July 31, 2013

One More Month!

I literally cannot even believe that it is almost august!  This summer has flown by.  Its crazy how much I have done yet at the same time I feel as though I didn't do shit.  I just feel like I couldn't have done so many more things and there are still things I want to do but don't have time and its just...aaahh!  While I am so excited to leave for college these last moments with my friends are both happy and sad.  I am glad we are all going to places we want to be but at the same time I know that I might not see some of them again or at least not until next summer.  Its just crazy to think that there are people that you used to see everyday walking in the halls or in your classes that you may never ever see again.  While you may not have ever been best friends with them just seeing them was comforting and then not seeing them will be totally weird.

So far this summer I have said good bye to two really close friends that are moving, as in their families are moving to different states or even countries!  Its so surreal that things like this are happening and that soon we will be entering the real world and...well... its just a lot to take in.  The fact that I am packing for college when I remember like 1st grade like it was yesterday.  However at the same time, I'm like finally its time for me to go to college this took so damn long.  I guess its just all the emotions piling up and having conflicting thoughts.  I am sorry for this ramble I just am still stunned by the fact that in one month I am leaving for college.  As in I have a one way ticket somewhere!  Like how crazy is that.  The first time I think I have ever bought only a one way ticket anywhere.  The first steps in starting my own life and its crazy, crazy good, crazy exciting, and even crazy scary.

July 30, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

I bought some new gym shoes!!  I am seriously obsessed with them.  They are a bright turquoise color with neon green/yellow laces and tongue.  I literally cannot get over how adorable they.  I find myself awkwardly staring at them every once in a while :D  They are the Nike 2013 Flex Runs (found here).  I had previously been eyeing these bad boys but just couldn't justify the price.  I mean I almost did it a couple of times but something just kept holding me back.  Anyways, when I found the Flexes also on the Dick's Sporting Goods website I looked into them more.  They basically looked exactly the same as the Frees, same color and all, and they both claimed to do very similar things.  I read reviews of both pairs and got only positive remarks for both.  It tipped me over the edge when the Flexes went on sale for $10 off and I would get free shipping.  I caved and bought them and couldn't be happier that I went with the 2013 Flex Runs over the Free 5.0s.  For a $40 difference I am so glad I got the Flexes.  They are amazing and fit perfectly.  They feel light and I just cannot wait to go workout in them.  I would highly recommend this shoe and they have tons of great colors online!

One of the things I am hoping buying a new cute pair of shoes will do is force me to go to the gym more.  I am hoping that cute shoes and cute workout gear will make me want to go work out and stuff because I want to wear them.  However, nothing has ever stopped me from wearing my go to workout outfit to class so who knows!  A girl can hope right?!  

July 29, 2013

A TV Confession: The Vineyard {1x01}

So this is one of the new shows on ABC Family.  Now I was a little skeptical at first because well I have never seen something like this on ABC Family but who doesn't love a little reality TV with some really HOT guys!  Anyways, i watched the first episode and decided I would share my thoughts with all of you!

First things first, reminds me exactly like Laguna Beach or The Hills.  The way they have the main character, Katie, kind of narrating throughout the episode is just like Lauren Conrad.  Now I guess I don't mind that all that much but it is kind of annoying, like they couldn't even think of something original.  But it does remind of those shows in a good way too.  I mean who didn't love to watch hot people mingle and date hot mingle and watch the lives of hot people progress.  I know I loved it!  I think this show is just going to be that,  Easy to watch during the summer time!

The show follows 11 people during their summer at Martha's Vineyard.  10 of those are working at the Black Dog, a famous tourist spot in the Vineyard, and 2 of the 11 are locals who call the summer workers or tourists "wash ashores."  Basically the first episode showed a little bit of insight into a few of the characters and drama is already starting day one.  

My favorite guy is Luis (Lu)  and my favorite girl is Jackie.  As of right now I want to stab both Johnathon and Cat in the eyes because they are total asses!  I think that Lu and Katie are eventually going to get together after much fight and drama and tension.  Each one is going to like someone else and eventually they will realize their feelings for the other, so cliche and predictable!  We don't really know too much about some of the other characters yet except for the drama between Cat and Ben (the two locals) because Cat supposedly revealed Ben's secret about why he "left" the Marines.  I also predict that Cat is going to get feelings for Lu and Jackie also has feelings for Lu.  If you cannot tell already Lu is EXTREMELY HOT!!! haha :D

I don't really have too much else to report but I thought I would just let you all know that I did really enjoy the first episode and cannot wait to keep watching.  Oh, one more thing, the show is very (and I do mean VERY) scripted, so be warned.  You can tell from the character Emily because she is a very bad actress!  But that doesn't stop me from watching some light and entertaining hot people enjoy a kick-ass summer!

July 28, 2013

Leather Leggings!

So if you have been reading my recent posts (and if you haven't check out this one and this one) you know that I have been eyeing a certain pair of leather leggings for quite some time!  Well I finally caved and bought them.  It was one of the most expensive things I have ever bought with all my own money.  I know GASP!  I'm only 18 and have always lived with my parents who love to spoil me.  I don't mean to brag but yeah.  Well this summer I got my first job so I had to start buying my own things especially since we are paying for college.  The first item I purchased with my first paycheck was the coveted leather leggings found here.  Now I know I am a bit late to jump on the leather pant bandwagon but hey, better late than never right!  I thought I would show you all a few ways that I would style leather leggings.  

Outfit #1:  This is the most casual of all the outfits.  A simple white tank and large cardigan really tones down the leather of the leggings.  Now these leggings aren't extremely shiny like some I have seen which is why I really like them.  In the right lighting you can sea more shine.  Any ways, I also toned the outfit down with some black high top converse (which are my new obsession btw!)  For jewelry I kept it simple with a feather pendant and a watch.  There are many ways in which you all can add your own twist to this easy look.  Switch out the shoes for your faves or a brighter colored sweater would be cute too!

Outfit #2:  This outfit is less casual than the last one but I'm still keeping it pretty casual because I didn't switch up the shoes but stuck with my black high top converse.  I think you could totally change up this look but adding a cute pair of combat boots or black booties!  For this outfit I am wearing a graphic tee of the Union Jack and a white blazer.  I am only wearing a watch with this outfit but I think a long pendant of some sort would look really cute as well.  

Outfit #3: This is my outfit for a night out with the girls.  It's kind of out there so if its not your style you can totally tone it down.  I am wearing a black lace top with a hot pink bandeau underneath.  It would look great also with a black bandeau or even a black/colored tank top if that's more your style.  I am wearing black pointed flats but I would recommend black heels if you have them.  Because I am 5'10.5 I don't really wear heels all that much because it makes me uncomfortable to be any taller than I am.  However if you have heels  or even black heeled booties I think this is the perfect outfit for them!!  I like keeping this all black with a pop of color because it keeps the leather pants chic instead of tacky!

I wish you all well on your leather leggings wearing and I would love to see you all rocking  a hot pair of leather leggings.  Please send me pictures of how you style this staple!

July 27, 2013

How I Remove Nailpolish

I thought I would tell you all how I remove my nail polish.  I used to just scrub away at my nails until I found this trick online. I am sure you all have probably heard of it but I love this technique the best. Its great for stubborn polishes like darker colors or glitters but its also great for everyday use.  I hope you guys enjoy and try this trick for yourself!

You will need tin foil, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and hand lotion.

Tear the cotton balls into smaller pieces, you will need 10 of them.  Even though you might think they are too small is okay, smaller is better than bigger. You will also need to tear/cut the tinfoil into 10 rectangles. I suggest rectangles over squares because you want one side to be longer so that it wraps all the way around tour finger.

Soak one cotton piece with remover. The littlest amount of remover is fine, the cotton ball will absorb a ton!

Next, cover the cotton piece and your nail with the tin foil. You will want to make sure the tinfoil is tight and secure on your finger.  The reason that this trick works so well is because it prevents the remover from evaporating and lets it really soak into the nail polish instead. 

Repeat the process on all your fingers!  Leave the tin foil and cotton on your fingers for 5-10 minutes depending on what type of nail polish you have on.

When you remove the tin foil and cotton piece slide it off your finger.  You should see all the nail polish come right off (sorry if that is hard to see in the above picture, maybe white wasn't the best color to do this tutorial with! oh well.)  If there is a little left over then just lightly scrub and it should come off.  If there is still a lot of nail polish left or just didn't quite work then try different nail polish remover. Yours might be a bit old which has happened to me before.  Now just do this on your other hand and you are all set!!

Finally, just apply lotion all over your adds and focus it directly on your nails and cuticles.  Because the nail polish remover was sitting on your nails and skin for so long it can dry it out.  

Also, I'm not quite sure why my hands are looking soo red in all this pictures, must be the lighting!  I will try to fix that.  I also want to apologize for the dirtiness of the floors of which I am taking these pictures on for a backdrop.  I did not see any of those hairs in the camera!  Clearly my floors need some cleaning.

July 26, 2013

My Week in Pictures {7/26/13}

This week has been everywhere from super crazy to just laying in bed doing nothing.  I thought I would share some pictures with you guys of things I have been doing.  I also apologize for some of the over edited ones but I cannot help my love for picture editing apps!  Also, I am sorry that a lot of these pictures are food, I guess I just love to take pictures of what I eat.

A cute patio at a restaurant that I ate at with my brother!  I just loved the setup of the place and the atmosphere was great.  It was also such a gorgeous day!

Apologies for my brother's hands in the background but we really liked this dessert!  It was a banana split in a jar.  Complete with vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, cherries, caramelized hazelnuts, and salted pretzels!  It was phenomenal! mmmm

A flower I made out the cut up pieces of plum.  One of my favorite things in the summer time to have is fresh fruit.  It is the perfect treat on a hot summer day!  My two favorites are plums and peaches.

A pretty view from a gazebo at my friends house.  It was pouring rain but we were covered under the hut with screens on all sides.  It was so cool to be in the rain hear it but not get wet.  I just loved the pretty purple pink sky too!

Smoothie time!  A lychee mango smoothie with tapioca on the bottom!  Do have to say much more than that? Delicious!  A perfect way to cool off is with a tasty drink.

July 24, 2013

A Starbucks Tale

Okay.  I know this may seem like the lamest post ever but I just wanted to tell you all about an amazing Starbucks experience that I had and just tell you all how much I love this over popular coffee shop!

So there is this guy at my local Starbucks, and no its not like that.  He is just super friendly to everyone and is always in a good mood.  Whenever I am in there he always greats me and asks me how my day is etc.  A few months ago I went in one morning before school and I wasn't feeling good and I was super stressed with finals and APs, I was a wreck.  I told this guy my problems for who knows what reason and he was super nice about it.  When I picked up my drink at the end of the counter a note was written on the side of the cup.  Now I didn't interpret the note as anything other than he was being super nice and trying to make me feel better when I was down but I guess you could take it other ways.  But I just couldn't believe that he thought of doing something like that it just made my day!

Flash forward to today.  I go in for my daily 3 o'clock drink (its treat receipt time!!) and find him working.  Normally he only works in the mornings, which I don't do in the summertime, so I was quite shocked to see him.  It made me excited because he is always so happy which rubs off on me.  During the summertime I always get a grande iced chai with very little ice but today I just wasn't feeling it.  This barista made me a crazy drink once before so I asked him to do it again.  I told him I wanted a chai concoction and he went with it.  He is always telling me about the different drinks he makes and they always sound so good.  In fact, today he told me that he is getting is own menu at Starbucks for different drinks he makes!  Crazy right!  Anyways, he told me I couldn't watch him make it and then had me taste it without knowing what it was.  OH MY GOD was it delicious.  I don't exactly remember what was in it because there were quite a few different shots of flavors but I'll do my best.  2 shots chai, 2 shots toffee, 1 shot vanilla, and some a little bit of soy.  Now I feel like I am forgetting something but I think that covers most of it!  This drink was so good I can't even believe it, and normally I don't like caramel or toffee things but it was sooo good.  He even offered to change something or make me a new one if I didn't like it.  Now I know that this drink would normally be crazy expensive with all the extra shots but this guy didn't charge me a dime past the usual $3.98 or whatever it is.  

I guess the main point of this post is to just thank all the awesome people out there that do great things for people and are always happy.  And to thank those of you that work at places like Starbucks or waitress or work retail because your job is difficult yet you are always super nice (minus those crazy exceptions! ha).  So don't be afraid to make friends with your local coffee shop barista or whoever it may be because you never knkow what good things may come your way from it.  Also, this guy just makes me want to be a better person because of how nice he was to me!  I guess when you receive kindness all you want to do is spread kindness to others.  To know that there are still awesome people like this out there in the world makes all the other crazies and psychos seem a lot smaller.

Do you have any amazing stories like this one of exceptional awesomeness or kindness?!  

July 23, 2013

Being sick

So for the past few days I haven't been feeling good.  I'm not quite sure what is wrong but its a whole bunch of things tangled together.  Everything from a pounding headache to an upset stomach and a awful dry cough.  Whatever it may be I have not been feeling the greatest so I have been cooped up inside under the covers of my bed.  I kind of like it when I'm sick because it gives me an excuse to relax but at the same time it drives me crazy when I can't go out and do things.  

While I have been sick I have decided to rewatch The Vampire Diaries.  I think this is one of my all time favorite shows.  It is so different than any other show I watch and the plot lines always intrigue me.  Plus, there are a hell of a lot of HOT guys on there (aka Ian Somerhalder!!)  Starting back from season 1 I realized just how awesome this show is.  It has resparked my love for it during the off season.  Watching entire seasons of shows is something I always do when I'm sick, last time was 90210.

Another thing I become obsessed with when I'm sick is tea and water.  I know this may not sound as too much of a shock but my tea cravings spark when I'm sick.  I'm usually a green tea or very simple black tea with lots of lemon and sugar kind of girl.  The kind of the fruit variety was never too appealing to me, always tasted too much like cold medicine.  Another tea fave of mine is chai tea.  Whether it be the actual tea formula or the delicious lattes from Starbucks I am chai tea obsessed!!  As far as the water aspect of this goes I drink more when I'm sick because well I have no explanation.  I always learned that when your sick its best to keep hydrated so I try to drink as much water as I can.  Because normally I hate water (too bland) I add tons of lemon to it.  Not only is this great for you when your sick because you are getting good fluids but the lemon is great for your immune system!

I have also been stuck to a very bland diet because of my stomach issues.  Its been toast, applesauce, and rice for the past two days.  Let's just say I could really use a burger right about now.  There really is no way to make this food any better.  Don't get me wrong, I love all these foods but there's something about knowing that this is all you can eat that makes you not like them one bit.  

What do you guys do when your sick?  Do you have any rituals that you do or any tricks that always seem to make you feel better?

July 22, 2013

Closet Cleaning

Because I am starting to pack for college I wanted to share some tips for you all on how to keep a clean and organized closet.  Most of this process hasn't been too bad simply because my closet is pretty organized.

1.  Go through your closet pretty frequently.  Usually I do this at the end of every season.  I look at my clothes and say "What didn't I wear too much this season?"  If there is something I find that I never really took off the shelf  or only wore it once or twice I put it in a pile and everything else stays on the shelf.  With the pile of stuff I didn't wear I go through it all again and talk through each piece.  I usually end up giving most of it away but sometimes I just have to hold onto a piece.  One question I ask is, "Would I buy this now?"  Sometimes this questions challenges me and if I cannot immediately say yes, then toss it or put it in storage.  If you ever think of the piece and want to wear it then you know where it is, but it's not taking up space in your closet.

2.  Every time a buy new items I try to get rid of a few older pieces.  Now I don't mean EVERY SINGLE TIME just when you do a big shopping haul or what not try to go through your closet.  There are always pieces that I find I just get sick of or never really wear anymore so I get rid of them.  I would do this at your discretion because if you feel like you bought items that you don't really have then feel free to take a pass but make sure that you aren't always buying new clothes but never getting rid of the old ones.  Also, feel free to take some time after the purchase to do this.  Once you see how these new items fit into your wardrobe it may influence what pieces you choose to keep and what ones you choose to trash.

3. Invite a friend over.  For the pile of clothes that you aren't quite sure on call a friend to have her help you (Sex and the City style!!).  My sister and I do this for each other all the time.  We try on clothes that we aren't sure if we should keep or discard so that the other person can make a more rational decision than we could.  You can make this tons of fun too!!

4.  A trick that someone told me once that I have never actually used (I want to though!) but think it would work amazing is that if there are pieces you aren't sure on to flip the hanger on your rod so its facing the other way.  Then in a few months go through and see if any hangers are still backwards.  If they are, then that means you haven't worn them at all so it's probably an item you should trash.

I wish you all luck on your closet cleaning adventures.  While it might be hard to part with some items just think of all the room you are making to add amazing new pieces.  At the end of the adventure it feels refreshing to be a bit more organized.  Donate your pieces to Goodwill or Salvation Army or if they are still in good condition and were expensive sell them on eBay!  Have fun cleaning!!

July 21, 2013

Dorm Rooms

So I just bought my bedding for my dorm room!!  Its so crazy to think that in less than 2 months I am leaving for college.  I can't believe how hast time flies.  I mean people would always tell me to enjoy high school and the younger years because it goes by so quickly but I never really believed them.  But whoah was I wrong because it literally feels like yesterday I was walking into my first day of high school!

Anyways, so I just bought my college bedding from a company through my school so it gets delivered to my school which means I don't have to pack it! How nice is that right!!  So I went with black and white sheets and then I think I'm going to do mint/aqua accent pieces.  Like rug, blankets, lamps, wall decorations, etc.  What do you guys think about that?  I wanted to keep it simple yet have a really clean sophisticated look.  Right now my room is cream and aqua and I love it!  I just like the feeling of simplicity with that pop of color added in!

I would love to hear any suggestions you guys have about how to decorate dorm rooms and stuff.  Also, if you have any suggestions about packing for college or anything like that I would be truly grateful because right now I'm floating in uncharted waters so yeah!  I'm thinking I'll do a series about decorating my dorm room once I get there so you all can see the progress of what I do.

7 Seconds

Did you know that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression?  The first time I learned this I was actually quite shocked. Not only with regards to the fact that you always have to be on your best behavior but just how quickly we as humans make judgements. It almost disgusted me.  I cant believe how quickly we judge people solely based on their appearance.

At orientation we did an activity within our groups about a very similar concept.  We were paired off and then asked to answer 12 questions about our partner. Knowing basically nothing about them we had to answer very personal questions (how many siblings, both parents, religion, did they have a car, etc).  Then we were supposed to tell the person what we answered for them.  They didn't have to make a comment or anything if they didn't want to it was just to show us that it is extremely hard to know anything about them just by looking at them.  So in the first 7 seconds that you meet someone they have already summed you up based on what you look like on the outside.

This really showed me to go beyond your first impressions of someone because you made them in 7 seconds.  Take the time to understand a person and really look at them as a person and not just an exterior.  I plan to really use this in college for making friends and just getting to know people in the future.  I hope you found this a little bit interesting because I know I did.  Just remember to look past your first impressions of people because there is way more to that person than just 7 seconds.

July 18, 2013


So about that no buy... well I failed!  I couldn't help myself.  I no that is a really lame excuse but I just...I have no words.  I'm to a music festival in like 2 weeks so I wanted to get some stuff for that and then while I was at the mall I found other things and yeah.  I was a bad girl.  

1.  Black lace shirt.  This shirt is really boxy and kind of cropped.  I have the same one in white and it was on sale for $5 at H&M so I really couldn't resist it.

2. Olive green knit sweater.  Next year I will be going to college in a cold climate so any chance I get to buy a cute sweater I never really pass on.  On sale for $15 at H&M.

3.  High waisted white studded shorts.  These are from Forever 21.  High waisted shorts were one of the main things I went to the mall to get and these are for the music festival.  There were tons of other pairs and colors that I really liked and might go back for.

4. Olive green lace shirt.  This is the exact same as the black one above.  H&M was having a sale where if you bought two sale items the third one was free!

5. Black leather leggings.  These are the ones that I posted in this post.  They were kind of expensive especially because I know that there are tons of places that sell them cheaper but they were really good quality and I have been stalking them for ages so I finally caved.

6.  Heather grey cropped top.  This is a very basic tight cropped grey tank from F21.

The theme for this shopping trip was clearly darker toned neutrals, black and olive green.  Except for the white high waisted shorts.  I love buying neutral colored clothing because it really goes with pretty much anything you own.  Perfect for mix and matching and layering.

July 17, 2013

A Music Confession {July 2013}

So I thought I would share some of the music I have been listening to so far this summer (Summer Faves)!  My music taste kind of ranges all over the boards.  I like everything from country to pop etc.  I'm not a hipster so I kind of just listen to whatever is one the radio and such.  So most of this playlist is going to be pretty old to most of you so I apologize for that but this is the music I like.  Please leave me recommendations below because I would love to expand my music taste outside of what is popular.  You can listen on either the Spotify playlist below or the link above and I also posted links to YouTube videos of all the songs.  Enjoy :)

1. We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus
2. Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
3. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
4. Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips
5. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
6. I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
7. Daylight by Maroon 5
8. Love Somebody by Maroon 5
9. Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line
10. Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
11. Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
12. Cups by Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect)
13. Made in the USA by Demi Lovato
14. Wanted by Hunter Hayes
15. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me by Hunter Hayes
16. Faith to Fall Back On by Hunter Hayes
17. Love Makes Me by Hunter Hayes
18. Somebody's Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes
19. The A Team by Ed Sheeran
20. Drunk by Ed Sheeran
21. It's Time by Imagine Dragons
22. Stay by Rihanna
23. Home by Phillip Phillips
23. Warrior by Demi Lovato
24. Nightingale by Demi Lovato
25. Shouldn't Come Back by Demi Lovato
26. In Case by Demi Lovato
27. Springsteen by Eric Church
28. Here's to the Good Times by Florida Georgia Line
29. Round Here by Florida Georgia Line
30. Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

July 16, 2013

A quick vent sesh

This is exactly what the title says it is.  So if you don't want to hear me rambling about my troubles then this post may not be for you :( I have absolutely NO idea what I want to do or be when I grow up.  I feel like everyone else at least has a general knowledge of what they are interested in etc. but I have no freaking clue.  One minute I want to be a chef and the next I want to be a photo journalist.  My ideas span a variety of topics and genres which makes it that much more difficult.  I can tell you that I don't want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or anything involving math and science.  I wish that narrowed the job possibilities down a bit but it barely makes a dent :(  

So as I enter my freshmen year of college I have no direction and no end goal in mind.  I guess this can be good because It will allow me to truly find myself but right now all I can do it freak the f out because of how lost I feel.  Did any of you go through this?  I guess my biggest fear is that what if I can never decide on what I want to do (because I am really indecisive and picky) and then I just get stuck in a lame job doing something I don't enjoy.  Or what if I pick the wrong job and have regrets wishing I had done or tried something else!  I just have so many things I want to do and try that I don't know if I can fit it all into the amount of time I'm given.  I guess no one really knows what's going to happen (wouldn't that be great!) and that's one of the great things about life.

July 12, 2013

15 Random Facts!!

I saw this tag video on YouTube and thought it would be really cool to do on here so you all can get to know me a bit better by a bunch of random facts about me!

1. Anners or A-train
2. I will only eat cereal out of a cup
3. Terribly afraid of spiders!
4. Anything One Direction (although I'm sure thats a secret...)
5. Center Stage and 10 Things I Hate About You
6. Tapping my pen on the table
7. If you are looking at my bed the left, if you are laying on it, the right
8. A stuffed dog named Norman (named after the dog I had at the time)
9. Grande Chai
10. Depends... When it comes to like school work and stuff like that then YES I am very organized, but like my room is a complete mess
11. Away from the shower head
12. Chef
13. Rasinets are my love
14. "But actually..."
15. Shorts and a tshirt in summer, flannels and long sleeve shirt in winter

I would love to get to know you guys too!!  Either answer all the questions in the comment or pick a few that you really like!  Also, if there are any other facts about myself that you would like me to answer then feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll do another one of these posts.

Daily Makeup Routine

When applying my makeup on a daily basis I stick to a very natural minimal effect.  I prefer my stick to look even and awake and put less effort on my eyes.  As you can see from the image below that I gather the products I use from a multitude of brands as well as prices.  I love blushes from both high end and low end companies as well as mascaras and so on.  This is just what I am currently doing but let me tell you that it changes very frequently!

1. Covergirl Nature Luxe Foundation:  I love this stuff.  It gives a great even layer of coverage that is nice and light but still gives a bit of color and coverage.  I just use my fingers to apply it.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer:  I have tried so many different drugstore concealers over the years especially since the dark circles under my eyes are a force to be reckoned with.  I think this concealer does a great job for both blemishes as well as my undereye circles.  Once again, I just use my fingers to blend in the product.

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles:  For this product I use the Brightner shade.  I have heard that the actual shades are a amazing too but I have yet to try those yet.  I love layer the brightner over my concealer under my eyes because it really awakens my eyes and does a fairly good job at hiding the dark circles.  I have yet to find anything that completely covers them like I would like but so far this is doing a great job!

4. Nars Orgasm Blush:  Confession time...I just bought this for the first time like a week ago.  I know right its a cult favorite and everyone loves it.  Well I just jumped on the bandwagon and I too am in love.  A little goes a long way and the color is irresistible!  To apply I use either a large blush brush (MAC 129) or a stippling brush (MAC 130).

5.  Rimmel Natural Bronzer in __:  I love how this bronzer isn't too orange and has absolutely no shimmer in it.  I have very (and I mean VERY) oily skin so the last thing I want is extra shimmer in my bronzer.  The color is perfect for my skin tone as well.  The only thing that I don't quite like is that you need to apply a bit more because it can be a bit sheer.  To apply I use and angled contouring brush (MAC 168) and do the 3E method.

6.  MAC Select Sheer Face Powder in NW20:  This gives the perfect amount of coverage and is great for my oily skin.  I still have to reapply this throughout the day because nothing every combats my oiliness perfectly but I like how this does add a little bit of color and coverage without ever looking too cakey.  I just use a kabuhki brush to blend the powder over.  For more coverage dot/press the powder over your face because this wipes less of the liquid foundation away.

7. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded:  I use this as my overall eye lid color.  Occasionally I will put another eyeshadow on top of it but if I'm in a hurry I just swipe this over my eye and I'm good to go!  I just use my fingers or a synthetic eyeshadow brush (MAC 242).

8. MAC Nylon eyeshadow:  I use this in my inner corner as a highlight!  I absolutely love doing this.  I wakens up my eyes and entire face.  Its one of the one things I do every day.  I apply this brush to my inner corners with a pencil brush like the MAC 219.

9. Dior Diorshow Mascara:  This is the very first high end mascara I have ever used.  Previously I was using mainly drugstore (hello Maybelline!!)  I have to say though that this mascara is truly amazing.  It doesn't clump my lashes and leaves them really dark and voluminous which I like.  It does okay at holding a curl but my lashes are very stubborn when it comes to curling so yeah.

10.  Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink:  Just recently getting into gel eyeliner I actually really like it.  It goes on pretty easily and evenly with an angled eyeliner brush like the MAC 208 (the one they were selling with it was just too expensive for me, it was more than the actual eyeliner!)  The color isn't quite black black so its a bit softer.  It stays on all day which I really like.

11.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:  Holy grail right here!  I will never try another eyeshadow primer because this one is wonderful.  Keep my eyeshadow looking creaseless all day and really brightens the colors.  The new tube is amazing too!  I just use my fingers.

On days when I am in a rush usually I just throw on some concealer, powder, and mascara or some combo of the above products.  This is what I do though when I have enough time and if I'm doing anything crazy special that day.  For brushes I use mainly Sigma and a few other random brands but I just typed MAC numbers because I figured that's what most people would be familiar with and you could Google more easily to figure out what they looked like and then you could find them cheaper at like Ulta or Sephora.  What are your favorite go to makeup products that you use for your everyday makeup routine?

Favorite Summer Nail Polishes {2013}

So I'm kind of a nail polish junkie.  I don't think I can walk into a drugstore and not come out with a nail polish.  There is always a color, that catches my eye, one that I don't have but "need," a color that I say on someone's blog, or one that I just simply want.  Nail polish is a problem.  And it's not like this is recent addiction I have loved nail polish ever since I was a kid.  It was one of the few beauty things that I actually liked as a kid.  Everything from stick ones to the ultra glitter I loved nail polish.  Sometimes I still find some of that old junky nail polish and it makes me laugh my head off.

Here are a few of the nail polishes that I have been wearing like crazy so far this summer:

1. Ulta White:  I could not find a name for this nail polish anywhere!!  Also, apologies for the fact that I forgot to shake it up before I took the picture so it is slightly separated at the top...oops.  This white is actually a very opaque cream and only takes two coats.  I think white is such a sleek color to pull off in the summer because its so simple and makes you look so put together. 

2. Essie Naughty Nautical:  This is the only one that I couldn't get to show up as bright as it actually is.  It is a very bright teal color with a hint of shimmer through it.  This color is so pretty and unlike anything I have.  It goes on perfectly in two coats.

3. Essie Butler Please:  Electric blue!  That is all I can say about this color.  It is so much brighter than I anticipated it being and I love it.  Right now I'm wearing this color on my toes and it is so pretty.  I think this would look great if you were really tan too!

4.  Essie Mint Candy Apple:  Official ALL TIME FAVORITE nail polish right here!!  I literally cannot get enough of this color.  I wear it no matter what season it is so you might see this in all my seasonal nail polish favorites.  I think it goes with everything looks great on your fingers and toes and it a breeze to apply.  Everyone needs to go out and buy this its truly ah-mazing!

5.  Essie Good as Gold: I love this for the accent nail with any of these other colors.  Sometimes I use if to a french manicure with or the moon manicure.  I think this gold is as good as a gold can get (pun kind of intended!)  However, this nail polish is the biggest bitch ever to apply.  You have be so fast when applying it because it dries almost instantly.  And then if you try going over it again it starts removing the first layer you did.  Also, it shoes off all ridges in your nail (eek!)  It took me a few tries to master this nail polish but I have it finally figured out and I love it.  I wouldn't let the application stop you from trying this out.  Also, a clear top coat usually fixes some the issues with it.

6.  China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy:  When I say this color is neon, its NEON!  But I love it.  perfect for wearing to the beach or the pool its soooo bright.  I'm not one for pink nail polishes but this one is spectacular.  This one dries really quickly like Good as Gold but it goes on smoother.  Sometimes I only need one coat with this but i always do two such for safe measures.

If you can't tell by the nail polishes I picked, I love blues and Essie.  I'm not quite sure why blue is my favorite nail polish color but it is.  I think it really compliments my skin tone and they go with pretty much everything.  Also, Essie's nail polishes are always winners for me.  I don't think I have come across one yet that I haven't loved.  They alawys come out with gorgeous new colors that capture my attention every time!  What are some of you favorite summer nail polishes?

July 8, 2013

Shopaholics Anonymous

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Mine was filled with relaxing, barbeques, and fireworks!

So I apologize for yet another ramble about my current addictions but I can't help it that I have a serious problem!  

Once upon a time in a not-so-foreign land yours truly was born.  At the small age of about 5 I couldn't help but always admire the women in the magazines who always wore such lavish clothing.  I would raid my older sister's closet stealing her clothing which was much too big for me considering she was 10 years older than me.  But that did not stop me!  As my love for clothing started to grow and grow by the time I reached an age where I was more able to fend for myself and became much more acquainted with the miracle of internet my addiction exploded.  

Starting high school not only broke the bank it also expanded my closet.  Needing every cute thing I saw on someone else I couldn't stop.  And while I was addicted to shopping, I absolutely HATED spending money.  I was the biggest bargain shopper ever.  But buying cheaper clothes means you can buy more clothes, right?  Wrong!! Oh I was most definitely wrong.  Buying more and more hangers I eventually realized I needed to stop.  So one day I sat down and raided my own closet tossing everything I hadn't worn in the past 2 years.  While this was an extremely heartbreak experience because I was so attached to everything (Yes I know, they are just clothes but they are so much more!)  After the closet cleanse I felt so much better.  I really showed me what awesome pieces I had in my collection that I had forgotten about and some of the key pieces I needed.  

Well now we enter the college years.  Starting my freshmen year I feel the need to go crazy shopping all over again!  But I can't because well...college is cray cray expensive.  There I so many things I need want but I know I can't get.  Literally this has been the biggest test of my will ever.  But so the no-buy before college continues but so does my obsession with buying clothes.  It doesn't help that as I've gotten older either my tastes have matured to more expensive items (bye bye forever21).  

White Converse
Here are a few of my current wants:

Leather Leggings
Nike Free 5
Any olive green military-esk style jacket

 And trust me when I tell you this list keeps on going... comfy sweaters, leather jacket, loose t's, workout gear (leggings and sports bras anyone?!)  But I must put college first and put my shopping needs aside (for now).  Wish me luck and hopefully I keep my word and not buy anything!!

July 3, 2013

Coffee coffee coffee

So up until recently I despised coffee.  I couldn't even look at it without getting nauseous.  But I loved the smell of coffee as well as coffee ice cream (YUM!).  But starting college I knew that I should start liking coffee because I would probably be drinking a lot of it!  I tried many different varieties and it in different forms but i just could do it.  It tasted like pure evil in my mouth.  However, working my 9-5 job I couldn't stay awake.  There is a kitchen in the office and there is always a pot of coffee keeping warm.  I figured now is as good a time as ever to try coffee because it was free!  

I started with very little coffee and mostly milk.  This wasn't too bad because it just had a bit of coffee flavor.  Each day I would add more coffee and less milk.  Now I am up to about 60% coffee and 40% milk.  I am pretty proud of myself considering I used to not even be able to stand any coffee.  Now I drink my coffee pretty regularly at like 4 o'clock.  Although I don't feel like it does much difference.  Maybe I was always expecting it to give me great bursts of energy so I don't notice a small one but i swear I could just as easily take nap after a glass of coffee as I can before.  Maybe as I start adding even more coffee and less milk this will change but I don't know.  

What are your guy's thoughts?  Does coffee not seem to work on any of you?  And if this is the case, what do you do to keep energized towards the end of the tedious work day?

July 1, 2013

My name is Annie and I'm addicted to TV

And when I say addicted...I mean ADDICTED!!!  I am constantly watching new TV shows and once I start a series I cannot stop watching it until the show finishes, is cancelled, etc.  Whenever I am bored and all caught up on my current shows I start a new one because hey... why not?!  My favorite invention ever is the website Sidereel because you can note all of your favorite shows and it tracks them for you.  It tells you when they air, if they're on a hiatus, when they stop and start.  It is the most genius thing ever.  I used to be anal about tracking my shows with this whole spreadsheet and everything but this revolutionized my life.  

Also, I refuse to watch actual TV.  I cannot stand commercials with a burning passion!  Which is why I am forever greatful to the wonderful souls out there who upload TV shows to the internet.  Now I am not talking about Hulu or Netflix but instead the illegal backdoor TV shows.  Favorite websites to do this include delishows.com or projectfree.tv.  Now through these two sites the best links to find are either putlocker.com or sockshare.com.  I know this probably sounds incredibly complicated but once you do it once or twice your life will be changed forever!!

Anyways, the point of this wasn't to rant and tell you my favorite ways to watch TV without actually turning on a television but instead to tell you that I will be starting a new series (*TV pun not intended...or maybe it was) on my blog about my favorite shows.  I will be updating you after a few episodes here and there and let you all know my thoughts!  I hope you guys enjoy this and please let me know if there are any shows you would like me to watch and review.  As a forewarning, I do not like reality TV but most other girly crap or crime drama is a-ok!

My TV shows!! (in alphabetical order because I cannot pick an absolute fave)
Beauty and the Beast
Chicago Fire
Covert Affairs
Grey's Anatomy
Hart of Dixie
Pretty Little Liars
Rizzoli & Isles
Royal Pains
The Big Bang Theory
The Carrie Diaries
The Client List
The Good Wife
The Lying Game
The New Normal
The Vampire Diaries
True Blood
White Collar
I told you I watched a lot of TV.  Plus this isn't even all the shows that I used to watch but are either cancelled or have concluded!

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