming and locked Kimmy and three other women in a bunker.  Then 15 years later they are finally rescued and that is where the show starts.  Kimmy decides to move to New York from rural Indiana and start her life over.  The show follow this naive woman through all her firsts.  The show had me hysterically laughing because not only are so many of the jokes blatantly obvious, its all the subtleties that add even more to it.  I highly recommend watching it!

Two || Tumblr

I know I am beyond late to this bandwagon but I finally got a Tumblr account and boy am I addicted.  I refrained from getting one for so long because I figured it was just like Pinterest for the hipster but boy was I wrong.  Yes, it is super hipster but thats kind of why I love it.  It gives me an outlet to unleash that inner hipster that is just dying to come out.  Plus, all the amazing outdoor photography is breathtaking.  My Tumblr right now is mostly outdoorsy and I love it!  Let me know if you have one and make sure to follow me (is that what its called... I'm still learning!!)

Three || To Write Love on Her Arms - Movie

This is the story of the wonderful organization To Write Love on Her Arms.  The movie staring Kat Jennings and Chad Michael Murray (he's back!!!) tells the story of Renee who struggles with mental illness and drug abuse.  It is the story of hope and brings a wonderful awareness to such a great cause.  I highly recommend checking out the movie and the organization.  The movie brought tears to my eyes in such a wonderful way.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend!



  1. I hadn't heard about that movie but it looks good! Great post and thanks for sharing!

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  3. To Write Love on Her Arms is such a beautiful organization. I'm so happy this movie was made to raise awareness.

    Rachel | The Quirky Collegiate

  4. I watched a couple episodes of Kimmy Schmidt with my boyfriend & we enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it's a fave but definitely a good show.

    :] // ▲ ▲


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