April 23, 2015


Wow this was a crazy week.  As many of you may know I go to school in Boston which made this Monday Patriots Day and Marathon Monday.  Basically it is an entire day celebrated to the wonder U S of A as well as watching 30,000 amazing people run 26.2 miles.  Yeah basically unreal.  While sadly it was raining on Monday I still couldn't have asked for a better day.  There is something about watching so many people come together to cheer on people running for amazing causes.  Boston has banded together and proven just how strong a city they can be after the bombing two years ago.  One of my friends ran the marathon this year too which made it even more incredible.

The week could not have gone any better after Monday.  I had some really exciting news all across the board and was pretty stress-free work wise.  Yesterday turned out to be actually the worst day of the week which brought about all the stress that I didn't see in the earlier days.  Somehow that always happens right, when you are at your highest something always comes to bring you down.  Hopefully everything will re-right itself and the weekend will be amazing.  Its super crazy to think though that next week is my last full week of classes before finals and then summer.  Man this year has flown by!

ONE || Fuller House

You got it dude!  Anyone else jumping for joy when John Stamos made this amazing announcement on Jimmy Fallon the other night?  Full House is the definition of childhood nostalgia.  I remember staying up late to watch all the reruns on Nick at Nite and wishing I could be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - clearly the start of my obsession.  Could not be more excited about this!  Also, this just proves yet another reason why Netflix is life.

Props to Pandora for stepping it up.  I love how companies are starting to break out of traditional advertising cliches and branching out into new uncharted marketing territory.  This definitely reminded me of a Dove campaign and I did not see the twist coming at the end that it was actually an ad - which I love!  Every woman is unique, plain as simple as that.

    The Players Tribune
I will let you in on a little secret...I  love hockey.  I started attending Chicago Blackhawk's games when I was a little kid and I grew up watching the games with my Dad and brother.  And while I can see nothing better than going to a hockey game, the one thing that is terrible about the sport (and most contact sports) are the injuries or more specifically, the concussions.  No human being should ever have to experience a single concussion, let alone the numerous ones hockey players and other athletes receive.  Concussions have numerous side effects that often go unnoticed.  Daniel Carcillo, a Chicago Blackhawk, wrote an amazing piece illustrating the effects concussions have on athletes in lights of the death of his friend, fellow Blackhawk Steve Montador.  Even if you aren't a hockey fan, I think this is a wonderful piece shedding light on the seriousness of athletic injuries and how we as viewers can pressure athletes back onto the field or court before they are ready.  Just because they are idealized, doesn't mean they don't deserve the same amount of recovery time as the average human.

Plus is Playoff time so that's a double bonus this week :)

Boston Magazine

The idea of running one miles causes me severe anxiety yet alone running 26.2.  I feel honored just to have watched all these amazing people run and these photos of the finish line make me so incredibly happy it almost brings me to tears.  Each individual has a unique reason for running and most of them are for charities.  It is unreal and amazing that 30,000 people came together for this amazing event!


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