July 16, 2015

Places I Want to Travel To

I told you this Instragram shot was going to see its way into a future post! I don't know if I have mentioned this on the blog yet, but I am going abroad for a semester this fall (so soon its kind of crazy)!  I plan on doing quite a few posts in the upcoming month about my planning and packing so if you have any ideas please let me know!  But all I have been really focusing on so far is all the places I want to travel to while I'm there.  I will be studying in Scotland so its not too difficult for me to get to other European countries making my options pretty endless.  But that being said, I don't want to just go to the typical abroad hot spots (London, Paris, etc.).  I want to go to other cities that would be more difficult to return to any time soon.  Here are the top six places I want to travel to while I am studying abroad!

Barcelona // Spain
Ever since I did a school report on Barcelona in 8th grade I have wanted to travel to this beautiful city.  One of my good friends is studying abroad in Spain so I hope to be able to meet up with her and visit this amazing city.  This is definitely the number one on my list to visit.

Santorini // Greece
The blue and white views get me every time I see a photo of Greece.  Did anyone else follow along as Julia (from Gal Meets Glam) and her husband traveled throughout Greece?  Oh man did my wanderlust skyrocket.  The island looks stunning and unlike anywhere I have ever been.  Please mom can I go? haha  Also, I just really want to be Lena from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and meet a amazing Greek man and explore the city together and swim in the ocean and fall in love... is that really too much to ask for? 

Nice // France
I've been to Paris and loved it.  And while I would honestly go back there in a heartbeat, I want to go somewhere else in France.  And I mean, who doesn't want to travel to the French Riviera?  This seems like the perfect getaway from the chilly Scotland fall I predict I am going to have.  Beach please?

Budapest // Hungary
From all of my friends who have gone abroad, they say Budapest is stunning.  I've never really considered a trip to Hungary in my future but I love that fact.  Its somewhere I would never really think of going to but could be totally amazing.  It seems more authentically European and it would be a major step outside my comfort zone.

Venice // Italy
I have always loved the idea of a city built on water with canals as the roadways.  It just seems so magical and fairytale desk does it not?  While I feel like Rome is the go-to for the abroad traveler, I think Venice is way more my style and my dad and sister who have both been, say that Venice is the best Italian city!  Also, can you tell I want to travel anywhere where there is beautiful water views?

Oslo // Norway
Being part Norwegian, I want to go to Norway to visit my people.  I don't have any relatives there but I just want to see where I come from - and reconnect myself with my fellow blonde hair, blue eyed kind!  haha.  No but in all seriousness, whenever people ask me about my ethnicity I always say "I'm part Norwegian" but don't know too much about the country.  I want to be able to say that statement with pride and with knowledge of the country itself.

If you have ever studied abroad or been overseas, where were some of your favorite cities?  Also, if you have any study abroad tips for me please share because right now I am a blank canvas!

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  1. I love this post idea! I am dying to travel as well, so I'll have to make my own list of places I want to visit!

  2. I want to go to Barcelona and Santorini really bad too!
    Have so much fun during your study abroad adventures -- that's probably the one thing I regret not doing in college.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. Reading traveling posts skyrockets my wanderlust. I can't wait to travel for myself and follow along with you on your travels! Bon voyage!

  4. I really liked this list! I loved Barcelona and Paris when I went last year. I will be studying abroad this year in Paris so I made a list myself on my blog. Yours just provides more inspiration!

    From Madison

  5. You know, I might be the weird one here, but I don't have a hugeee desire to travel. Although I could maybe see myself moving abroad. I just would want to spend a large amount of time somewhere, like years! I can't see myself being a tourist very often and being super happy. Glad you have a long list of places and that there are people who are different from me out there!

  6. So amazing that you're studying abroad this Fall. I want to go EVERYWHERE on your list too, maybe we should be travel buddies (;
    Hehe but seriously my boyfriend and I are planning a European vacation for Christmas this year and I could not be anymore excited.

  7. I love to travel! Even though, I tend to go to the same places year after year. But I definitely have a list like this! I just want to take a year off and just travel everywhere!

    Ally | http://www.preppylittlelesbian.blogspot.com

  8. I have never been overseas, but these are all places on my travel bucket list! At the top of mine is definitely Venice. I can't get over the gorgeous canals and beautiful architecture and that's just in pictures...I can't imagine seeing it in person!

    xo Ashley

  9. Yayyyy I'm so excited to hear you're coming to the UK!! You don't even have to venture out of the country to see beautiful places. Go to Whitby in Yorkshire if you get chance. It is the most beautiful little seaside town, really quaint and unusual. I promise you'll love it! Linz, Austria is meant to be a beautiful place set right by the river. Also, Mykonos in Greece is another good one :)

    I hope you have an amazing time and I can't wait to read all about it! Please let me know if you need any advice about coming over here, I am more than happy to help! :)

  10. My brother and sister went to Greece and Italy last year and they are begging the rest of the family to take another trip there. They loved it! Have fun studying abroad! That is my one regret from school that I didn't do!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  11. What a fun list of places to visit! Some of those are definitely on my list too! I've never been outside of North America and I look forward to making some money and putting it aside to travel!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  12. This sounds like a great and super fun list of places to travel to! I hope you can cross some off your list soon!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  13. Can I come please? Omg I heard Santorini is so beautiful. It's definitely on one of the places I must go whenever I get to travel to Europe. Have fun next semester ♥

    Felice Raina { http://thekissofjoy.com }

  14. I have been to Barcelona! To be honest, I really disliked Spain. I really enjoyed the paella, though! I hope you have so much fun in Scotland :) I'm excited to follow along with your travels!

    I really want to go to South Korea! I would also love to go back to Germany and Switzerland.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  15. I unfortunately have never traveled to anywhere outside the United States. It's a dream of mine though to see Stonehenge because I think it's a super cool place so if I were to travel anywhere it would probably be in the UK.

  16. I love these kinds of posts, they give me major wanderlust! I haven't traveled abroad actually, but I'm dying to go to Santorini. It looks so stunning! Take lots of photos when you cross these off your bucket list and share them with us please :)

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise


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