July 30, 2015

8 fun ways to stay active

I have tried every way I know to get  into working out.  I used to play club volleyball almost every day of the week for multiple hours each day.  The amount of physical activity I did while I was in middle school and high school I think wore me out for the rest of my life.  By the time I got to college I was over it.  I could not longer be bothered to go to the gym, run a mile, or do my ab workouts.  I still hate running and doing crunches but I have found a few alternatives to the boring routine of the cliche workout routine.

Go for a hike // A very simple alternative that can actually be extremely strenuous.  Hiking might be one of my favorite ways to be physically active because you get to explore amazing new places.  The photo above was taken by Lake Michigan after a hike down a bluff side.  The whole walk was super woodsy and buggy but just look at the view that came afterwards.

Play with your pets // Nothing beats the joy on a puppy's face when you ask the simple question, "Do you want to go for a walk?"  I have always wished my little 7LB pooch could catch a frisbee.  When he was younger he used to love playing fetch and now he takes one look at the toy, looks back at me, and walks away.  But he still loves long walks!  And I love zoning out on long walks with him!

Dance class // I cannot say I have ever done this because I am probably the least flexible person in the world.  My sister on the other hand, has just recently started taking ballet classes and swears by them.  She says they are so fun and work insane parts of her body.  She goes to a class twice a week and can totally see the tightening effects.

Self defense class // This is something that I think every girl should take.  We need to know how to protect ourselves no matter the circumstances and self defense classes are the best way to get there.  Plus, they offer an amazing workout and I can guarantee you will work up quite the sweat.

Bike rides // Nothing screams summertime like lazy bike rides.  We all have seen those adorable scenes in rom coms and dream of those happening to us.  Whether you have a significant other to share your bike ride with or just want to take one by yourself, it is a much better way to workout that being stuck inside a stinky gym riding a bike.

Go for a swim // Grab your friends and plan a beach day.  Rather than a real workout, I feel like I could actually spend hours in a body of water.  You don't really feel tired when you are jumping and swimming and splashing with friends but the second you wrap yourself up in that towel the exhaustion hits.  Plus, while you are in the water, you obviously don't notice your sweat as much!

Rock climbing // The one thing I miss about summer camp is the unlimited access to an amazing climbing wall.  I used to choose that for every "choice activity!"  It was hands down my favorite and will help you build quite the upper body strength.

Join an intramural league // Remember above when I said I used to play volleyball pretty competitively?  Well I missed it so much in college.  It was hard to go from playing all the time to never touching a volleyball.  Lucky for me, my school had intramural sports leagues and volleyball was one of them.  A bunch of friends and I got a team together and it was so much fun! If you aren't in college anymore, look into your local rec center for teams.

And while you stay active, make sure to check out some of my favorite workout attire!
What do you guys do to stay active?

July 27, 2015

My favorite fonts

If you know me at all then you know I have a small obsession with typography.  I wouldn't say I am the best at it at all but I just love it.  I enjoying looking at new fonts and recognizing fonts I know in ads.  I like playing around with what fonts go together and spend way to much time browsing font websites.  One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to make all the main "Pinterest - worthy" photos because I get to play around with fonts!  I normally don't post too many "behind the scenes" style posts but I think I am going to start because I love all the Adobe creative suites and think I could share a few insights I have learned over the years through magazine layout and blogging.  If you guys have any questions please let me know and I might just do a post about it :)

Okay so I know this is the only one that is a paid font but honestly my life has completely changed since getting this bad boy.  I am hands down addicted to it and can't stop staring at it.  I mean come on people, just look at that "r"! The options are endless on creativity and I just love playing around with all the open face capabilities.

Do you guys have any fonts that you are addicted to?

July 16, 2015

Places I Want to Travel To

I told you this Instragram shot was going to see its way into a future post! I don't know if I have mentioned this on the blog yet, but I am going abroad for a semester this fall (so soon its kind of crazy)!  I plan on doing quite a few posts in the upcoming month about my planning and packing so if you have any ideas please let me know!  But all I have been really focusing on so far is all the places I want to travel to while I'm there.  I will be studying in Scotland so its not too difficult for me to get to other European countries making my options pretty endless.  But that being said, I don't want to just go to the typical abroad hot spots (London, Paris, etc.).  I want to go to other cities that would be more difficult to return to any time soon.  Here are the top six places I want to travel to while I am studying abroad!

Barcelona // Spain
Ever since I did a school report on Barcelona in 8th grade I have wanted to travel to this beautiful city.  One of my good friends is studying abroad in Spain so I hope to be able to meet up with her and visit this amazing city.  This is definitely the number one on my list to visit.

Santorini // Greece
The blue and white views get me every time I see a photo of Greece.  Did anyone else follow along as Julia (from Gal Meets Glam) and her husband traveled throughout Greece?  Oh man did my wanderlust skyrocket.  The island looks stunning and unlike anywhere I have ever been.  Please mom can I go? haha  Also, I just really want to be Lena from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and meet a amazing Greek man and explore the city together and swim in the ocean and fall in love... is that really too much to ask for? 

Nice // France
I've been to Paris and loved it.  And while I would honestly go back there in a heartbeat, I want to go somewhere else in France.  And I mean, who doesn't want to travel to the French Riviera?  This seems like the perfect getaway from the chilly Scotland fall I predict I am going to have.  Beach please?

Budapest // Hungary
From all of my friends who have gone abroad, they say Budapest is stunning.  I've never really considered a trip to Hungary in my future but I love that fact.  Its somewhere I would never really think of going to but could be totally amazing.  It seems more authentically European and it would be a major step outside my comfort zone.

Venice // Italy
I have always loved the idea of a city built on water with canals as the roadways.  It just seems so magical and fairytale desk does it not?  While I feel like Rome is the go-to for the abroad traveler, I think Venice is way more my style and my dad and sister who have both been, say that Venice is the best Italian city!  Also, can you tell I want to travel anywhere where there is beautiful water views?

Oslo // Norway
Being part Norwegian, I want to go to Norway to visit my people.  I don't have any relatives there but I just want to see where I come from - and reconnect myself with my fellow blonde hair, blue eyed kind!  haha.  No but in all seriousness, whenever people ask me about my ethnicity I always say "I'm part Norwegian" but don't know too much about the country.  I want to be able to say that statement with pride and with knowledge of the country itself.

If you have ever studied abroad or been overseas, where were some of your favorite cities?  Also, if you have any study abroad tips for me please share because right now I am a blank canvas!

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July 13, 2015


I had been seeing these black loafers everywhere and was kind of obsessed with them.  For the longest time I felt like they weren't quite my style though so I was so scared to buy them.  One of my good friends Olivia is quite the shopping enabler and told me I should suck it up and buy the shoes already.  She probably just wanted me to stop talking about how much I wanted the shoes but she also knew I could totally rock them but was scared to.  Her enabling fueled me to just buy the shoes and I am so excited that she did.  I am loving these new shoes!  They are definitely way edgier than I am used to but I am totally digging this new vibe.

So far I have worn them to work multiple times and have gotten many compliments on them!  I think they look best with black denim but I can't wait to keep pairing them with other options.  I just think the outfit combos are endless and I am so excited to get creative.  I also am super stoked to wear them while I am abroad and think they will be perfect for Europe and walking around.  I highly recommend these shoes and y'all should totally check them out :)

Shoes Vans || Button down Banana Republic || V-neck Old (similar here) || Jeans Citizens of Humanity || Necklaces BaubleBar and Aldo (old, similar here) || Watch Michael Kors

Shoes Vans || Jeans Citizens of Humanity || Shirt Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) || Denim Jacket J.Crew (old, similar here) || Necklace BaubleBar (old, similar here) || Watch Michael Kors || Bag Douney & Bourke (old, similar here)


July 9, 2015

Avocado & Toast

I feel like I should live in L.A. instead of the midwest because I am being super trendy and healthy and eating avocado on my toast which is something I never thought I would actually like.  I mean avocado is really good as guac and on sandwiches but alone, and on dry toast... no way.  But way indeed because they are clearly doing something right in that sunny smoggy place because this stuff is delish!  

And I know we aren't even close to thinking about returning to school because Summer just started but I swear these recipes are a life saver at school for eating healthy.  I bet your college cafeteria sells avocados for part of the year and when they come out stock up.  I think I had that majority of these recipes below for lunch almost every day.  It is a great healthy alternative to salads or plain grilled chicken.  I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite ways to prepare this oh-so-simple meal!

one // There is the obvious classic just avocado and toast with some salt and pepper.  Personally this is my least favorite because I think it can be a bit dry.  If you are going to do with I would add some olive oil or a light dressing.

two // Add tomatoes.  This is one of my favorite options!  I dice some cherry tomatoes in half and cover the toast with them.  Add your seasoning of choice and sprinkle with basil if you have some handy.  For the final touch drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a twist on your classic Caprese salad - on toast edition.

three // With an over-easy egg.  This one is my definite number one option.  I think the egg yolk adds the perfect dressing to the dry toast and pairs perfectly with the avocado.  I was going to provide you all with a picture of this one but whenever I cook my eggs over easy they always taste delicious but never look the greatest so they are never photo perfect.  Oh well, at least you get the idea.

four // This is a great one for all your Mexican food lovers.  Add some salsa or pico de gallo and crumbled corn chips on your bread.  If you aren't a fan of salsa, you could make a version of guac with your avocado by dicing some tomatoes, chopping some onions, and adding some cilantro and lime juice.

five // Another super simple option is to just place some finely sliced cheese over top and drizzle with olive oil.  I think parmesan tastes really good with it.  You could even add a few slices of sausage.  If its a softer cheese you can mix it in with the smashed avocado for a creamier texture, like feta.

six // Instead of lox and cream cheese, you can pair your lox with your avocado toast for a much healthier option that tastes even better in my opinion.  Add some raw onion for an added kick.

Do you guys have any recommendations for what else I can add to my avocado and toast because I want to try it all!

July 6, 2015

Instagram Lately

I have never done one of these posts before but I like reading other people's because I think its kind of cool to see people's though process behind their Instagram photos.  I know I put a ton (if not more than necessary) work into my Instagram photos and filters and I thought I should share some of the funny stories behind them.  And I'll take any excuse to reshare photos I take because I have an addiction!

My Instagram is slightly different than your average lifestyle / fashion blogger because I don't post too many photos of myself or clothes.  Its mainly of scenes or skylines that I find in my daily life.  I do this for two reasons: 1. Most people who follow me on Instagram are my real life friends who don't know I blog so I don't want to post too much about my blog and 2. you can go to my blog for shots of me or what I wear but there aren't too many places where I can post a gorgeous skyline view.

"Oh the places you'll go"
I like to call Door County the Cape Cod of the Midwest.  Or even better, Cape Cod is the Door County of the East Coast.  If you are looking at Wisconsin, it looks like a mitten with a thumb, door county is the entire thumb.  Surrounded by the water of Lake Michigan it is basically my second home.  We have been going up ever since I was born and I love exploring it.  Even though I've been going up for 20 years there are still hidden gems I find: like this awesome direction sign that shows you how far all these different locales are.  I love the one to Santa's House!  And the amazing harbor is in the background! After taking this photo I foresaw so many amazing posts in the future using the caption I did from one of my favorite Dr. Suess books.

"cherry ice cream"
This is my favorite Vineyard Vines dress that I bought and posted about (it is currently sold out but I absolutely love this one and this one)!  I wore it for the 4th and because it was only blue and white I needed something red... aka my excuse to buy cherry ice cream! Cherries are a Door County staple and they put them in everything!  The most delicious thing ever and I'm not even really an ice cream person.

"Happy 239th birthday America!  You don't look a day over 200!"
Yet another shot of the marina because I have an obsession with boats and harbors.  I also really like water and blue - it kind of goes with the insta theme.  This was my post of the Fourth of July after we watched the parade, ate ice cream, and wandered around Egg Harbor.  I don't think I can stress enough how amazing Door County is and if you ever get the chance you need to visit.  Let me know if you do and I can tell you all the best spots to go to :)

"hidden alleys"
I found this little alley right next to the building where I work in my hometown.  It looks like it should lead to a gorgeous restaurant or open courtyard but instead it is just an alley with beautiful garbage cans.  I loved the iron archway and all the greenery that was poking through.  I thought so long about posting this one because I'm not the biggest fan of the color green (like I said above, I' way more into the blues) but this was just too pretty to pass up!

I didn't take this photo.  Now how I would love to take credit I simply cannot.  One of my friends and work took it from her friends balcony and showed it too me.  I immediately knew I needed to Insta it because it just fit so perfectly with my theme.  I think my favorite time of day is right before gets dark out and the sky is this deep royal navy exactly like this photo.  The city lights have already turned on but you can still see the buildings.  Its not too dark where all you can see is bright lights.  I also love how you can just see the faint outline of Navy Pier as well.  Did you hear that they are actually tearing down the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel?  I know crazy right?!  It is such a Chicago skyline staple.  But luckily, they are replacing it with a bigger and better one.  Oh the modern era.

"This photo cost me $6, an umbrella, and my sanity"
This is a prime example about how Instagram shots often come with crazy background stories.  One day at work by boss asked me an another girl to run and errand.  And I don't know about you but I love getting to run errands because it gets me up from behind my desk and out into the city.  We were supposed to go to a yacht club which was only a 15 minute walk away but somehow got lost in a high rise development.  We hopped in a cab figuring that would be easier but our cab driver got lost as well.  I didn't want to pay the full fare because the driver had to call someone else for directions and I ended up getting us there.  In my frustrated and overwhelmed state of paying for the cab, I accidentally left my umbrella.  All in all, the errand was pretty much a bust but I did end up getting this gorgeous shot of the harbor with a bit of the city skyline.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know if this is something you think I should keep doing.  And if you don't follow me on Instagram yet I think you totally should because I am absolutely addicted!

July 2, 2015

Summer Playlist

I listen to country music all year long but when summer comes I blast it even louder!  Nothing makes me happier than driving with the windows down and blasting my music.  There is something so freeing about it!  Here are a few of my favorite tunes perfect for pool parties, BBQs, and late night staring up at the stars.  Make sure to follow me on Spotify as well for when I add new music to my playlists!

What are some of your favorite songs this summer that I should add to my playlist?

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