March 31, 2014

Nail Of the Day {3/31/14}

I have an obsession with nail polish.  I know that is probably nothing new but I though I would share the obvious.  Changing up my nails is something that I do pretty frequently so I thought I would start sharing some of it with you guys.  I don't really do fancy designs or anything but I am moving into more of them.  I want to expand my nail boundaries (you know what I mean! haha) beyond my usual cremes and occasional shimmer.  However, that being said, my nails from this week were pretty simple but it included a new color from Essie's new Spring line.

The pink is Essie's Romper Room from the new Spring 2014 Collection.  And the accent nail is Essie's Good as Gold from the Mirror Metalics collection.  I absolutely love these two paired together and think I might try doing some more looks (a gold french tip?)  The pale pink is very similar to Essie's Fiji but a tad pinker and a bit lighter in tone.

What have you been wearing on your nails lately?


March 28, 2014


Being away from school has been tough because I am not used to being so far away from all my family.  They only person I am used to not being around is my sister because she went away for college when I was only 8 (literally one of the most devastating things for an 8 year old) and has been living other places since then.  However, being away from my parents has been an experience both good and bad.  I love being free and independent bu there are definitely times when you just want your mom and/or dad!  

In addition, being away from by brother is odd in a new way.  He, like my sister, was in college when I was very young so being far from him is new.  However, he and his wife just had a little girl and I miss her like crazy.  Being away while she is accomplishing milestones in her life is so sad.  I am constantly getting pictures of her and every single day she seems to be that much bigger!  I know now what it was like for both of my siblings to be away while I was growing up (if you can't tell I am the baby of my family by a lot! haha).  

On the bright side, my parents are visiting me at school right now so it has been tons of fun!  Yesterday we went to a sports game (my fave!) and this weekend we are going to go exploring around the city, grab delicious food (yay for no more dining hall food!) and just enjoy the time time we have.  I haven't seen my parents since winter break which was a few months ago so being back together is crazy exciting.  However, I am going home very soon for Easter weekend so I cannot wait to see them then too.  Whenever we are together it is a crazy mix of so much love, head-butting like no other, ridiculous time!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week and enjoy the weekend!  Happy Friday!


March 24, 2014


I don't believe in picking yourself up when others our down but it definitely helps.  Seeing other people be down shouldn't make us happy for some reason it always does.  C'mon I know we all think this at times: "At least I didn't do as bad as that person." "Well she was a bitch so she deserves it."  We make comments along these lines every day.  And its actually quite sad, why do we as a human people find joy and pleasure in other people's misery.

Instead we should focus on our own happiness.  I have learned over the past few weeks that comparing yourself to others only leads to more hurt.  Facebook is a major contributor for all these things.  Seeing many people post photos of their own college experiences makes you doubt and question your own.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have said, "Compared to so-and-so I'm not having fun in college."  The number of red solo cups and Natty Lights that fill the photo-sphere on Facebook are countless.  We as college students are continually comparing our experiences, looks, beliefs, etc. to others.  

But that is not what should matter.  Instead of comparing lives we should think "Am I happy right now?"  "Am I enjoying my time?"  The questions should be centered internally instead of externally.  I know this post may seem random but I have been going through a lot lately and have found that I compare myself a lot to the people around me.  This in turn makes me feel less about myself because I assume everyone around me is doing much better.  My body is not as good as this girls.  This girl has way more friends than me. This girl seems to go out all the time.  These only make me feel bad about myself.

There have been many times in which I have considered deleting my Facebook for all of these reasons above.  I feel like it actually does more harm than good.  However, the fact that it allows you to stay connected to so many people you might have lost contact with, friends from high school, relatives who live far away, etc.  So I am adding a new New Years Resolution to my list...almost 4 months late I know!  But its more about making a change than the timing.  I want to use Facebook less for stalking others and creeping on the millions of photos that people post.  I want to post less photos to try and prove my own worth and to illustrate how much fun I am having.  It should not matter what people from my high school think of my college experience, it should only matter if I am happy.  And in order to become happier I need to stop comparing  myself to people.


March 19, 2014

A TV Confession: PLL Season 4 Finale!!

HOLY SHIT (apologies for the swear I just have no other words!) what the hell did I just watch?!  I cannot decide if that was the best or worst episode of PLL ever.  Yes we did get a ton of answers about the little things we have been wondering for a long time (check out my post about some of these questions).  However, in typical PLL fashion they couldn't actually tie everything up in a nice pretty bow because that would be too easy.  Below are my thoughts as I was watching the show play out that I took on my phone **SPOILERS AHEAD**(also sorry for the bad spelling, grammatical, mistakes etc because I was a complete mess while watching this episode):

1. Nol is back?! wtf
2. theyre hugging Ali after all she put them through
3. and by everything does Ali really mean everything
4. disappearing for good? hmm what exactly does that entail Ali
5. Cece is being interrogated? when did this happen
- ooo and shes in handcuffs too!
-- Who told the police about Cece? Am I missing something?
6. and now shes bargaining hmmm what does she have?
7. cece knows Ali isnt dead and she knows whose actually dead!
-- who who please just tell us
8. ian is back!
9. melissa on the prowl
10. what files is she deleting?
11. i think the mothers should say everything they know and they'd probably figure it all out because they know a crazy amount about their children's lives.  I hope my mom doesn't know a ton about my life because thats a scary thought
12. Melissa is back!  The gangs all here
13. what does Alis mom know about the hastings and who is she in the phone with?!
14. Ali is poppin pills?
15. Toby calling Ali?! hmmm
16. So shes drugging them...
17. lol Ali admits shes a bitch
18. So they are interviewing all the Hastings? Why only them?
19. the story behind Ezra and Ali
-- still not quite sure what Ezra saw in her
20. so we know Ezra is not the father of Alis supposed Baby?
   -- Who did his mom pay off then?
-- What ever happened to Alis pregnancy scare?
21. Name spelling-- this seems significant
22. Now Alis trying to make it all right... Do we believe it?
23. Creepy Apencer "ive been waiting for you"
24. What understanding?
25. Awe Toby looking out for Spence and going to London for her!
-- Can he even afford that trip?
26. "They know" Ah know what?!
  -- They think Spencer killed the girl!
27. So Spencer fell and Ali found out about her drug habit!  We knew Spencer couldn't kill anyone
  --why is she still carrying the shovel?
28. Her mom did see it!!
29.  Wait her mom is burying her?! Da fuq -- She buried her alive GAH!!!
30. How did Grenwald find her?
31. Shit Mona saw her that night?
-- How come we never knew this?
-- She helps her too!
-- Nerd Mona is a creep
-- Eeewww what the hell Mona!  So this room existed while Ali was alive?
-- Did mona try and kill Ali?
-- Mona played Ali the whole time
32. Melissa killed the random girl?!
-- If not then what did she whisper to her dad?
33. So Ali saved Spencer that night in the bell tower! We've been wondering what happened that night
34. Who the f is that in the sketchy black outfit?!
35. Why go up? go down you fools!
36. Ezra to the rescue!!
37. I knew A would jump!
38. Ezra was shot NOOO!!!
39. many tears
40. Wait what the hell happened to Alis mom?! OMG shes dead 

Okay so this was a crazy episode if you cannot already tell by my reactions!  But this only leaves us with way more questions!

1.  Who killed Ali's mom?
2.  Who “killed” Ali?
3.  Who killed the actual dead girl?
4.  Are these three killers the same people or different?
5.  Ali’s mom did disappeared with a police officer somewhere so is this the whole corrupt cop thing again like Wilden?
6.  Ezra did say that he knew who the person in the mask was...He couldn't have said that right before he attacked them?
7.  What did Melissa whisper to her Dad? Did she kill that girl?
8.  IS EZRA DEAD!?!?!? Please please please no I beg of you no
9.  Well now that we know Ali's Mom isn't A who is?
10.  Who was Ali's mom afraid of on the phone that night?
11.  I am still going with the whole twin theory which is why she wanted Ali to stay inside!
12.  Why is Nol working with Ali? What are his secrets?

And I am sure there are probably a ton more questions but that is all my head can think of right now because I am still in shock by that episode.  Also, sorry for the long lists in this post but PLL deserves a long post because its just that amazing and frustrating and nerve-wracking and annoying and a whole bunch of emotions! Oh Marlene King you make me so angry!!

Please let me know what you guys thought of the episode and if you have any ideas about what is going on?!


March 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Craves

So I've been browsing the webs a lot lately... like a lot.  But I am not allowing myself to purchase anything because I recently went on Spring Break so that was a lot of dinero and I am saving the rest of my dinero for music festivals this summer.  So I have just been browsing and browsing like a crazy person.  Online shopping is seriously a problem because you just keep adding things to your bag and pretty soon the balance is $600 (ahem Free People... like why?!) and you just want to cry.  

1. A large black wool floppy hat: Okay so yes this may be more of a winter time than spring time item but I really want one.  And I have wanted one for the past year I just don't exactly know when I would wear it and I feel like its always in the list of things I want but I am probably never going to actually get.

2. A new iPhone case:  So this really isn't justified but is it just me or is browsing iPhone cases just the most addicting thing ever.  Like there are SOO many different kinds that I can waste hours doing this.  Pretty bright colorful ones, ones with saying, ones with handy card slots, the list goes on.  

3.  A spring time flannel:  Isn't this green flannel from Madewell so adorable.  And doesn't it just scream spring time green?  No? Maybe? Just say yes.  Like I can totally picture this with some cute jean shorts and some white Converse.  Gah I am in love!

4. A white rain jacket: I cannot believe I am saying this but I don't actually own a rain jacket.  I have always lived with baseball caps, the shell of my winter jacket, and umbrellas.  And I guess that is perfectly acceptable as I have made it this far in my life but I really want this one.  The mint color is really cute as well.  Both perfect for the spring showers!

5. Rain boots: Okay I a don't need another pair of rain boots but I saw that Rag & Bone came out with a line with Hunter and I about died.  They had the short ones that I have literally wanted ever since they came out with them but never felt justified in getting them because they are basically the same prince as the tall ones (if they are shorter they should be cheaper...right?).  But then these Rag & Bone two toned ones are just so adorable and well I want.  Probably won't get because I already have the black tall ones but yeah.

6. Mint jewelry:  I have been seeing this a lot of places and I am really liking it.  I used to think brightly colored jewelry was a bit tacky and never really bought into the trend sticking with my simple golds.  I don't know what has changed but ever since I saw these earrings with matching bracelet from Marc Jacobs while browsing Nordstrom's website I fell in love and have been stalking the mint jewelry Pinterest boards for a bit. #sorrynotsorry  In fact, Marc Jacobs entire spring line is so pastel perfect I highly recommend giving it a browse for yourself and if you purchase something let me know because I would love to live vicariously through you all.

7. High waisted white skinny jeans: So I have these exact jeans from J Brand in a dark blue color and I want them in every other color that exists, first though white for the spring and summer time.  Enough said.

8. Ray Ban Blue mirrored aviators:  I WANT THESE SO BAD!!  If there is anything on this list that I do end up purchasing it will be these, or maybe the rain jacket.  It depends if I am feeling practical or not.  I literally don't think I can express in words how much I think about these sunglasses.  And I know they may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm in love and there is no pulling me out of it.  

9. Two tones pointed toe flats:  So Madewell's site is just on par lately.  I literally love these shoes and these.  I think its the pointy toe thats getting me or maybe the lack of a middle or the ankle strap on the first pair...  I don't really know but I want both of these.  They are a bit expensive which is what is pulling me back just a bit... and the fact that I really don't need any more shoes!

10. Leather jacket: A lust that I have had for almost 2 years now and will never purchase until I feel like my back account can handle it and until I can justify it enough.  That doesn't mean I won't always have one on my list... They just go with everything and look so cute all the time. GAH!

11. Military jacket: If you cannot tell I am kind of on a jacket craving.  I don't really own that many and I feel like spring is the time for light weight jackets.  I know its a bit late to be jumping on the army green military jacket bandwagon but I have been craving one for so long now that I think I might finally get one... well I say that but I don't know.  For right now it will remain on my wants list and hopefully (fingers crossed) one day it will get off!

What have you guys been loving on the interwebs for springtime?

March 16, 2014

A shoe post

So this weather really needs to pick a temperature and stay there.  Last week it was in the high 40's low 50's and now we're back to the 20's.  Like no thank you!  It's been really hard to dress lately because I never know if it is going to get warmer in the afternoon or just stay cold.  So I literally go to class wearing heavy jacket, scarf, and hat, and by the end of the day I am dying of heat.

As a good transition between winter and fall I thought I would show you guys what my favorite pair of shoes was this winter and what pair I am most looking forward to wearing this spring!

Winter: L.L.Bean Boots
I practically lived in these all winter so they are definitely the best purchase ever and I will definitely get my money out of them for my next four years in this arctic tundra.  Good for when it is blizzarding outside, good for playing in the snow with friends, good for when the snow is melting and its super wet and gross everywhere.  Literally good for everything in the winter.  I don't think there was a day I didn't wear them.  If you don't already own a pair I highly recommend getting them now or waiting until like October/November-ish to buy them because they go out of stock SUPER early.  Always better to be safe rather than sorry in my opinion.

Spring: Madewell's The Billie Boot

I just got this boot and am so excited for all the outfits I have planned (future post maybe?!)  It looks great with jeans rolled up, dresses, and leather leggings.  While I would be hesitant to consider this a spring boot, maybe the brown one over the black, I am going to because I think its perfect for spring nights.  Am I right or am I right?! haha.  I love the big wooden heal even though it makes me even taller than I already am which is like crazy tall (#sorrynotsorry).  So I am a little uncomfortable in them but I swear I will get there because I cannot wait to rock these bad boys.  I think they will be good for spring, fall, and winter!

What are some of your current shoe faves?  Please let me know because I love shoe shopping <3


March 11, 2014


Sorry for the MIA recently...its been a crazy couple of weeks.  Last week was my Spring Break.  I know crazy early, tell me about it.  I felt like I was the only one on vacation and now I'm back at school with friends Instagramming pictures of themselves at the beach its a serious struggle.  So now its back to the grind for the remaining of my freshmen year.  Yes that's right folks only 9 WEEKS left!  Woah!  I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast.  

But as the year comes to a close the thought of next year overhangs.  Two things 1) my school does not have Greek Life and 2) we have a notoriously bad housing process.  Friendships are lost, tested, strengthened, or gained during the troublesome adventure.  Basically there is not enough housing for everyone to get what they want so its a fight to get the most sought after rooms.  Everyone hears of how crazy the process is but its hard to believe until you actually see and live it.

I can tell you first hand, that it is rough.  It is hard to explain exactly what happened but basically my best friends kicked me out of my room and chose two other girls to take my place.  It was the most out of the blue situation ever and I was seriously taken off guard when they told me.  I walked back to my room and cried to my mom for almost an hour (who doesn't love their mom<3).  Anyways, this might have been the most painful thing to have happened.  Not only did people who I though I was really close to practically stab me in the back, they didn't even seem to care and didn't seem to realize that what they did was wrong.  And on top of that, they then left me with absolutely no one to room with for next year.

This experience has made me question everything I thought I knew these past few months at school.  People who I thought we would be friends for ever have stopped talking to me all together.  The fun times that we had will never be repeated and make me question if they were ever sincere or if I was ever a real friend.  I will never understand how girls can do some of the things we do.  We are absolutely terrible to one another when we should be supporting one another.  Instead of pushing each other down, competing with each other, and being selfish we need to help one another and stay united.  But for some reason girls are girls worst nightmare.  The cattiness and meanness that exists between girls in the world today is ridiculous.  There truly is no need for it.

Try to think of others before you do something you might regret.  Think of who you are affecting when you act or speak.  Taking the time to do these things may just help someone that day instead of pushing them over the edge.  Be a good friend to everyone because you never know who might need one, who doesn't have many, or whose life you might change.  There really is no point in being mean because it really doesn't help you at all.  

I am sorry for this rambling but I have found lately that writing helps me process.  So I move forward with the next 9 weeks of my freshmen year basically being completely fresh.  I have to start making new friends, finding new people to hang out with, etc...  Its definitely not going to be easy but nothing ever is.  If any of you have ever gone through a tough battle with friends please feel free to reach out to me because this one was not my first and probably won't be my last!  We have all had them, its in girl's DNA.


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