November 30, 2013

Black Weekend Sales

JCrew: 30% off everything with the code HOLIDAY

JCrew Factory:  50% off everything and free shipping over $50 with the code HOLIDAY50

Bauble Bar: 15% off 2+ items with code FRIDAY15
                   25% off 3+ items with code FIRDAY25
                   35% off 4+ items with code FIRDAY35

Victoria's Secret: $30 off $150 with code 30OFF150
                           free shipping with $50+ with code FREE50
                           bras buy one get one 50% off with code DOUBLEUP
                           plus a ton of other goodies!!!!!  (awesome swimsuit sale!!)

Tobi: 50% of everything with code FOODCOMA50

Madewell:  25% off entire order with code FEAST25

As I find more I will keep updating this!!!  Happy shopping!!!


BaubleBar: Play game to earn more savings
                  CYBER20 for 20% off entire order

ASOS: 30% off everything with code GIMMEMORE

LL Bean: 10% off order with code THANKS10

Dicks Sporting Goods: 25% off entire purchase

November 29, 2013

Turkey Day {2013}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you live in America!).  Mine was a very relaxed one this year.  I did not go home for this holiday so I didn't get to see my parents.  This was actually a lot sadder than I thought it would be because all of my other friends were doing so and it made me really want to be home.  Also, all my friends from home were back home and I was not able to see them which was unfortunate.  But I could not be more thankful for the time I did have.  I was able to spend time with my brother which was super nice!  I missed seeing him and hanging out with him so it was great that we got to spend so much time together.  It felt like we were never apart.

While this long break from school has been nice it was not a break for too long.  I have some CRAZY (and I mean cray-zy!!!) weeks ahead.  With only a week and a half left of the semester and it is jam packed filled with tons of papers and presentations due.  I never quite understood why teachers feel it necessary to pile on the workload right at the end.  And then there is a week for studying before finals and then one week of finals.  So its only 4 weeks-ish until winter break and that cannot come soon enough!!!  All I want is a break where it can actually be a break, no work looming overhead or sneaking up.  

For all of you in the same boat as me I wish you all luck in the process and I will see you all out on the other side!! haha  Try to enjoy the rest of your break before the chaos begins.  Good luck, and "May the odds be ever in your favor!!"


PS.  Catching Fire is DA BOMB!!

November 21, 2013

Typical Fall Outfit!

Literally in the fall time I cannot get enough of over-sized circle scarves, leggings, and riding boots.  I think it is such a basic outfit yet always looks so good and put together!  Below are pictures of this outfit in the most recent way I styled it.  Wearing a Brandy Melville large sweatshirt, a maroon circle scarf from Urban Outfitters, grey leggings from Zara, and tall riding boots from Madewell.  This is my go to look in the fall and soon to be winter.  I think its easy to dress both up and down depending on the type of sweatshirt/sweater you wear!

I sincerely apologize for these crappy photos (thank dorm room lighting for that one!).  I promise I will eventually learn the ways of photography and such.  Please let me know what your favorite fall outfit is!!  Also, if you have any post suggestions I would love to hear them!!


November 19, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

sweater weather tag
1. Favorite candle scent?  I'm going to be the cliche and say Leaves by BBW.  I literally am going through withdrawal here in college because I am not allowed to burn candles.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Do Chai Lattes count?  Yet another withdrawal that I am currently going through because there is no Starbucks close to my college campus...TEARS!!

3. What's the best fall memory you have?  I'm not really quite sure what this question means but I just love fall weather in general.  I think it is perfect for being outside because its not too hot or cold.  I love carving pumpkins for Halloween!!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? Dark lips all the way!!

5. Best fragrance for fall?  I don't really change up my fragrances each season but right now I am loving Vera Wang's Pink Princess.  It is really sweet and makes me feel all warm and cozy! haha

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?  Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday.  Like this is not even a question.  Any holiday where you are celebrating all the wonderful things you have in life and you just get to eat delicious food is a-okay with me!!  My two faves are the sweet potatoes and the cranberry sauce!! mmmm

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?  It is so temperamental.  I live in the North and one day its freezing and the next day its hot again.  But normally is 40s or 50s.

8. Most worn sweater?  An oversized camel colored sweater from JCrew.

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?  Essie "For the Twill of It."  I have talked about this polish quite a bit especially in this post: Favorite Fall Nail Polishes {2013}

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?  Football games!!  Nothing beats a good tailgate!

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?  Leggings leggings leggings!!!  I have them in so many colors and I think that may be all I wear!  

12. Combat boots or Uggs?  Combat boots!  I try to save my Uggs until it snows!

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?  It is really good but I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  Although, when I do need the extra pick-me-up I will opt for coffee flavored with something like the PSL.  However, I much prefer my classic Chai Latte.

14. Favorite fall TV show?  Too many to count!!!  TVD, The Originals, Scandal!!  I could easily go on. haha

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?  I've recently been crazy obsessed with Lorde.  Her cool easy way of singing sounds so much like fall to me actually its scary!

Hope you all enjoyed and I would really like to see all of your responses to this post too!!

November 18, 2013

Boys boys boys

"Boys Suck!" I think I would need twenty hands to count on my fingers that number of times I have heard my friends (and myself) say this recently.  The first two months of college are over and every girl has had their dramas.  We fall in love too quickly and then get our hearts broken just as fast.  Now I am going to be the first one to admit that I never had a relationship in High School.  I kind of always thought it was a waste because you are just going to leave and go to college.  Well now upon coming to college I feel as though I am the most inexperienced person when it comes to guys.  All my friends always tell me their guy problems and I'm like "oh...yeah...hey..."  I am always really good at giving advice about guys but never seem to get any guys myself.  I don't really hook up with guys for fun but that's not to say I wouldn't ever.  Its just the right guy hasn't come along.  

But so here's my advice (and please take it with a grain of salt):  have fun!  I know that seems extremely cliche but its true.  Most girls get caught up in the romances of love that they forget to simply enjoy the life they currently have.  When a guy comes it will be unexpected and wonderful but to go out searching for him will just crush you in more ways than one.  Don't feel the need to rush into anything because other people are or the social norms tell you that you have to.  Just do what feels right to you, no matter what.  Don't lose yourself for other people.  Also, don't let a guy hurt you by telling you that you aren't good enough.  You are good enough for another guy out there.  Some day you will find happiness with a guy and that is all that matters!!

Please stay true to yourself and never define yourself by what others expect of you or what they tell you to do.  And yes sometimes guys to suck (I have numerous stories that can attest to that!!) but that's because they are a completely different species that need a lot of tender love and care.  They are very oblivious to their surroundings.  Sometimes a girl needs to be the guy and say exactly what she feels!  Don't be afraid and just take a leap!! 

Good luck, xoxo

November 17, 2013

My Planner

I thought I would do a post about how I organize myself for school!  I am basically addicted to my planner.  I write everything down in it even if it does not seem important.  Its just a way for me to keep everything straight.  I've never really been one to use the calender on my iPhone except for like reminders a day before and an hour before (those have literally saved my life countless times!)

Anyways this is just a quick post of pictures of my planner.  On the month spreads I put things that don't really relate to school but I also put big tests or projects due.  Then on the individual days I put my homework and things I have to do.  I highlight major things so that they draw my attention.  If it is really important I write it in another color for emphasis (everything else is in blue pen because I am addicted! haha)  Once I have completed something I put a check next to it so I feel accomplished!  That's basically it!

I highly recommend using something to keep your life in order.  I cannot tell you how many times I use this and It makes me feel so much more relaxed.  It helps me manage my time better because I can look ahead and see when I have things do etc.  Good luck keeping organized!  Also, I think I am going to do some more posts about taking notes and studying and more school related posts!  Please let me know if there is anything that you are interested in seeing!


PS.  Sorry that these photos are not the best quality ever... they were rather hard to take pictures of and not get my shadow in the way!  Still learning the ways of lighting and photography!

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