March 31, 2015

I Want it All: Current Madewell Wish List

Madewell is currently serious on point. I am loving everything that they have in stores and on line and want it all. I have maybe gone into Madewell more times these past two weeks than any other duration of time. While I have only bought one simple black t shirt, I want it all. While a bunch of the items are looking amazing on line, when I go to try them on they fit totally wrong or. The Madewell girl has a super tall and super skinny body with no curves and I simply only fit half that criteria. I am tall but I have boobs and butt which sadly means some of the clothes don’t fit like they should. Which is sad, but you have to dress for your body, and not just buy things because they look good!

I also find that whenever I buy clothes from Madewell at full price they immediately go on sale a couple weeks later. Its like the Madewell gods say, “Oh look, Annie bought the item, let’s put it on sale now!” So I have decided that I want to wait out some of the items and see if they eventually go on sale and if they don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. However, if I truly can’t resist waiting for the sale, I will splurge and buy the item at full price.

One of the biggest things that has stood out with me with Madewell’s new clothes is the simplicity of them. I think this has been a definite common theme among Madewell recently and definitely with my style over the past year. I love simple silhouettes. Simple t-shirts that are all just somewhat different in shape details or texture. Pairing this with jeans and flats for springtime or jean shorts and converse come warmer months. I definitely think this is where my style is leading towards and I am so excited. Plus, I am also trying to design a more European / Edinburgh style and I think basic pieces with help me get there.

What have you all been coveting after this season?


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  1. Alas, while I have no curves I am definitely not tall, so these looks might not fit me either. Although I do love the striped dress above!

    Another Beautiful Thing


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