June 28, 2013

Pet Peeves

Alright, I'm not here to complain about all the things I hate in the  world but these are just a few of the things that annoy me beyond a wits end.  Things that I just cannot stand and drive me crazy!!

1. People who talk really loud on their phones on public transportation Not only is this rude to the other people sitting around you, its arrogant to think that you are better than everyone else.  No one wants to hear your phone conversation except you.

2. People who are nosy When you are having a conversation with someone and another person interrupts and says "Who are you talking about?" or "Wait what happened?"  Its just like, if I wanted you to know I would have told you! aaah! (However, I cannot criticize too much because I do this way too much even though I hate when people do it.)

3."Neverminds" and "Oh nothings" Clearly you were about to say something.  WHy did you change your mind all of a sudden?  What were you going to say?  If you didn't want to say anything then why bring it up at all.

4. Flaky people People that cancel plans last minute or start a planned event but then fail to follow through.  It just like make a damn decision!  Either say you want something and commit to it or don't say you want to do it.

5. People who ask stupid questions I don't mean for this to sound conceded but sometimes people ask the silliest most ridiculous questions that I will bet on my life they already know the answer to it.  They just ask the question so that they sound smart.

6. Fair weather fans You don't really like the sport so don't fake it.  I hate when people are like, "Oh I love this sports team" after they are getting really good.  Where were you when they weren't good, that's a true sports fan!

Now I could probably keep going but I can't think of any more right now.  I am always reminded of my pet peeves whenever they are occurring but then quickly forget them.  Maybe I'll do a part 2 one day.  Any ways, I apologize for my criticism if you do these things but please...don't.  And now we will end my rant on things that bug me!

June 27, 2013

Let's do some Recon

My sister has been in town this past week so my dearest apologies for the lack of posts! Today I wanted to tell you guys about my new love... a backpack.  Yes, who would have thought that my favorite thing I bought during orientation weekend would be a backpack.  Practically everyone at my high school had North Face backpacks but I always carried around a large leather tote instead.  I never understood the appeal of the coveted North Face backpack because I assumed it was like every other backpack.  Because of my lankier tall body backpacks never sat well with me.  The straps were always too big and falling off my shoulders and the structure of the backpack itself just made me look like a turtle and really hurt my back.  So when high school started 4 years ago I opted for a tote bag.  While I know what your thinking, "How is a massive tote bag better for your back?"  Well it isn't.  But it fit my needs better and hey, I just liked it.  I never had to carry around too many book so it worked just perfectly.

Anyway, with college right around the corner I figured I would just go ahead and buy a backpack.  Figuring I would be doing a lot more walking around and would most likely be carrying a lot more materials (textbooks, laptops, etc) a backpack would be more useful than a tote back.  When i finally came to this decision the first thing that popped into my head was the oh-so-cliche North Face backpack.  At first I tried to find something else purely because I didn't want something EVERYONE else had.  But after doing tons of research I realized that North Face is one of the top backpack makers.  Stalking the website for new colors I couldn't make up my mind.  Not wanting to get plain black (because of new recent black winter jacket from North Face) i was limited to bright pinks and blues, neither of which I found appealing.  So I waited.

So up comes orientation weekend and there is a North Face store right by our hotel.  I went in just to look and came out with a backpack.  Its all black with neon blue trimming.  It gets the best of both worlds in my opinion.  I ended up buying it because North Face was having a 25% off backpacks deal and they just implemented their 10% off with a student ID deal.  So 35% off I bought my backpack.  And lets just say I am sooo glad I did.  I have been addicted to using it ever since, and a weekend getaway trip with my sister was the perfect opportunity.  I absolutely love it and cannot believe I didn't get one sooner.  So for anyone out there looking for a great backpack I highly recommend anything North Face!

The backpack I got is the North Face Women's Recon (apologies for the cheesy title) in black and blue (can't find exact one on site although have found similar ones, the blues just don't match).  I ended up going with the Recon instead of the Borealis purely because of how much I was getting on sale.  I really like the fact that North Face makes backpacks for both men and women because the cut of the women's backpack fits my frame better so the straps don't fall off as much.  I like how there are straps on the side of the backpack to make it look less bulky.  And while on the outside it doesn't appear to be able to hold that much, trust me you can squeeze a lot in! The different compartments are tow drink holders are also great!

June 21, 2013


As the title suggests, I just went to college orientation.  And let me tell you, I want to go to college even more!! I didn't know it was possible for me to want college more than I do but I do.  Just living on the campus and getting the college vibe was like a drug and now I want more.  I picked my classes for first semester and I am so excited.  I want everything from the late nights to the sleepy early morning classes, from crazy roommates to new best friends.  For everyone out there who has gone to college or is currently in college you all know what I mean.

The thought of college has been in the back of my mind ever since I was about 8 and my older sister left for school.  One of the most traumatizing experiences of my life (or so I thought as a child) college was something I could never imagine myself doing.  I never thought I would be able to leave my family for 4 years and live completely on my own.  But now that the time has finally come, I couldn't be more excited and ready to the new experiences and adventures!  

June 20, 2013

Current Readings

I'm sitting at work right now about to leave in 30 minutes but I thought I would write a quick post.  I guess you could call this my first "real" one since the first actual one was just a little welcome.  This summer I needed to get a job to earn money for college.  Well, I applied to so many different places and it was just too difficult to find a job that would fit around my busy schedule.  In the end, I ended up working for dad at his office.  So now, from 9-5 I answer the phones.  Its pretty great...NOT.  Let me just say it is the most boring thing ever.  I sincerely apologize to anyone out there who does it for a living, props to ya!  

The only good thing that has come out of this job is that...oh wait the phone rings... I have started reading again.  I used to be a crazy reader as a child, flying through books during car rides and when I was bored.  During all winter and spring breaks I would catch up on my reading and this summer is no different.  Rereading a lot of old books because new additions to the series have arisen or just because the series is great.  As a forewarning, I'm a "fancy" book reader.  I'm not into the classic literature or what not but recently I have been addicted to "post-apocalyptic" type novels and (dare I say) 50 Shades of Grey-esque novels.

A few of my current faves are listed below and please tell me if there are any that you are currently enjoying because I love a great book!

June 19, 2013


The basics... I'm a college freshmen who hasn't started school yet.  Just getting back from freshmen orientation I realized that I wanted to documented the (hopefully) great 4 years ahead of me.  I'm not quite sure what I'll post to this blog here but I am sure it will be a whole lot of crazy.  I have tried other blogs in the past and have never been quite good at keeping up with them.  So here's to a new start.  Wish me luck and I guess thanks for listening!

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