Whale Tail

June 30, 2015

I am newly obsessed with shift dresses.  I love how easy they are to wear and I feel like I could eat a cow in them  and no one would even know!  My only problem is that they can be a little short on me because I am so tall but you make sacrifices for fashion right.  I am normally not one for super colorful pieces of clothing or loud patterns but this dress spoke to me on a new level and I fell in love.  It was sale at Vineyard Vines a couple months ago and I knew I had to have it.  I also think I might wear it for July 4th with a red lip because the colors are perfect!

Dress Vineyard Vines (similar here and here) || Shoes Sam & Libby Target || Watch Michael Kors || Necklace BaubleBar || White bangles Banana Republic (old, similar here) || Pearl bracelet From China (similar here and here) || Gold cuff H&M (old, similar here and here)


2 Years

June 28, 2015

I have officially been blogging for two years!  Woah how time flies.  Its crazy to think that I started this blog before entering college and now I am half way done and so many amazing things have happened in that time.  Blogging has been an amazing outlet and I cannot believe where it has taken me.  Looking forward, the next year of my life is going to be amazing because I am going abroad in the fall and I cannot wait to share all my adventures with all of you lovelies.  I know I am not very consistent and my posts can kind of be all over the place, but I just wanted to say thank you all so much for continuing to read this little slice of my life!

Technically I'm holding up four fingers but we can pretend right!?


City Love: Chicago

June 16, 2015

I grew up living less than an hour away from downtown Chicago.  We would go downtown for class field trips and warm summer days.  My dad works downtown so I would always go down to visit him as well.  It wasn't until these past few summers that I realized I didn't know the city as well as I thought I did.  Working downtown gives me a totally different perspective of the city.  It's beauty intensifies and the sunset creates a beautiful glow against the skyscrapers.  All the events I attend for one of my jobs puts me on the most amazing rooftops with the most amazing views!  Here are some photos I've taken recently that have made me fall even more in love with this city.

Monday Motivation: A Working Girl

June 14, 2015

I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since my last post (#sorry). I haven't been that bad since finals!! These past two weeks have been a big whirlwind. One minute I swear it was the weekend and I had so much time on my hands and the next I was jumping around like a mad woman because so many things spontaneously popped up. In between attending events for one job, starting a third, a funeral, a sports game, babysitting, and some me time the days got lost.

I officially started my third job of the summer last week and the realization hit me of just how much I was going to be working. When I initially decided to work three jobs at the end of the school year I figured I could easily do it. One was virtual so I didn't really count it. However, the virtual job has quickly become one of my favorites so I love doing work for it. The one that is three days a week is paid so I obviously put a lot of work into that. And the third job that is only two days a week makes me so happy and is a field I could be interested in working in one day so I commit myself to that job a lot as well. Therefore, I would say I put 100% into all of the three jobs because they all hold different importances to me.

Once I realized that this summer wasn't going to be a summer where I could lay on the beach or hang out with friends a few days a week I began to accept the fact that I needed to manage my time better if I still want to be able to do that.  I am a strong believer that if you want to do it all, you can - you just need to plan accordingly.  And if you know me at all, you know I am not a planner by any means.  I am a "go with the flow" kind of girl who doesn't know what she's eating for dinner let alone what she wants to do with her life.  However, I have had to adjust a little and plan a little bit more.  

I make use of my time more effectively because I realize that I don't want my work to drag on otherwise there will be zero time for TV (aka my number one priority).  I have started making to-do lists which I remember my mom making me as a child and they actually help.  The feeling when I get to check something off the list is quite satisfying.  I also have a list of things I want to accomplish this summer and every time I look at it I get extremely happy so I know that all my handwork is going towards a purpose which makes it all worth it.  And sometimes I have learned that I just need to take a step back and just watch that episode of TV or just go hang out with my friends.  In the end, my happiness is what drives my work and if I'm not mentally happy then the work will suffer.  Its all about balance.

I promise I haven't forgotten about you lovelies and I have a ton of posts in my brain waiting to be written :)

Image // Club Narwhal
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