November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and take the time to enjoy time with your family.  Be grateful of all the wonderful food on your plate and for everything you positive you have in your life.  Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday because it doesn't need Hallmark greeting cards or presents to make it anything more than it already is.  It is a simple holiday devoted to taking a step back from our busy lives and appreciating what we have.  I mean who could ask for a better day?!  Plus, all the delicious food makes it 10x better!  Hello sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce :)

Going home last weekend was probably the best part of the long holiday week so far.  I actually skipped class Monday and Tuesday and took an early flight home to Chicago on Sunday morning.  Getting to see my brother and sister and just have a relaxing weekend to hang out with my family is exactly what I needed!  My sister and I pretended to be tourists and went into the city for the day, got facials, went to the art museum, and took cliche photos at the Bean.  All in all so far this holiday break is perfect.  I can't wait for food tomorrow and a crazy shopping experience on Black Friday!  I have never done Black Friday shopping before and have always wanted to do it so my sister and I decided this year we were going to go all out.

I hope you all enjoy time with your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


November 21, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder

It took me a while to post about this show because for the longest time I have had very mixed feelings about it.  I kind of hated it and kind of loved it.  It confused me so much that I think that was what peaked my interest and curiosity.  I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  

The basic premise of the show is that a law professor, Annalise Keading, who hires five of her law students to help work cases at her law firm with her for the semester.  Each episode they work on a different case but there is one main case that is the thread of the show.  Who killed Lila Standgard and who killed Sam Keating?  Through a series of flashbacks and flashforwards and untrustworthy compilation of scenes it takes the entire nine episodes before we fully know the answer to these two questions.

This is show is extremely hard to summarize without giving too much away but I thought I would simply say that you must watch it!  There are tons of points where I watch the show and think "This is ridiculous", "No way would this happen in real life", "Don't they have to worry about their other classes, I mean they are in law school", "How have none of them been caught the illegal acts they have been comitting" and many more questions along the similar path.  And even though the show is sometimes questionable the pure plot line and acting makes it beyond superb.

Viola Davis is hands down amazing.  The way she plays a strong lawyer but self-conscious and weaker woman in her personal life is flawless.  Her ability to seem perfectly real and imaginary at the same time transcends acting.  Along with the rest of the Keating Five, I can honestly say they all play their parts perfectly.  Each has distinct characteristics and they play their roles wonderfully.  The end scenes where they all have their meltdowns are prime.

I really don't want to ruin too much of the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it but I am going to ask a few questions that I still have after watching the winter finale on Thursday.  So if you are not all the way caught up you may want to stop reading!  Will Michaela's missing ring ever turn up?  Is Connor really a drug addict?  This one I don't really believe but it would/could make a ton of sense actually... he did attack a dead body with a log.  When was Annalise's sad call to Sam made?  I think it was after she talked to Wes which means she is now part of the cover-up too.  And last but not least, who did kill Lila Stangard?  While people kept claiming it was Sam he continually denied it.  Yes, why would he confess to murder but still, even after his entire fight with Annalise where he admitted to not loving her anymore he still never said her killed Lila.  This makes me think that with the return of the show we will realize that Sam didn't kill Lila and we will have to figure out who really did.  Something tells me it was Bonnie...jealous rage maybe?  Maybe even Annalise herself?!

Let me know what you guys thought of the winter finale and if you have any interesting theories!


November 6, 2014


This week was probably the most relaxed week I have had in a very long time.  It was great to have a week that wasn't too stressful and I could actually enjoy what was happening around me.  Sometimes I feel that I get so caught up in my stressors that I forget to take time to take a step back and enjoy where I am in life.  Anyways, I thought I would shared a Spotted this week because I found a few great things while browsing the wonderful interwebs.

One || Carrie Underwood's Something in the Water
Enough said.  Like can she get any more perfect?  This music video is to die and Travis Wall choreographed it.  If you didn't already know about my Travis Wall obsession you can see here but this man is a genius.  And I honestly cannot believe Carrie is singing this while pregnant... like what?

As a full time college student I often wonder if teachers and professors truly understand what a student goes through.  I know that at one point in time they were also students but its easy to forget.  This article by The Washington Post is written by a teacher who actually shadowed two students for a day and got a completely new perspective.  I think its hard for teachers to realize just how monotonous and tiresome a student's day is.  In college, the day goes until midnight.  School doesn't end when classes are over but it keeps going.  I think this is something that not many professors truly understand.

Three || Plaid Scarves
My new found obsession with plaid scarves as hit a new low.  I think I have more scarves in my want list than ever before.  I just love the idea of a large warm plaid scarf to spice up an outfit.  They look perfect with riding boots and puffer vests and I want one in every color scheme imaginable!  This one from Madewell is definitely at the top of the list. 

Four || True Detective Season 2
OMG Taylor Kitsch is back!  I think I screamed when I read this.  I could not be more excited for this new season and am beyond stoked.  I absolutely loved the first season of True Detective and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.  But the fact that Tim Riggins, good old #33, is going to be a main character makes me very. very. happy!

Five || Glennon Doyle Melton
Ted Talks are my newest YouTube addiction and this one really stood out to me.  I cried while watching it.  This woman has been through hell and back when it comes to mental illness and addiction but her outlook on life is something that I think everyone should know.  My favorite line from it is, "It is braver to be Clark Kent than it is to be Superman."  She talks about removing the facade of capes and being our true selves.

November 3, 2014

Long Weekends

The month of October was truly amazing.  It was probably the most stressful month I have had in a long time but the stresses were most definitely counterbalanced with wonderful memorable moments.   I actually went away for two long weekends in October which is something that you don't really get to do in college that often.  I dove at the opportunities to do so and they were amazing.  Often I feel trapped within the confides of the college campus.  While I do go to school fairly close to the city of Boston it still takes about 45 minutes on the subway to get there.  The college bubble can often feel suffocating and overwhelming.

In early October for Columbus Day, I  asked a relative if I could go visit her on Cape Cod.  It felt odd asking someone to go visit them because normally this happens the other way around, but I was very glad I did.  It ended up being one of the best weekends of the year and I am so much fun.  I didn't do any homework and I just got to relax before my very stressful midterms were about to happen.  We hiked along the beaches and ate some amazing meals.  We went shopping and just enjoyed the beautiful outside for what was probably the last beautiful New England weekend.

 I was very sad to leave but I felt refreshed heading back to school.  The next two weeks were hell.  That is not an exaggeration, they were miserable.  I pulled one too many late nighters, studied and wrote more papers than I can remember.  In the middle of this week I called home and was completely panic-y and beside myself.  I could not keep my emotions in check and spontaneously asked my dad if I could come home for a weekend.  Not really being serious when I asked, my dad started looking at potential flights and weekends and found an insanely cheap flight.  Giving me something to look forward to, I plowed through the next papers and exams.

 Going home for a long weekend was amazing.  I took Monday off from class and enjoyed spending time with my parents and brother.  I got to hang out with my niece who I miss every single day.  She is 2 and it at the age where she learns so much more every single day that not seeing her for a few months is crazy.  The weekend flew by but getting to see my family definitely rejuvenated me.  Luckily I had zero work to do because all of my midterms had just finished.  It nice to not have to worry about any school work at all and just got to hang out.  

My mom and I went for some nice walks with my dog and my dad and I went to a hockey game.  Side note, seeing my dog was probably the best part about the entire trip.  Also, I feel like the only thing I do when I am home is eat.  I mean, I have to stop by all my favorite restaurants.  I may or may not have gained at least ten pounds in one weekend alone. And even though the weekend felt way to short going back to campus felt a little bit better.  

I am now ready to push for the next big chunk before Thanksgiving break and then finals.  While we all get crazy stressed sometimes and find that nothing seems to be going right, sometimes we just need to pull away.  I know this isn't always possible, but when it is I highly recommend taking use of it.  Getting yourself out the stressful environment can be exactly what you need to keep going.

What do you guys do to help yourself destress?


November 2, 2014


Confession time.  I don't like Halloween.  I never really have and probably never will.  The fact that there is an entire holiday devoted to dressing up and scaring people is scary in and of itself.  I don't like being scared because I have a very good memory and things will stick with me forever.  I thought I would share a few funny stories about times I've been scared that have scarred me (kidding...kind of!) and have forever made lasting impressions.  Many of these have to do with scary movies so let's just say never ask me to watch a scary movie with you because I will probably run for the hills.

1. For my friends birthday one year she thought it would be so much fun to watch a scary movie.  Turn off all the lights pile on the blankets and stuff our faces with popcorn.  I was not for this.  I protested as much as I could but with 6 other girls all wanting to watch it I was sadly outvoted.  The entire movie I sat with a blanket over my head with my eyes and ears closed.  The move was When a Stranger Calls and lets just say I couldn't babysit or take a shower for about two months afterwards.  I still get scared when I am home alone or I hear a noise while in the shower... it is like 7 years later.

2. For another friend's birthday party she too thought watching a scary movie would be a wonderful idea.  This time, I stuck my grounds and refused to watch the movie.  Being outvotes yet I again, I went upstairs and played cards with my friends parents. #truth

3. One time I made my mom take me to another movie in the theater because I got so scared by the one we were watching.  The rest of my family stayed in the theater and my mom and I went to see Cheaper by the Dozen 2 instead.

4.  My friends all thought it would be a wonderful idea to go to a haunted warehouse one Halloween and I told them there was no freaking way I would ever go inside it.  All of my friends went in except me and another girl.  We thought we would avoid the scariness being outside the warehouse but no sadly there were people dressed up outside too.  A man dressed up as a serial killer chased me around the parking lot with a fake chainsaw while I was crying.

Some people may call me a little dramatic but I don't like being scared.  And Halloween is the perfect opportunity for people to think it is okay to just scare anyone.  You never know who is behind the costume and that scares me.  However, I hope you all still had a wonderful Halloweekend and dressed up as wonderful (nice) things!

Do you like Halloween and scary movies?

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