April 9, 2015


Not having class on Monday made this week fly by.  The only bad par about the week was the absolute terrible weather.  I swear nothing it worse than waking up at 8am and thinking it is still midnight because it is so dark and dreary outside.  The only I do like about the rainy weather is that I love the clothes I can wear - although it is still super cold outside which I am by no means a fan of!

This week wasn't super busy as far as school work goes, I had one exam on Tuesday but other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.  I had a ton of work to do for applying to internships and finished applications.  This time of year is so stressful for things like that.  However, that being said, there were a few things throughout the week that definitely made me utterly happy!

One || Orange is the New Black Season 3 Trailer

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen it is back!  I am counting the days until June 12th like crazy because I cannot believe it has been a year since it last ended.  I predict I will fly through this season like crazy.  The trailer looks really good and definitely shows some interesting scenes.  There looks to be a few new characters as well which I am excited about.

Two || True Detective Season 2 Trailer

Because all the trailers came out yesterday and gave me so many happy emotions I couldn't not include this one too!  I mean Taylor Kitsch.  But it honestly looks so amazing and I cannot wait to figure out what the story line it.  It looks like something about the upper class of Los Angeles (thank goodness for no more creepy Louisiana swamps) and the occult history of the transportation system.  Sold.

Three|| See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Its all about the videos today.  One word: Tears.  There were tears falling at the end of this music video.  And while I was never a Fast and Furious fan this song definitely struck a chord and brought out all the feels.  I cannot stop listening to it because it is just so soulful and heartfelt and aaah-mazing!

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

It's about time!  Apple released their new line of emojis with the iOS 8.3 update which includes many racially diverse emoticons.  They have African American's, lesbians, non traditional families, the whole works.  Even the sports emojis have been diversified.  They also included a new range of flags.  While there is still no middle finger, I am so proud that they released this new line!  Also, where are the gingers?

Five || Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign

Dove did it again!  This one also brought be a little teary eyed because I couldn't help but think which door I would have walked through.  And sadly I think I would have chosen average because beauty is an imperfect ideal all women strive for.  But after watching the video I learned that we are each uniquely beautiful and that we need to lower the standards of beauty.

What have you guys spotted this week?



  1. so excited about True Detective! and of course the more diverse emojis! :)


    1. I know right! I just hope that this season is just as good as last season :)

  2. Love Orange Is The New Black - It's like the best series ever!


    1. Tell me about it! And last season ended on such a cliff hanger that I have been anticipating and thinking about it for the entire year!

  3. I am just sad they are missing the taco, champagne, and white wine emojis!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Oh wow! I could definitely use a champagne emoji!!


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