August 10, 2015

The Ultimate Birthday Girl Gift Guide

With my 21st birthday coming up in mid September I have been thinking about things I want and thought it would actually make a great post.  Not only are a few of these on my list (*cough* Olivia Pope wine glasses *cough*) but I think they would make great birthday presents for any girl.  I included things ranging from fairly cheap to more expensive and items for various age ranges.  Enjoy!
FujiFilm Instax Essie Nailpolish Ban.Do Mobile Charger Kate Spade Waterbottle Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug Olivia Pope Wine Glass Rifle Co Stationary Prisma Photo Frame Seersucker Pajamas Bath & Body Works Candle Frends Headphones Image Map Philosophy 'birthday Girl' Set Kate Spade Earrings

POLAROID // We have returned to the phase where physical copies of photos are much better than their digital counterparts.  We like the vintage feel of polaroids the hipster vibe.  There is just something about getting the photo instantly after taking it and getting to immediately hang it on your wall.

NAILPOLISH // This is a super simple gift and perfect for almost every girl.  Pick out a few of her favorite colors and tie them off if a cute bag and you are good to go.  You could even make a DIY "At home manicure set" for her!

ON - THE - GO CHARGER // A true necessity for a girl on the go, a student, or a travel fanatic.  I love the gold spots and this one and almost wish I owned it.  I have a travel charger and boy of boy has that things saved my life numerous times.

WATERBOTTLE // Whether they be outdoorsy, athletic, or just someone who likes to drink water (or any beverage really) on the regular a nice water bottle is always a great option.  Some of the stainless steel ones can get pretty up there but boy do they keep a beverage cold for hours on end.

MUG // For the coffee and tea lover mugs are an addiction.  I collect the "Around the world" Starbucks mugs but really all mugs are just the cutest things ever.  I freaking love the classic Anthropology initial mug too.

DIAMOND EARRINGS // Every girl should have a simple pair of diamond stud earrings because they look good on every occasion with every outfit.  Again, these can vary in price but I love the size of these Kate Spade ones.  If you can't decide on the perfect earring pair I think any form of jewelry is such a perfect birthday gift!

BODY WASH AND LOTION // This is a harder one to buy for someone as scents are very specific but I love the idea of making a spa time gift (like the manicure set above) for someone.  I think it would be so cute to add a magazine, a loofa, and even some bath salts to a basket.

STATIONARY // Once again, a staple that every girl should have.  I love sending handwritten notes to people because I think its way more personal than an email or text.  Plus, whoever you send them to can then use them as decoration (I know I do!).  Whether it be an adorable monogram or a simple floral pattern this is classic gift your bestie can use for any occasion.

WINE GLASSES // Obviously this one is for those 21+.  I love the idea of buying monogrammed or decorated ones from Etsy as well!  Depending on your friend's favorite beverage, you could opt for martini glasses or champagne flutes to celebrate her big day.  I would opt for the Olivia Pope wine glass because... uhm... well... Olivia Pope.

PICTURE FRAME // This is a gift that I usually give all my friends and have been doing ever since I was a little kid.  You basically buy a chic frame and insert a photo of you and your bestie together in it.  This way they get the gift and a reminder of an amazing memory.

PAJAMAS // Whether it be college sweats or this adorable seersucker set, pajamas are something people rarely buy for themselves because they kind of get lost behind all the other cute clothes.  But hey pajamas can be cute!  So why not buy a cute pair for your bestie with maybe even some comfy slippers or a fuzzy blanket.

CANDLE // This is another tricky one and should only be done if you know what scents your friend likes.  I just bought a nice candle for my friend's birthday because I knew how addicted she was to the color aqua as well as anything ocean scented.  She loved it!

HEADPHONES // For the techie who also loves some bling.  I've been eyeing these headphones for the longest time and really want them for when I go abroad!  While they are the most expensive item I think they would make the perfect item for a few people split.  These are something that every time she wears them she will think of you.
What is on your birthday wish list?


  1. Love love love all of this, and I'd be a VERY happy girl to get this ;) Particularly the camera and the rings!


  2. I love all your picks! The polaroid and Friends headphones are on my list too! I love the rose gold!


  3. Wait, can you go shopping for me for my birthday? Because all of these choices are ON point. Lovin' this collage! x Nicole |

  4. These are perfect ideas! I love them, because I sending them to my boyfriend for future reference :)

  5. Those headphones are beautiful!
    This is list is just fabulous.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. I definitely need to add these to my future wish lists. I've been wanting a Polaroid camera for so long! They're so fun. That on-the-go charger is also pretty adorable!

  7. This is a great list. I really want the charger!

  8. Woohoo! Almost 21! Love your wishlist!! I want it all! lol
    The Fashionista's Diary

  9. I also have a camera on my birthday wishlist and I really want some wine glasses! Cute list I would definitely want a lot of these things on your list.

  10. My 21st birthday is coming up too!! Isn't having a 21st birthday right AFTER summer just the worst?! Ugh. Haha. Anyways- happy early birthday! :-)

    xoxo A

  11. I am in love wit that Kate Spade water bottle! I stare at them all the time in Belk and whenever I see them!
    xx, Lindsey

  12. Darn! Too bad my birthday just passed!!! I want that coffee cup!!

    Nicole // Chronicles of Home

  13. That mug! I would be so stoked if someone got me that! Love these picks.

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  14. Ah!! This is the cutest list!!! I am in love with that mug and those pjs!

    xo Ashley

  15. I was gifted a polaroid camera a few years ago and am forever in love with it! Also, pjs are always a great present for birthdays, Christmas, etc!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  16. This is a great list and I love those headphone the most!!

  17. My birthday isn't until January what I'm pretty much going to copy this list if that's cool?! Haha .. I love the Olivia Pope wine glasses but I don't drink red. Is it a sin to drink white out of them? :)

    How 2 Wear It []

  18. My birthday just passed, but I'm adding all of this to my Christmas list!

  19. Girl, you totally killed this wish list. Everything on it is perfect! My birthday isn't until January, but it's not too late to start making my list already, is it? ;)

  20. My birthday is at the end of this month so I'm sending this to my friends and family so they can get some ideas!

  21. My birthday is in October some of these are definitely on my birthday wishlist. I am definitely sharing this with some family members they can get a hint.

  22. I love this gift guide! The stationary is definitely something I would obsess over and the phone charger is so practical! I should get one of those haha. My birthday is also in September! Cheers to 21, my friend!

  23. Omg I am loving that mug! My sister got the polaroid and she loves it! You should totally get it. :)

    xo //

  24. I want a Polaroid camera and diamond earrings so badly! Maybe that's what I should ask for with my 25th coming up ;)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  25. I love all of the above! I want these all for myself...great minds wish for the same things (;

    Coming Up Roses

  26. My birthday wish is either cash or a gift card, lol...I prefer spending my money my way, as it fits me...I love the headphones though, really cute #millenialbloggers

  27. Cute gift ideas! I'll have to keep this post in mind for future reference!

  28. Picture frames are my favorite gift to give! People usually don't want to spend their own money on it and it's personal.

  29. These are all great ideas! I actually just bought that coffee mug :) I'll definitely keep these in mind for future birthdays!


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