April 14, 2015

City Love: Boston

I just spent the past two hours walking around Boston.  Something that I am ashamed to say I had actually never done before.  I had always just gone to the Back Bay (which if you know Boston is basically where you shop).  The weather was absolutely beautiful today and I felt I just had to get into the city and do something different.  I grabbed a book and my laptop (hoping to find a new coffee shop to sit in for a while) and my Charlie card and hopped on the T.  I got off at the Park St. stop and just walked around.  I didn't go into any shops but I did take a lot of photos.  

Beacon Hill has taken my heart and I now know where my future is.  Something about the uneven cobblestone pathways and the quaint doorways and amazing shutters with colorful potted plants tooke my breath away.  I couldn't imagine living there with the brutal winter we just had but Spring to Fall would be gorgeous.  The Hills might even rival that of San Francisco with how steep they were.  

When can I move in?

Because its the holidays all the time in beacon Hill!

I then crossed Sturrow and walked along the Esplanade.  It all of a sudden clicked.  I didn't really get Boston before today.  I understood that it was really pretty and had amazing history but it was just another city.  Not any more.  Today it became special.  It embraced its uniqueness and showed me its true colors.  Watching the boats on the Charles with the Boston skyline in the background did it for me.  I sat on a bench and just watched and felt so peaceful and at home it almost brought me to tears.  I know that sounds totally cliche but hey, it is what it is.

Heaven right there!

Lesson of the day: explore.  It's one thing to hit up the main locales of the new city you are living in but it is another thing to see the nooks and crannies.  Take a left turn one day instead of your usual right and see what happens.  Get lost.  Oh my most definitely get lost.  I cannot tell you how many time I "got lost" today and ended up at a beautiful building or at a gorgeous street.  I always wander when I'm in a new city or in a foreign place but sometimes I forget that its important to wander even in your home town.  You may think you know everything about it but I can almost guarantee you that you don't.

If any of you are in the Boston area wand want to brave your way to Harvard square, I highly recommend this coffee shop called Crema Cafe, it was amazing!



  1. Beacon Hill is always my "walking destination" every time I find myself in Boston. The bricks and townhomes are just stunning! Great pictures.

    Maria | www.mariaefischer.com

    1. Its also the perfect exercise! I find walking up the hills to always be much more difficult than expected but the view always makes it better!

  2. Never been to Boston, but it's on my list. Beautiful photos!


    1. I highly recommend it! But definitely go when the weather is nicer (fall!!) because the winters can be dreadful. Also, the food here is amazing.

  3. Nice place! Looks like a really great place.

    Lots of love,


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