April 12, 2015


I vaguely remember some of my friends in high school saying that the one rule of Tumblr is to never talk about Tumblr.  Well as a newbie to the social media website I think I can break that rule.  I know I talked about the site a while back in one of my Spotted posts but my obsession has reached new heights and deserves its own post.

I spent hours the other weak searching for the perfect Tumblr theme.  I have an eye for design and I had a vision of what I wanted and it just took me a while to discover it and to shape it.  My vision molded over time when scrolling through the thousands of themes (let me tell you, there are a ton of them!!).  Eventually though I found one that suited my liking and everything just kind of spiraled out of control.  Once my theme was in set I spent another couple of hours customizing it to perfection with the perfect color scheme and what not.  

I like to keep all my social media sites to have a unique theme.  My Pinterest account focuses on mostly fashion with the occasional inspirational quote or food recipe thrown in the mix.  But I am very particular about what gets repinned, not everything is worthy.  The same can be said now about my Tumblr.  However, I have taken Tumblr to be my inner hipster's oasis.  Most of my photos are of travel photography but they must be "right."  They have to be a little faded, a little earthy, not too bright and preppy.  But finding the perfect photos takes time and patience.  

In the end, when I find the right photo I know it is going to fit and I will reblog it.  Not only do I enjoy reblogging things, I think I find more joy and scrolling through my own Tumblr feed because its just so pretty and perfect and dreamy and aaahhh worthy.  This might be a little cocky but I can't lie when I say I love my Tumblr feed.  And hey, I should love it right because otherwise why am I even doing it.  It just makes me wish that I had trusted my friends back in high school who told me that I needed to get a Tumblr and that it was totally unique than everything else out there.  

If any of you have Tumblr accounts or know any secrets to this new world I am diving into please let me know!


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