May 30, 2014

My Week In Pictures {5/30/14}

I can't decide if I love taking photos or editing photos more.  Getting the perfect image is so much fun... arranging the pieces and getting the right lighting make me so happy.  But then transferring the photo to an editing app where you can transform the image completely and make hundreds of different versions of the same photo makes me smile from ear to ear.  My favorite app is AfterLight which can be found in the app store.  

Here are a few photos from my week to show you what I have been up to.  Also, make sure to check me out on Instagram for a more daily update of pictures I am taking!!

I cannot stop reading and drinking peach tea lately.  But I'm not complaining because it is amazing.  I highly recommend the Peace Tea brand because they are the most delicious!!

Aaahh this view!  One of the many spectacular views from my lake house.

Have any of you ever been to a hibachi grill restaurant?  Fun fact: they are my absolute favorite!!  Fried rice to die for and terriyoki chicken...mmmmm! My mouth is watering its soo good.

Yes, more food.  But this lunch was just soo good that I couldn't pass it up.  A meatball and marinara panini with a delicious ceasar salad? Noms.  Yes please!


May 27, 2014


So last weekend my family and I went to our lake house and upon departure I somehow forgot my tote bag.  Yes, I forgot my purse.  And in it being my wallet, money, makeup, and laptop (my lifeline).  So to say this past week has been difficult in an understatement.  However, I have learned one thing... I am not as attached to my laptop as I once thought I was.

It was actually quite nice to be tech free for a week.  While I did have my phone with me at all time to check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter... I spent way less time actually using technology.  The amount of time i spend just roaming the interwebs is not normal.  Some might say my love for the internet and my laptop is an addiction but we are just really go friends (normal?).  I told my sister that I left it 4 hours away and she asked me if I was going to be okay.  I think I've hit a new low.

That being said, I did enjoy the break from my laptop.  Not being constantly connected was a breath of fresh air and went outside and read a book which I haven't done in a long time (new book reads post coming soon)!!  My technology obsession is my Kindle and my laptop has been cast aside.  I think this might be a completely different story if I still had tons of TV to watch but since all my shows are over, I'm not writing essay after essay, and I no longer have a valid excuse for procrastination, I think my laptop and I are taking a break -- apart from the blogposts I post :)  Now I don't know how long this will last but for right now I am addicted to reading and can survive with the internet access my phone provides.

In one of my classes this year we talked about how our generation is technology dependent.  We all discussed different reasons why we thought this happened for developed.  The best reason I remember is that we are all afraid of being alone.  We need to feel like at any moment we can talk to someone.  The idea that we are truly by ourselves is incomprehensible.  It's sad how accurate this is.  While I like to say that I am not dependent upon technology I am.  Having my phone in my hand is a comfort and scrolling through my Instagram feed is a habit.  

Our teacher gave us an assignment to leave our phones in our dorm rooms for 1 day.  That's it.  This was one of the hardest things ever because I was constantly wondering if I received any emails from teachers or texts from friends.  What was happening on Instagram?  Did someone say something funny on Twitter?  And while I have gone two weeks without my phone being in foreign countries... the fact that I could be using but wasn't was the hardest part.

So while I have been able to ween myself off my laptop (something I once found nearly impossible) the idea of weening off my phone is dauntless.  However, I want to make it my mission to put my phone town more or even slide the dreaded "Power Off."  I think in doing this I will be able to truly enjoy my summer more and embrace the time I have with my friends and family.

I challenge you guys to try and put down the technology for a little bit and see what happens.


May 22, 2014

OOTD {5/22/2014}

I absolutely loved my outfit today for my internship and I thought I would share it.  I wore a simple denim shirt from H&M (similar here) and a blue checkered skirt from Madewell that I adore (and its on SALE right now!!).  Did I mention that the skirt has pockets?  I repeat... the. skirt. has. pockets!

In addition, I wore my all time favorite BaubleBar necklace (similar here) and my every day jewelry.  I also wore a navy blazer from H&M or Forever 21...I don't quite remember but it is a few years old (similar here).  For shoes, while walking to and from work I wore my white converse but once there I put on a pair of light grey pointed toe flats from Target (similar here).

Also, you can ignore the fact that I am walking my dog so the red object in my hand is his leash!  It was such a nice day out so we enjoyed a nice long walk:)

What have been some of your staple pieces this spring/summer (in my mind it is officially summer after Memorial Day weekend!)?


PS.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

May 17, 2014

A TV Confession: The Vampire Diaries {Season 5 Finale}

I apologize for the two television posts in a row but as I mentioned in my previous one this is the week of season finales so my emotions are riding a crazy roller coaster right now.  I get way too attached to characters in TV shows even though I try and tell myself they aren’t real people.  What can I say? I’m not really quite sure why The Vampire Diaries always has the capability to bring me to tears but I don’t think I’ve gone a season finale without them, and season 5 was no exception.

However, if there is one thing that I have learned in this show it is too not think anything is permanent.  Don’t cry until the funeral and even then someone can still come back to life.  That being said, that doesn’t stop the tears from falling.  Also, I cry like crazy when I see someone else cry (without fail) so that’s a problem too because people cry a lot in the show **SPOILERS AHEAD**

This was a very intense episode to say the least.  The plot line was that the main cast needed to get rid of all the Travelers in order to restore peace in Mystic Falls.  However, they also needed to bring back a lot of their friends from the dead.  In sending a large group of Travelers to the Other Side you are able to bring people from the Other Side back (duh! right?)  The plan to kill all the travelers: blow up Mystic Falls.  And yes, this all happened in a 45 minute long episode, a crazy 45 minutes though.

First things first, body count of the number of people they had to bring back from the dead:
1.      Stephan: Killed by the Traveler in Tyler’s body.  Stephan’s death was the first spiral in my emotional ride.
2.      Tyler: Killed by Markos for betraying the Travelers
3.      Enzo: technically he should be at the top of this rescue list (get it?) but we don’t really like him so I put him at number 3
4.      Alaric: Hell to the yes they are bringing Alaric back!!
5.      Silas: They needed a traveler to perform the spell to bring their friends back from the dead and he was the only one Enzo could find.  He said that he would help them on the condition that they would bring him back too.  Definitely did not see this one coming but it makes tons of sense.
6.      Lexi: Yes, Lexi is back too and helps Stephan on the Other Side.  I love her character and wish evil Damon never killed her!
7.      Elena: She sacrificed herself because someone needed to set off the explosion and if she did it while a vampire they could bring her back too.
8.      Damon: GAH Damon always sacrificing himself but he goes along with Elena to blow up Mystic Falls.
9.      Luke: Liv’s twin brother who Caroline killed as leverage so Liv would do the spell.

No big deal or anything…just 9 people to bring back from the dead.  Piece of cake right?  Everything seems to go pretty well in the plan.  Sheriff Forbes got caught in the blast but Damon and Alaric make sure she is okay before running off to find Bonnie.  Silas ends up being sucked into Oblivion before he can pass through.  Everyone else makes it through even though they all want to wait until Damon returns.  Lexi refuses to go through Bonnie until Damon comes because “What kind of best friend would she be?”  OMG can I please have a friend like her?  Lexi then fights off Markos pushing him into Oblivion before she finds peace knowing that Damon has time to make it now.  Lexi is officially gone :(

Alaric and Damon finally return and Alaric makes it through Bonnie.  Alaric is back!!  I can’t even remember how much I cried when Alaric died because he was probably my favorite character other than Damon.  And just as Bonnie is going to let Damon through Luke (now alive again) runs to save Liv and stops her from continuing the spell.  So now Damon and Bonnie are still trapped on the other side.

Then we have the Bonnie and Jeremy sad goodbye.  The fact that Bonnie lied to Jeremy for so many episodes is devastating.  I mean I understand her rational but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.  Bonnie tells Jeremy that she is stuck on the other side and is about to die and says her final goodbyes.  Jeremy then runs from Mystic falls to the cemetery to see her and then everyone realizes what is happening.  The episode ends with Bonnie and Damon holding hands awaiting their fate into oblivion.  TEARS.

While I am crying like a fool at this point I know that they aren’t going to die because I have an awesome prediction which probably isn’t that original but I thought it was clever.  Bonnie’s Grams told her that she did something so that Bonnie would be okay.  She was very vague about it but Grams clearly pulled some string with her witch friends to keep Bonnie alive when the Other Side collapses.  I think Bonnie will stay alive and because she and Damon are holding hands he too will stay alive!  However, the witches hate Damon soo I don’t know.  Also, this was a very small part but I think it will play a major role next season but Tyler came back without his healing abilities so he was no longer a hybrid.  Does that mean none of them are vampires or wolves or whatever they are anymore??  If they aren't vampires anymore will they start dying from age like Katherine did?  Aaahh so many possibilities!!

Watching Elena cry for Damon was probably the saddest part of the episode.  Happiest part: ALARIC!  It was hard to jump for joy amid the tears but I was happy for the best character ever to return.  Normally they end the season finales with hints at what the next season is going to be all about so maybe Bonnie and Damon will be gone for a while and next season is going to center on trying to bring them back?

What were your guy’s thoughts on the episode?  Any awesome predictions?


May 16, 2014

A TV Confession: Chicago Fire {Season 2 Finale}

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year when it comes to television.  All of my winter shows have all their season finales in one big week.  Everything ends at the same time and I am left depressed for a few weeks because I have nothing to watch before my summer shows come on (True Blood!! EEK!)  The most recent finale that left me in udder shock was Chicago Fire.  This might be one of the most shocking television finales ever because I didn't expect anything drastic to happen.  While shows always love to have their dramatic moments this one was on a Shonda Rhimes level of dramatic.  **SPOILERS AHEAD** 

However, before I jump all the way to the end of the episode I first have to go back to the beginning.  I am so happy Dawson passed to firefighters exam but I hate that she is leaving Firehouse 51.  Something tells me that she isn't going to stick it out and will eventually come back to be a paramedic.  She just can't leave Shay and the other guys because they are her family.  Plus, the way her lieutenant's attitudes towards woman firefighters are she might stick it out longer just to prove a point.  The network has to promote feminism in some ways because they had the only other female firefighter commit suicide.

On a more positive note, Dawson and Casey are engaged... well kind of.  Technically Dawson didn't actually say yes but she seemed really happy and she was going to say yes before they alarm rang and they had to go to a fire.  But I am so happy that the two of them are finally happy since they had so many close calls before!

I really dislike how Devin is back in the story line.  Shay is finally getting her life back together when this crazy chick comes back to mess it up.  Devin needs to go back to where ever she disappeared to and never come back.  She is bad news for both Shay and Shay's relationship with Severide.

Speaking of Severide, he had a very traumatic episode.  They firefighters had to put out a fire at a boarding school where they had to go inspect room by room to get everyone out.  However, Severide missed a kid hiding under a bed who then gets severely burned and is close to death.  Severide is not handling it well and looks like he is going in a downward spiral.  However, his new found love interest is the cop Erin Lindsay.  I really like this relationship even though I predicted it a long time ago.  The way they do crossovers with Chicago PD is very smooth which I like even though I don't actually watch Chicago PD because I don't like any of the people in the spin off.

I feel like all I am talking about in this episode are the relationships but I feel like that is the main thing they focused on.  The next relationship on the list is Chief Boden's marriage to Donna.  While I feel like this was an extremely rushed story line I do think it is cute!  I am glad that Boden is happy because he always seems so grumpy.  This new family and baby will play a big role in upcoming episodes I think.

And without furthur ado because I can't think of any more relationships that I need to touch on or major things that happened...the final minutes.  As you can see, this seemed like a pretty normal episode, nothing too dramatic... OH WAIT!  JUST KIDDING!  At the end of the episode they house is called to a fire at an abandoned building.  What seems like a normal run turns south when no one is answering Boden's pages.  Literally every character is inside the building including Dawson and Shay who rush in when they hear someone might be paralyzed.  Then, the Chief who is on duty because technically Boden is off duty because it was his wedding enters.  With no one answering the calls, we only hear muffled voices when all of a sudden the entire building blows up!!!  Yes, I repeat, the building, with every major character inside, blows up.  And then it just ends with Boden yelling, "Oh my god no!  Someone answer me!"  Like WHAT THE ACTUAL F***??  That might be the most out of the blue ending ever (well apart from the Grey's Anatomy plane crash).

I have no idea what to expect or anything.  Does someone die?  Do they all make it out alive?  Please of please let everyone be alive!  Also, the fact that we have to wait until fall to see what happens in pure torture.  That is like 4 months away.  How am I supposed to find closure between now and August?  A definite props to the writers for keeping us on their toes and the tears flowing.

What do you guys think happened or went wrong?


May 14, 2014

Year 1...Done

I am currently sitting on my bed at home staring at the explosion of clothes and suitcases on my floor in complete shock.  I honestly cannot believe that I am already unpacking from my move back home.  Finals are over, packing up my dorm is done, the sad goodbyes have been said, and I am once again living back home.  With one of the best summers ever ahead I am so excited to be back but the thought that I won't be back at school for another 3 and a half months is sad.  People who I once saw every single day and lived so close too I won't see again for almost 4 months.  Its bittersweet.

This past year has been a whirlwind of adventures and emotions.  And yet I wouldn't change any minute of it.  From the crazy process of meeting new people, to random late night adventures, drama with friends, impossible classes my freshmen year of college was honestly amazing.  Yes there were times when all I wanted to do was go home and snuggle with my dog and have heart-to-hearts with my mom or transfer to another school but I think everyone has that.  We all go through tough times when you want to be with someone close to you and its hard to do that at college because while you are physically close to everyone its hard to become emotionally close to so many people.  Opening up is a difficult process but one that I think over time will only help make the years better.  

Freshmen year was the best adventure and independent experience of my life.  The number of people I met and things I learned could have changed my unfathomably.  I am completely different person than the 18 year old who left a year ago.  I thought I would share some thoughts for incoming freshmen on the college process.  Yes its scary, but its roller coaster worth sticking around for.  Don't get out of line quite yet because once you get off the ride, it will totally be worth it!

Be yourself // College is a fresh start.  No one knows who you are so its the first time in your life where you can be your best self.  Be who you always wanted to be in high school but were too afraid because in college those weird quirks you have are awesome!  

Leave your door open // This is the easiest way to put yourself out there.  Just prop your door open to show people that you want to meet them.  People might just walk by and introduce themselves.  On the other hand, if you see someone with their door propped open walk in.  It might feel odd or embarrassing but after that first awkward introduction you might make a best friend.  I honestly cannot thank enough the one girl on my hall who made me go with her and introduce ourselves to everyone who had their doors open.  I was so scared but I met a ton of new people during that first week because of it.

Plan wisely // The main aspect of college that is different from high school is the amount of free time you have.  You only take two or three classes a day and that leaves 20 or so hours left in the day for you to do as you please.  Take advantage of this time!  Also, when planning your schedule take into consideration your sleep habits, when you eat and like to do work, etc.  In high school you might have woken up everyday to start class at 8 am but you don't have to do that in college!  Don't be afraid of taking the 5pm class just because its so late.  Schedules are completely different on college so experiment. 

Join clubs // My college had a club fair one of the very first weeks of school.  There, every club lined the campus sidewalks and tried to get you to join.  I signed up for so many random clubs (*cough* physics club?! *cough*).  Like I hate science so I have no idea what I was thinking but hey...  I stuck with two clubs that I signed up with that day and together they made my freshmen year.  I met some of the best friends through them and have amazing times.  

Sports events // Tailgates and football games.  Cheering for hockey games.  Late night basketball games.  These are moments that are just pure fun and can make your day.  I think I took my friends to every single hockey game that we had because I love the sport.  My friends had never watched or even knew much about the sport but they went with me anyway.  We had the best times chanting and hanging out with all the other fans.  Don't miss out on these moments because this is what you will remember.

I wish you all luck if you are starting college because I swear you will have a crazy awesome time!!


May 7, 2014


So during finals week you are usually pretty stressed.  Cramming to get all of that material to fit somewhere in your head.  Late nights and unhealthy eating are always common too.  So what do you do in order to put all of this on hold for a minute...procrastination station at its finest.  YouTube is a wonderful world filled with endless possibilities.  It sucks your time and pretty soon your 10 minute study break has turned into an hour long study break.

I don't think I have stopped watching slam poetry since I realized its existence.  I have always liked going to slams in real life but it never crossed my mind that people would film themselves doing a slam and post it online (and I'm not quite sure why it wouldn't have because its the 21st century and you can find anything online).  Watching slam is the perfect cathartic release because you get so emotionally involved with a person's poem for 3 minutes and then its over.  You feel less stressed, happier, more emotionally well and then you can return to the textbooks and papers.  I don't know how I accidentally watched my first slam poetry reading on YouTube but I cannot stop and its a problem.  So I thought I would share some of my current faves with you and please let me know if there is anything you are currently obsessed with.

Michael Lee is actually the best and I highly recommend watching every single one of his videos!

Patrick Roche

Ollie Renee Schminkey

Alex Dang, Brenna Twohy, and Eirean Bradley together perform a group poem.  I never knew this was a thing but its kind of awesome and I might like it better that individual ones.  

Okay so that's all I have but there are sooo many on YouTube and I beg you to go watch them because they are epically fantastic :)


May 2, 2014

Everyday Jewelry

I love delicate and simple jewelry for everyday.  I literally think I wear the same thing every day too out of habit.  I have a draw filled with jewelry at school but I always forget that its there and I am always in such a rush I just grab whatever is right on top of my desk.  Below are the pieces that I wear every single day and feel empty without them.

1. "A" Necklace || Just a very simple initial necklace with crystals on the face.  I think I bought this at Kohls from the Lauren Conrad jewelry collection but I can't remember.  You can find these literally everywhere though!

2. Dainty rings || I used to have way more of these than are shown but I lost them or they broke (a downside of thinner rings).  I get things at little art fairs around me but so many places make many different kinds.  I love the ones with little knots too!  I also like mixing gold and silver with my rings.

3. Michael Kors Watch || I don't think I can actually express how much I love this watch.  I got it for my 18th birthday and don't think I have missed a day wearing it.  And if I do miss a day, my arm feels empty and light (because the watch is kind of heavy) and I have withdrawals.  

4. Alex & Ani bracelets || I wear the September birthstone one in gold and the Endless Knot one.  I these are super easy to wear and add a little something to your wrist.  I also love the idea of the charms and collecting  a bunch of different ones.

5. Peal earrings || So I forgot to put these in the picture because I was wearing them and yeah.  But I literally wear simple pear studs every single day.  I can't remember I time I took them off (I know so bad but I always forget and yeah...) and/or wore a different pair of earrings.  They go with everything and are such a classic piece.

What do you guys wear every day?


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